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The tape was an old one, coated in a layer of the type of dust you rub off on your jeans, cringing a little at the dry feeling and staving off a sneeze.

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She had found her little niche in the artistic world years ago, setting up shop in a little-visited corner of the city. Her workshop’s sign was just a piece of paper taped to the grimy window, and it needed to be replaced every time it rained, which was often.

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Her reign was tumultuous, but she was immune to it all, sitting serenely upon her gilded throne in the eye of the mighty storm. She sent out another army with a flick of her wrist, painted a target on her bulletproof chest with a single signature.

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She was exactly the person they needed for the job: clever, unconventional, and overwhelmingly precise. Her results were unmatched by any other in their database. And she was exactly the last person willing to do it.

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The words that sprang to her lips weren’t kind ones. They were words meant to tear, burn, rip through flesh and hearts like ruthless bullets from a smoking gun. She didn’t mean to, she really didn’t, but her mouth moved and the trigger was pulled.

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There was nothing artistic about the way she fought. There was no passion in her strikes, no emotion in the calculated moves she made. She was scanning, always searching for an opening, eyes cold and hard like diamonds and machinery.

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She turned her back on the rising sun, and all who saw her hate-filled eyes knew that she was reborn.

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There was something flickering, something she couldn’t quite make out, and it was driving her absolutely crazy. She hadn’t eaten all day, hadn’t sat for more than two seconds without jerking out of her chair in frantic paranoia, and she worked an office job. She needed to know, just needed to know what it was.

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The last few days had been rather vexing, she supposed. It was as if the world had slipped away from her, slick with soap and just dying to escape her grasp. She couldn’t actually remember much, she realized. She had thought she knew what happened, but upon further consideration, everything she believed was fact turned out to be clouded opinion.

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The core of the system is flawed.
They all know it, of course, and thought is encouraged, but no one is willing to face that. Even if no one’s voice is suppressed. Perhaps that’s what makes the system flawed.

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The office was tucked into some shady corner on some shady street. The carpet reeked of cigarettes. A woman slept behind the counter, spilled wine dripping over the forms on her desk. And the girl sighed and walked in.

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The stars guided her, they said. The stars spoke to her. They lead her on her way, tracing a path along the spine of the world and down into the depths of the earth. They sang to her, sang of the stories and wonders she would find.

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The merchants’ goods were gilded and golden, but all saw them in a majestic light. They wore rose-tinted glasses, everyone, strolling the market of plastic finery.

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The production was a small one, held by a high school no one had heard of. The flyer was crumpled and faded. It had been in her coat pocket for a long time, longer than she remembered. She vaguely recalled a sunny afternoon and a walk by the older parts of town, a leaflet taken from a lady with a paper-thin smile.

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The envelope was sealed with a perfect circle of red wax stamped with no crest. It had no return address and nothing on the front but two words: “For whoever.”

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The scientists strapped him down quickly and efficiently, not a speck of dust making its way onto their pristine white coats. He writhed and thrashed under the bonds, but none of them blinked an eye.
“Fascinating,” one murmured, pulling apart the man’s eyelids.

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The boy’s muttered contributions to the discussion were ignored by all the others. They knew he cared nothing about their survival, cared nothing about whether or not they would have food to eat next spring. He cared only for the book he carried with him that must be shielded at all costs.

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The cauldron simmered over the fire, filled with an oily substance that hardly moved when the room shook. It did that quite a bit, these days. The earth would crack open, sometimes, and fire would spit out of the rifts. The witch of the wood didn’t mind these occurrences, though; she continued and brewed and protected the cauldron at all costs from the beast of the earth.

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The smog was thick and heavy, shrouding the city in a dark grey blanket. Lights occasionally flickered from underneath the layer of smoke, lights from the fires and explosions devastating the world. There was nothing to do about them, anymore.

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The audience was enough to scare off even the toughest of beasts. Frantic fans screamed loudly enough to raise the dead, pumping their fists in the air as the music reached a frenzied peak.

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The drunken crowd pounded against the glass doors, screaming for their watched back, or their wallets, or whatever meager valuables they possessed. The woman behind the glass swallowed hard and began reconsidering her choice in pickings.

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The leg gradually rotated on the spit, roasting slowly, its skin darkened to a charred black. The man by the fire grinned. “She sure did scream,” he chuckled. “Feisty youngsters. Oh, they have such juicy meat. And the tongues are the best part.”

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Every weekday at four in the afternoon, like clockwork, the girl walked in through the front doors and took a seat in the far right corner of the room. She always ordered the same thing: a shot of espresso and a strawberry cake. There was no apparent reason for her to be at the coffee shop; she wasn’t there to study or socialize. She sat in the corner of the room, sipped at her coffee, and looked out the window before finishing her cake and leaving.

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“Faster!” the man yelled, lashing the whip again. “Faster, you lazy oaf, go faster!” The harness chafed at his neck and shoulders. Feet digging into the ground, sweat running down his cheeks, he pulled harder at the cart.

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There was a toothbrush in her backpack that said she didn’t plan on going home. She was a wanderer, just like he was, a long way from where she belonged. The smile on her face looked happy, but it couldn’t have been; it took one to know one.

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The bracelet was passed between children like a secret, a symbol of status. Nancy had it first; the girls said she had gotten it from her rich great-grandmother, or the ex-soldier farmhand, or a great wizard. Whoever it was who gave it to her, she decided she didn’t want it and passed it along to Tom, who eventually gave it to Milly, and she gave it to John, and he gave it to Sarah.

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The falcon glided over the treetops. The village boys pointed at it, nudging their friends in the shoulder, mouths gaping at the sight of it. There hadn’t been a falcon seen for months; the old village counsel took it as a sign of a good harvest to come. Some comforted themselves with that knowledge, happy with their ignorance, but others believed it took more than a falcon to brighten the dark prospects.

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Through the woods they went, without a whisper, without a sound. There was no cracking of twigs in the ominous silence. Birds did not chirp. There was no breeze to rustle the leaves and no sun to stir the creatures.

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The thunder cracked in the sky after the lightening lit it up. I watched the rain pour down the windows and his car pulled up. Thank god he is okay, but he might not be after he enters the door. The door is locked so he must try to find his key on the full key ring he carries in his hand. As he walks in I don’t look up from my book until he asks me how I am I respond with “Fine.” and that’s where the conversation ends. He looks frazzled an

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