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His hands are stained under the black light, stained white and cracked with spiderwebbing veins throbbing, full of dark ink and sludge. He inhales cigarette smoke and shudders as it floods through his body.

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Her brilliant white teeth glint in the sun, shooting blinding rays through her path. Her hair is luscious and thick and eons-long and entangles sailors in its grip wherever it falls. Her hips are apple trees; her legs are stone.

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Her smile had been pounded into place in the furnaces below the crust, in the heat of churning mountains yet to be born and in the shelter of a scowling god with hair like wire bristles.

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She’s the devil in a pilled-up old sweatshirt and choppy hair pinned back with tortoiseshell combs, with a stale coffee in a mug that says “I love New Yerk,” with resoled shoes and mediocre table manners.

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Listen to me, she says, her hands firm against my hips, as her icy breath slides from between her teeth in a rock-solid stream. Her palms are warm, her fingers cold. She eats me from the inside out.

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Her tongue flicks out and slips across her lips. Her eyes are beetle red, glowing and glancing with pulses of rock-concert light. Her hair swirls in endless currents.

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Her eyes are pressing up against the top of her skull, trying to punch through and get one tiny glimpse of the clouds before they’re whisked back away into oblivion. Her hands claw at the keyboard, at the windows, against the carpeted floor.

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Her hands are callused and lined with the years. Sunspots speckle her brown skin like yellow flowers in a field. She smiles, and the creases of her face light up with earthy warmth.

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Her ruby red, dripping crimson, glowing scarlet heart trembles and quakes, shudders, yells, screams, nearly leaps out from behind her teeth with the force of its singing.

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Her hands are twitching. Her lashes flutter, sending out shock waves through the air; her rapid breaths disrupt the currents’ flow and send them careening out of the way, madly dodging the hot, yellow wind.

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Her fingers dance over the pieces, tapping at the board, drumming a constant and fluttering tattoo on the black-and-white squares. He brushes a lock of hair from his face. Her lip twitches and slips into a half-smile. Neat elevens form between his brows.

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She drapes across the earth in crimson curves, her glow illuminating the alleys and gardens and barely-more-than-puddles ponds that pockmark its surface. She sighs, and the grounds splits. She laughs, and the sky shakes, raining drops of golden amber.

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She paces along the edges of the shadow, shying from the sun, shielding her silver eyes from their radiant golden beams and folding in on herself, face shrinking into her hair.

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She pulls her lips apart and shows him her teeth, faintly yellow and crooked, because who really wears their retainers all day after getting their braces off, anyway, and besides, her teeth aren’t the point; it’s the slide down her tongue that he takes.

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Her hands form birds that draw themselves into their silken cocoons and burst out as spring leaves, already turning to autumn red and winter blue and summer sea that glistens with the golden rays of the moon’s shadow, dull against the sun.

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Something slipped out of her stomach and fell in a little gelatinous puddle next to her feet. There was a cavity where it had been, etched out of bone and studded with little crustacean creatures that had made their homes there.

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Her eyes are full of swirling stars, swimming in a sea of deep, lapis lazuli blue, the kind you dig up from archaeological sites and that belonged to princesses a long time ago and now is the possession of the world.

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The eyes are wet and blue as the depths of the sky when you’re looking down into them on a clear, heavy night, and the lips move in one motion again and again in a hypnotizing hum.

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The sweetest person you’ve ever met in your entire goddamn life, you swear, has blonde hair and brown eyes and a smile that could melt puppies, probably. Into their atoms. Stunning. You fall instantly in love, and it’s not that you don’t notice the weird blue tongue or the scaly palms; you just don’t care.

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She blazes like the sun, like the unstable stars, like the laws that stand on the shoulders of giants and meek, fragile men. She burns. She burns within and without, enough to corrode, enough to plow through centuries of sluggish attempts at progress that are little more than pedaling in place.

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The rhythm is what keeps her going. The clicks and the locks and the right little things that just slot into place, defying entropy, defying the law that is chaos. Change is the only constant, and it’s tearing her apart.

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They spoke of night as a friend, as something they had chosen, as something they loved and cherished and would never abandon, as if it was not their only choice. As if they did not secretly long for the golden warmth and the silver kisses of the sun against the water.

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The sky is deep, deep, deep enough to make her head spin like she’s been hyperventilating, sucking the world into her lungs until her vision goes black and spotty. It’s not infinite, but it might as well be. It’s blue, but it might as well be the leftovers of white light after bouncing off a million bits of air. Or the other way around.

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She sat in the corner of the kitchen holding a plate of salami slices in one hand and a cell phone in the other. The screen was cracked, covered by a crooked screen protector that had lost its transparency a thousand texts ago. A thousand wasted texts ago.

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She sinks and melts. It’s the rain of a million suns soaking into her flesh, her bones, liquefying her into organic soup and tooth mush, hair follicles and brain waves floating through the air, radiating into the earth and down where things aren’t dead and aren’t alive.

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And there was noise within the walls, music within the walls, whispers within the walls that shook like beads and rivers and teeth–children’s teeth, but not too young and not too old. She’d never liked the old ones. Or the small ones, the soft ones and their melting, misshapen marshmallow skin.

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Bleach blonde, her voice said, with hips like Venus’ and skin the color of bronzer-dusted office wallpaper. Her lips were dress sizes too big for her face.

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She tipped her head back and slapped the bottom of the bottle with her palm, coaxing the last drops into her mouth. It was one of those nights. Her hair was loose, slick with sweat and unwashed for over a week.

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Her dreams were filled with images of teacups and puzzle pieces, maps flashing every color of the rainbow, X-marks-the-spots that she knew were only illusions. She couldn’t wake up. All she could do was travel down the same road, repeating under her breath, “X marks the spot.”

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He had never asked to be worshiped. The responsibility hung over him like a lead cape, a brick in his skull, an iron collar.

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