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There was kind of a vague truth to what he had heard on the streets. The homeless guys even had an opinion on it, and they usually would just listen and hear things, but rarely did they offer up their take on how things had gone down. He felt there was some further digging to do to find out what truly had happened.

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There is an area of eternal pines and the people who inhabit them. They look for sources of wind to carry them through various parts of the woods, by means of those forces that they don’t quite understand, but to whom they give in to, each and every year around this same time.

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There were weird tales back in the early part of the 20th century, but not more so than that time he found himself rolling down a river in a shabby canoe, looking at the poor folk staring at him from the shorelines, cooking food and drinking what looked like bad alcohol.

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Would you also tell me why we are going to sit by the river, and just look at the current pass by? Would you also tell me why we’d sit there without the benefit of at least a good bottle of wine? If we find ourselves there again this week, I would hope we’d be doing so when it was a bit more of a spring day out, and not another cold evening.

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There was also the fact that he didn’t like walking down that street when it was just about twilight. He couldn’t place why, but when he passed that one house, with the dog morosely sitting up on the front steps, it put his mind into a funk, and he didn’t think it was a good idea to step in that direction.

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The time he went out into the street and saw the flames coming out of the house, is when he thought about things and stared off into the distance, not hearing the sirens or screams. He just thought about how many years earlier those flames had come, and he’d only found out then that he wanted to depart for a centuries old town somewhere.

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Where the flames were in the forest, something grew out of the ground like a figure, but she couldn’t see so clearly, being held back by the heat. The stepped back and felt the heat diminish, but not before she tripped back over a root and a branch pierced her left wrist. She looked up to the sky and saw stars, not knowing they were sparks from the fire.

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He was taking out the lamb dish when there was a sound above him upstairs. He put the dish down and walked to the base of the stairs, and looked up. Darkness. But he still heard the sound resonating through the floorboards. Then he heard the mewling, but couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was. Not a lamb, though.

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He felt like a weakling for putting the fishing rod down, but the fish was big enough to be the size of his former mother-in-law, and he didn’t want to tackle that. He could already feel the muscles in his arms screaming with pain, just like her screams pierced his ears, and made them feel like they were bleeding.

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He conjured up a day of dangerous driving. the drugs hadn’t quite hit yet, but somehow his steering wasn’t on par with his usual selection of timing and turns. He wanted out of the neighbourhood, but didn’t think it was going to happen anytime soon. So where would he go?

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when he was sentenced for kicking that dog, he didn’t think there would be a mob outside. he’d only kicked it far enough to hit another dog, in fact, and that dog had yelled out more than the dog he had kicked. but it was the old ladies who screamed, and demanded he be hauled off to jail. they slapped him several times with their bags.

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there was a way to be sentenced in this town, if you found a way to piss off the judge. he didn’t care much one way or another how you found your way into the town, just as long as you stay clear of trouble, and didn’t get too drunk. otherwise, trouble would be easily found either in the courts or on the roads outside.

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