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So sure was I of her affair, I burnt our rings out by the fire. All brimstone shone as eyes did swell, my marriage was a drunken spell. I next did go to the nearest beach, where teenage lust our peak did reach. And in the sand I dug once more, to bury this unholy whore.

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As I stood there in the port eying the vast emptiness before me I pondered about this existence. What is there to look forward other than this void? This ocean blue and beautiful but empty. As I stepped toward the end of the port ready to end all a sense of enlightenment took over me. “As vast and empty as the ocean may seem,” I thought, “The beauty in its depths cannot be argued.”

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When I get my check, the first thing in mind is never the bills I’m late on. The vodka, tequila, rum, and above all, the whiskey beckon! I ignore how irresponsible I am and just beat myself up in the morning for spending all my money at the bars.

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Salt and pepper here and we’re in effect! Actually Salt n pepper isn’t here but their presence is felt. Through every funky empowered female rapper. Though she probably doesn’t notice, Nicki Minaj who has cited Missy Elliot as an influence, too has been influenced by salt n pepper. This is evident by her flamboyant and silly dance routines similar to those of Salt and pepper’s own during the 90s.

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I soak up the sun like nature built me to. I tilt my head making sure every petal spreads as it receives its lover with arms wide open. My seeds, our children, laugh and grow in my center. My leaves know life as the morning turns to dawn.

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As our ship crossed the vast blue veiled in Poseidon’s thin blanket, I couldn’t help but wonder if treasures did await at the other side of the ocean, or if we were merely setting ourselves up to reach the ends of the world, falling to our deaths at the edge of the map, or worse.

» Posted By Ruben On 08.30.2011 @ 1:12 am


What a chance seeing you here? Didn’t know you liked coffee as much as I did but your gold Starbucks card tells me you must be addicted. Cool, yeah I’ve been drinking coffee since I was like 5, love the stuff. So what are you up to today? Any cool plans? Me? Oh I’m just chilling you know, passing the time…

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I had to do the unthinkable to get ahead. It’s my third year on my own and besides the whole selling my body to pay rent, I’d say I’m doing quite alright. I’ll look back on this wet patch and $1000 check as a stepping stone.

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I couldn’t bare the gold chains on my wrists and ankles. Fourteen years of marriage and still no one to come home to other than a bitter wife. Was this the fitting punishment of my reckless youth?

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How could I be so senseless as to go on 5 years without a climax? But this man led me the oasis I never knew existed in the crevasses of desire. This discovery isn’t one that will go unmapped. A treasure like this should be found every time a suitor considers himself worthy enough of rousing my sheets.

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Answers: I had none in my pocket. When my son asked me why his other father had to leave, I looked everywhere I could but found only lint. How could I tell him that his daddy is after younger ass? That after 20 years of marriage, all I learned of his father is that he’s just like every other man who I’ve given my heart to. The only answer I had for him was one for a question he wouldn’t ask me well into his teens. Dad, do you have any relationship advice? And I would say, “yes, build a tall wall and hide in it until someone feels the need to burn it down.”

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Driving me crazy with your kisses. Never noticing I’ve lost myself in your arms, or are they my arms now? Who knows? Do you care? This perfect fusion of you and I, is all I need on this warm night. Ocean breeze tickles my waist, as your fresh breath begins to steer this foreplay into burning territory.

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stock lock and barrel. You shot me down. stock lock and barrel. Never looked back. Just stuffed away your stock lock and barrel. Too bad you never cared to check my pulse and my finger on my lock stock and barrel. Trigger pulled, Bamph!

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On to the next one like Jigga Jigga Jay. I’m out of your league yeah man, I’m getting pay. On the third level while you’re on the first. Stunning like I stun to quench this thirst. You gotta catch up, try as you may, I’m quite unreachable, to your dismay.

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It was at this point, where I realized I couldn’t take his attitude anymore. I needed an escape, so as he went on another dinner rant, I jumped out our window and down the fire escape, to experience a freedom I hadn’t encountered since the day I married him, effectively putting out the flame of spontaneity.

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If they say you gave me wings, they’re wrong. You merely provided the take off trail. My wings were given to me at birth, by mother Earth and Father time. Your love did once provide the means for me to depart, but to give you credit for my wings would be admitting you meant ,more to me than a couple shards of broken heart.

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The band had split after Amy took her last breath. What was the point as she was the very oxygen and strength of every musician in the group. We all went home, contemplating the many ways we may join her on the other side. “We only said goodbye with words…”

» Posted By Ruben On 07.27.2011 @ 10:30 pm


Is the god’s gift and mediator. Its Zeus’ whiplash and greeting. Man is powerless to its clap and cannot grasp the need for such a fearsome beauty.

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struck my heart at the sight of your pale skin bleeding on my hardwood floor. I was in disbelief, was I relieved that your pain had ceased? Or was I concerned I could never live without you? I woke up to your eyes glazing over me, and fell asleep as I soothed your sobs.

» Posted By Ruben On 07.25.2011 @ 10:40 pm


is way we get things done, the process that ends up with a solution or object that can accomplish a task, It is also the anger that is brought forth from an individual filled with rage, not the outcome though, not the glass breaking on the floor but the process that makes the glass break on the floor.

» Posted By Ruben On 07.10.2011 @ 11:57 am


it’s my opposite side, it’s the dark side of me, it’s where my most primitive dreams finds their home and way to fulfil, it’s the side we don’t usually see, the shadow.

» Posted By ruben On 12.23.2010 @ 4:03 pm


the man can only do his finally job with ideas.

» Posted By ruben On 12.19.2010 @ 8:49 am


Relexes are things that our bodies do when they get hit by a truck, for example. I have many reflexes. For instance, when my girlfriend touches my feet it tickles. It is also tickelish for her when I lick her feet so I guess I am not alone in this world…. sorry about my englis…

» Posted By Ruben On 05.17.2010 @ 3:07 pm


desire, things one does not have. an illusion of the mind created by the ego. not a neccessity but a desire

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Never stop a sneeze.

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light, bright, brightness, electricity, fire, heat, technology

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I frequently use the word frequent to describe the sequence of the verb, I can use it quite indecent. Elaborately placing it online, or being asked to describe it. I was asked to write about it, so I am. For the 4th most frequent time, I am using the word frequent much to often. Recent, and distant and frequencies persistent.

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As I fold a peace of paper. Fold mountains. Paper airplanes. Secrets unfolding. i wish I could fold this website into two. or three. to stop the green goo from flowing right. OMG it became orange. and then red. i like flash.

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I will be followed by it.

» Posted By Ruben On 11.24.2009 @ 7:09 pm


water and summers. cool grass
children running and being happy.

» Posted By Ruben On 10.08.2009 @ 5:07 pm

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