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There was one of every kind. Every kind of shoe a girl could dream of was there, strategically placed, colour-coordinated, in Carrie’s closet. Oh, the beauty of it. I could have spent hours simply admiring the wonderful craftmanship of each individual pair.

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talk. speak. sing. whistle. joke. The world is a stage of entertainment, and this is you ‘send’ button. The world can hear you. Be an activist. Be a star. Share you dreams hopes and desires. Use it to convey you message. Shout. Louder. Louder. Are you listening?

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a stone a feeling and a nick name for the ones you care about the most. Green like envy, blue like sadness or red like blood. Found in jewellery and set in platinum and gold. Found by miners and lucky ones gems are gifts shown as love. given in love

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i see, contrary to my intuition it took methree tries toworkout how to do this, three times not to read hte par abou hitting Go’. I wonder if I am stupid, he thought, tossing back his black mane of hair and scratchubg his tail,

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a bathroom
a car getting stuck in gear

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I hate ants. Cilian said. I was right beside him looking down the hole. There okay. He shouted out at me, ANTS ARE DISGUSTING THERE NOWHERE NEAR OKAY. i nearly had a heart attack.

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Captain hook grabbed peter by the collar “Walk the plank” he called and the crew gathered around him. But Peter flew up into the sky. Damn I forgot about that said Captain Hook

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Tomatos. I don’t really like them. But I remember when I was with my aunt because my mother was out of town. I was angry and sad and my aunt told me she had a surprise. She made me some sweet potato fries and with purple ketchup (You must remember when heinz came out with different colored ketchups, don’t you?) she wrote on my plate “Rachel, I love you.”
I stopped crying.
Those were the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.

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A weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I get bad news; a rose petal sinking into the pond; water sinking through the dirt into my flower pot, sinking beneath the

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timing is everything. it means doing things in the moment- timing matters in terms of relationships most of all. imagine meeting the perfect person only 1 day too late. imagine finding out you are in love only a minute too soon. timing matters because when we think about time

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