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He ran his finger across the waxy grain of the table, skidding a bit at every turn, as her voice kind of poked at his right ear every time she ejected a consonant. It was nighttime. It was always nighttime.

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She rolled the hard thing around her mouth and pushed it against her cheek with her tongue. It had a bit of a give, a bit like the hard rubber of a small, yellow bouncy ball that crushed brittle rather than flat.

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He tossed the coin up in the air–badly, of course; he’d never learned how to flip one properly, easy as it may be, and he wasn’t about to try now that he was in his late thirties and losing brain plasticity by the ounce. It was really too bad he hadn’t had anyone to teach him.

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He bit the pen until it cracked and paced until his soles were smooth and pushed his hand through his hair until it parted like a sea and talked to the beeping and the smell of bleach.

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Her fingers pulled at the joystick, her brow furrowing, sparks glittering in her eyes, and she moved her lips to ancient speech that rung in her ears and pulled at her heartstrings. She exhaled slowly.

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He shrugged. “Don’t put it that way.”

She walked around the counter and placed herself in front of him so he was forced to look at her face. The sun outside was fresh and chirping. They could taste the green in the air.

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She slapped the bread down on the wooden grain in front of the boy, and he frowned a bit, but only with his mouth. His head looked up at her, though his eyes didn’t, and he moved, but only with his body. She thrust her hands onto her hips. He laughed, but only with his voice.

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She pulled off her sunglasses and tucked a few stray strands of yellow-brown hair behind her ear. Her smoker’s lines caught with sun.

“Come on,” she said in a raw and untamed voice. “Don’t waste any more time with those kids.”

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His finger slipped into the trigger guard, and his heart went still. His blood stopped pumping. His lungs stopped moving, and every part of his body was suspended in steel and wires and conductivity.

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He smiled, his eyes wet and shining. There was truth in every word she said, lies in every gesture, and she was beautiful and burning and red and blue and he was sad and small and golden under her touch, and he knew.

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She sighs and takes a deep swig of her coffee, swirling the black stuff around in its cups. The lapping waves leave brown footsteps against the insides of the white ceramic, and she listens to the pulse of the night beneath her feet, up on the rooftop and beneath the voidlike sky.

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She shut the book, her knuckles white but her eyes cool, her breathing slow and even and her vision going red. His number was burned into the backs of her eyelids. She reached for the phone and dialed, pushing each number into the screen.

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He shut the book and let out a strangled sigh. It had been three months since she’d called him for the first time. He pictured her, sitting on her red ottoman, her lips blue and her eyes pink, waiting by the old-fashioned telephone, and he shook his head.

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Her lips caught the words hanging off her tongue and formed them into soundless shapes, red and wet and dripping and cavernous and scared, watering eyes marring the beautiful image.

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He snapped the rubber band, trying to get it across the room this time, hoping that it’d fly far enough so that he wouldn’t feel forced to get up and go find it again. It never did. He stood up again and pushed his hair out of his face, scanning the carpet below him.

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The tip of her head poked out from the window, followed by the rest of her face and neck, and then her slight shoulders, barely making it out through the tight edges of the frame. She tasted iron in the air.

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She tried to plug it into the port, sighed, rolled her eyes, turned the damn thing upside down, and pushed it in. The little man sparked to life, the blue of his eyes glowing and throwing light off the painted walls of the office.

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His breath stinks of cognac and the jagged edges of his teeth. His blonde curls fall across the sharp planes of his face, veiling the burning in his eyes, and he speaks words that move the mouths of others but not their eyes.

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Her nails dug into the wood of the table, leaving brilliant marks in her wake. Her eyes were black holes burnt into her face. They ate light and spat out nothing but air, nothing but the used shotgun shells of words that once held meaning.

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She grabs his hair and feels its prick between her fingers and runs her hand down his spine, each vertebra a mountain beneath her touch, warm and blushed and spelling out a familiar rhythm that she hasn’t felt for too long.

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Daniel frowned. The wasp in his hand hopped around and stung him a billion times with all the combined force of its millennia of rage, and he scowled and gave it a poke. It stung his finger. He giggled and popped his hand over his mouth and swallowed the insect; it stung all the way down.

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She brushed at a few keys and frowned, her nose brushing the screen. There was a tiny little man wandering across her landscape. Her landscape. Her codescape, and there was someone else in it.

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His hands build and build and build, placing down scraps of metal and bits of broken Legos and pieces of his heart that he’s ripped from his body in a process much like birth, though he can’t ever say so. His child is a god. It is angry and vengeful and ungrateful, and for it he would lay down his life.

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She whispers to herself, “It’s not what you think. It’s not what you think. It’s not what you think,” she says, shaking and dizzy and sickness rising in her throat and his eyes on her forever and the waves in her ears are the only thing keeping her from going under the still surface.

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She licks the popsicle shaped like a small, untrustworthy man and grins, red staining her teeth, blood dripping from her gums. The man is blue and tiny and tired and small and untrustworthy, and she knows this, and this is why she bites his head off and bleeds blue for the rest of her life.

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Her hair trails behind her, marking a path through the air from where he stands. She doesn’t turn to look at him. She feels the earth beneath her feet and the water in the air and she smiles, listens, breathes. The trail is already beginning to fade.

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She turns and looks at him, hands on her hips, her lips pursed in a hard line.

“What is this?”

He shrugs, hands in his pockets, and gives her a badly-written essay with his eyes. A drunk essay. An essay written at six in the morning for a safety school college application.

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Her hands are tired and sighing and melting and floating and fading and red and worn and glowing and warm and creased and torn and as the sun rises within her, all floating and red and glowing and warm, she is reborn.

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She slowly, slowly, ever so slowly turns to dust from the inside out, each little dog-eared corner of her heart disintegrating into the ashes from whence they came, the crumbling mess widening into a hole that burns out each and every bone, every organ, until at last it reaches her skin.

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She works another tally mark into the wooden surface of the table and brushes away the shavings. It stands out, bright and shining, against its smooth, dark surface. Her face is lined with the squinted lines of dreaming.

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