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the shade under the tree
where did the light go?
and where did you go?
on that cold spring night

my eyes fell underneath the leaves
i wanted to cry
but i held it in

you’ll never know how i felt that day
the day you left

the shade of the trees

» Posted By shay On 04.12.2009 @ 7:40 am


She pulled back the curtains to see the man she never wanted to meet again. Before a gasp could even escape her lips he collided with her. She didn’t want any of it. But at the same time she couldn’t stop. Delicious ambiguity.

» Posted By Shay On 11.06.2008 @ 9:03 pm


i have to pee, what an odd sensation, sometimes i have to pee so bad i think, why can’t i just let it go… let the good times flo? I mean besides the obvious society negative outlook on peeing ones self is it really all that big of a deal? I mean look at big daddy..

» Posted By Shay On 10.22.2008 @ 9:59 pm


the jaguar took flight into the wilderness beyond without a second glance. Fear rules the night as his inspiring terror rips through powerful legs, taking him far and beyond my imagination. I am in awe of this beast: this god.

» Posted By shay On 10.11.2008 @ 7:02 pm


the hill came crashing towards us.

» Posted By shay On 10.04.2008 @ 4:02 pm


You need sufficient evidence for a warrant. You must be able to prove that a person of reasonable mind would see reason for a warrant to be issued. This evidence is presented to a judge with the request for a warrant.

» Posted By Shay On 10.01.2008 @ 8:28 pm


The light was broken — flickering from the heat of the fire. Ash covered everything, but that wasn’t much at the end of the day.

People claimed there was a Revolution happening. That this new idustrialization of the cities would make things better.

All she knew was the pain of the coals on her feet.

And she was starting to get too big for this. All she was doing now was pushing herself through the vents to clean the chimneys.

» Posted By Shay On 08.14.2008 @ 9:20 am


birds of a feather stick together in a feathered mass, ceaselessly trying to reach someplace they’re not sure they’re going towards. Hiding behind a mass of plumes, these cocks are confident yet insecurely trying to find their place in the world.

» Posted By shay On 09.27.2008 @ 2:43 pm

When I think of feather, I think of beds. But can one really feather a bed? You can feather, or fluff, a pillow, but it would be rather hard to do so with a bed. The things are huge! And then there’s the whole thing about sleeping on it after you do so.

» Posted By Shay On 09.26.2008 @ 6:42 am


His scent. How much I crave it. The subtle fragrance that clings to his skin, a mix of body odor and his environment. Calming… soothing… How I wish I could smell it now… Then perhaps my heart wouldn’t ache so…

» Posted By shay On 05.08.2008 @ 11:14 am


a tall tower containing the damsel. stone gray, full of fury against the sky. the contrast between the blue sky and cold stone.

» Posted By shay On 01.04.2010 @ 6:33 pm


every day i fold my laundry but I never put it away. I feel like theres folded laundry everywhere. It’s a calming thing for me to do though. I love to fold laundry, it just chills me out. I’m a little crazy sometimes. Hehe.

» Posted By Shay On 12.01.2009 @ 9:13 am


Cards are something you use to play games. Sometimes they have words on them, and can help with learning other languages. I have used Kanji cards before. They were quite useful, and had the stroke order on them. You can also send cards for special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. Even when someone dies. Cards are often useful. I like cards very much.

» Posted By Shay On 11.15.2009 @ 7:15 pm


slipperery slimy green frog jumping hopping on a log, looking for its prey to kill jumping but going no where still

» Posted By shay On 11.06.2009 @ 4:37 am


they followed me here
i am like the faded stripes on your favorite shirt,the one you dont wear anymore because it reminds u of me.
i miss the stripes too.
in reality i guess, i just miss u.

» Posted By shay On 11.23.2009 @ 3:56 pm


i found your heart under a stone.
no really, it was laying there, in a ditch. apparently someone didn’t want it found
your name’s amber, no? well hey amber. I’m jenna and found your body while swimming near the lake. this is a awkward way to miss you, but here I am.

» Posted By Shay On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


three people are never supposed to share one bed. there is no one for one to be intimate at the same time. unless they sleep in an actual triangle. and i guess that idea is nice, since it means that you yourself are loved by two, not just one other person in the world.
I hate triangles.

» Posted By shay On 03.02.2010 @ 9:58 pm


She took a handful of red pills and added them to his wine…I wonder what will happen when he drinks this, she thought. He picked up the glass to drink and noticed a slurry at the bottom of his wine

» Posted By Shay On 01.23.2010 @ 2:30 pm


the ring is all there is
two sweaty bodies
chaos and anger
all there is

» Posted By shay On 03.30.2010 @ 7:29 pm


my microphone is old. it no longer projects the way i wish it would. the world cannot hear my voice. there are few joys without my mic. i am alone, in audible, and irrelevant.

» Posted By shay On 10.27.2009 @ 10:20 pm


i can never seem to trust my own intuition, i always doubt myself and i’m wrong but sometimes i feel something in the pit of my stomach and i go with that feeling, whether it’s right or wrong i don’t know but it’s all i can feel and it’s all i seem to know so i go with it at times

» Posted By shay On 10.25.2009 @ 3:43 pm


People are delicate creatures, with transparent wings made of the hearts they’ve broken, the secrets they’ve bitten back on. They create shields with their see-through feathers, build towers so high to try and block everyone out. But everything breaks. Their towers are fragile, their shields are breakable. These ground-locked angels, with half-fledged wings bursting from their shoulder blades, are oh-so delicate.

» Posted By Shay On 02.14.2010 @ 11:57 am

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