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“So when were you going to tell me?” she said, lighting a cigarette–where had she gotten that cigarette?–Jesus, it was like the girl was a magician in disguise whose only trick was to produce infinite packs of Marlboro Lights.

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She walked in circles around him, her fingertips resting sweatily on his shoulder. He bit his lip furiously and willed himself to stare at the page in front of him, his cheeks indignant, his eyes hard, and she didn’t say anything but kept her hand on him.

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“Please don’t do that again,” she said quietly, her hands folded in her lap. She didn’t look scared. Her eyes wore that same mournful, contemplative, tired–laughing?–look they always did.

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I need some air, he said to the waitress, and she nodded and jotted something down on her notepad and whisked off. Orange slices, tomato pickles, brittle teeth, and–ah, thank you–a jar of air, and he took it gratefully and smiled, palms caressing his face.

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She bit into the peel, its strange zest spilling and popping all over her tongue with its rough ridges–the orange peel’s or her tongues? yes–and she sucked her little earth dry and grinned a tangerine grin with bright blue eyes and sunburn hair and swallowed.

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So we walked around the quilted marble of the den and sank our teeth into its many corners, and Tom held out his hand and brushed against the jewel-dust air that clung like lint to every edge, and I looked at my own hands as they turned slowly into blue, blue, blue sky.

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“Get her on the table,” he said in an odd voice, his hands turning over like clockwork claws, clumsy and raw-cut, and she loaded the girl’s soft body onto the dining room table. He stood over her hesitantly, his hair falling over his eyes.

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“Go away.”

She didn’t move. It was nighttime, and the sun was watching but not moving to intercept yet, and the moon was bleary and unobservant and wanted to go home and maybe take a nap, or maybe it wanted to cry, but only a little bit and only because it was so tired.

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“Fifty-three tires,” the bank man on the other line repeated. “They were charged to your account last Friday.”

“What?” said she again, quite stupidly; perhaps she had forgotten what a tire was. Maybe she was British, and she spelled–spelt–it tyre.

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She leaned over, bracing her arms against the desk, and frowned at the topmost paper through the flocks of dark, off-black hair that fell into her eyes. The news had come in that morning. News was always coming in, but this was different.

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She spat against the salted earth and clawed at the reddened dust in her throat. The day was cloudy and hazed with blue, and the few grasses that peeked from the cracks cowered against the darkened sun.

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She smashed another glass, and then another, watching them spray and spatter all over the wall and send up crystal flares that stung at her cheeks and ripped at her eyes. Something red was blossoming against the snow, and she shook her head and picked up another.

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She frowned, glancing back at the photo of the empty parking lot, its lines indistinct and rubbed out with dark. The neighborhood wasn’t familiar to her. She didn’t know its shapes. Something in her rubbed at her, however, pointing out the oddness of the shadows.

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She dropped the porcelain cup and watched it shatter against the white tile, then reached for another. Another tinkling crash. She reached for another.

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She shrugged her shoulders and leaned forward, smushing her chin into the desk so that her lower lip stuck out in a schoolgirl pout. “I don’t want to talk about that,” she mumbled. “I’m tired.”

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She spat. Her stomach acid sprayed out, mangling the lining of her throat, and tears burned in her eyes as the insides of her began to melt bright bright red. She pushed him away from her with the red red palms of her hands.

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She juggled the rolled-up newspapers, the lollipop stick hanging out of her mouth; it dragged red stickiness all across her lips as she pursed them in concentration. She shrugged and caught the newspapers out of the air in her left hand.

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The caramel melted slowly on her tongue, dripping its sweetness into every corner of her mouth; she swallowed. Burnt sugar. She checked her nails and picked idly at a bit of skin.

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“Hello, my name is,” she wrote, and then she looked at the paper and dropped her pen on the desk. The desk lamp’s angle tossed her arm’s shadow tall across the desk.

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“Give me that,” she snapped, holding out her red-manicured hand with grasping fingers, her wrist bent wide and flat. “Give it to me, now. Please,” she added, faltering a bit on the word, her pink lips wobbling. “Give it to me, pl… please?”

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He looked up through the glistening film of the bubble, all slip and iridescence, and he shrugged.

“Are you going to try?”

She joined him, their shoulders brushing together.

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Oh, he said.


I don’t like that word. It’s dramatic and cliched and romantic and right and true and honest and full and throbbing and burning and lingering. A little hollow and discolored on the inside.

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He thrust the crumpled map at her, a frenetic fervor pulsing in his eyes. “Look,” he whispered, his voice rattling and shaking in its box. “Look at it.”

Her eyes skimmed over the paper, unimpressed. She wasn’t really even looking.

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She ran her tongue over the jagged fissure of scar tissue on the inside of her cheek. She plucked the tip of her tongue between her teeth and bit down.

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“That’s not right,” she said, pointing at a carefully selected spot on the diorama. “That can’t be right. It’s wrong. It just is.”

“What are you talking about?” he said, barely looking. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference if he had been. What she was pointing to was barely visible to the naked eye.

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She picked up the baked clay figurine and brought it up to her eyes.

“What is it supposed to be?”

He stared at her. “Isn’t it obvious?” And when she looked at him blankly for a few more seconds, an affronted look crossed his face.

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“Don’t you think you’re being a little unfair?” she said, twirling the little lilac flower between her fingertips. “I think you might need to, you know, just step back a little and–”

“‘Step back’? Why should I need to step back? When has she ever?”

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She shrugged her shoulders back and smoothed down her hair. The lollipop in her mouth clattered against her teeth. The worn rubber soles of her shoes were thin beneath her feet.

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He scoffed and slapped the pamphlet down on the table.

“You wanna put her in a home?”

“That’s not–”

“It is,” he said, more tired than angry, “it is, it is what you’re saying, Mary, and you can say it. You can say it out loud if you want to.”

“And what if I don’t want to?”

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He shrugged his coat on and checked his phone for the seventy-sixth time that hour; the little man in the back of his head had kept track, despite his telling it to discard that useless information. He had tons of bits like that, and he had failed high school history four times.

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