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scraped knees and bruised elbows are badges of our childhood; we would off-road on cracked pavement, pumping the pedals of our bikes like wreckless daredevils.

we were the daring pair of circus performs, riding over manholes as thought they were wire cages, and we were pedalling motorcycles.

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big annoyingly loud things that are all over the place.

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a hundred little paper cranes line the shelves in my room; you said you’d fold one for every day we spent together.

how much of our time did you waste tucking paper corners into my smile?

how much of your love did i take for granted when i threw those little birds into the fire?

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to bee or not to bee that is the question, a beeless hive is like an empty soul the buzz of life gone, nothing inside to hum along to the rigours of life and the joys

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waitress. busing. table. spill. rudenss. What are you looking at, huh? Nothing. More coffee. Less leg. small tips. only needed five dollars, anyway. so you think your hot?

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there are pine needles all over our bed.

i guess i should have known you’d come back covered in the crushed scent of outdoors; she was always a hiker, always crushing mountaintops beneath her heels and watching bears dance along her fingertips.

i should have known our scented candles stopped being suggestive and started acting as your mask.

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i’ll hand you a wire, red and throbbing with tales of my love for you. take it, cradle it, and crush it to your ear. listen to all i have to tell you.

that wire, i pulled it out of my chest, through snapping ribs, you send you my pulsing message.

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I want to hold you, but so many things hold me back. For one, I don’t know that you want to hold me. I don’t know that you hold any affection for me in your heart or your loins or anywhere else. I hold my doubts which won’t go and avoid holding you, who could go. I’m holding on to writing as time runs out.

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It will give me growth. Of character, of spirit. More maturity, which I don’t really need more of, but still. I’ll be a better person. For me, sure. But mostly, for you. I believe you deserve it. I’m already good enough for myself.

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go go as fast as you can. just snap you fingers and you will have what you want. jiffy pop, zoom, zap. Things of dreams can be achieved in a snap. what else can snap? how about a shark? oh, my goodness, i lost my toes. i think a shark just snapped off my toes!

oh snap…jargon…

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how the candy melts in my mouth
the sweetness disappearing and the sour kicking in
my head spins and dances, all the while my body flies
a dance of passion i movie in
can’t be beaten by any other

» Posted By R On 01.30.2010 @ 9:43 pm

baba rum rum captain stays on the ground, laying around and having that smile on his face
she comes up to him, the sadness kicks in
but something odd happens
the smiles and giggles fit all over
both move in a dance and flury of amazingness

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im sick of this really. my mind is storage of their shits. and mine. my life is storage of unwanted thinggs. oh, this is so negative. storage isnt s goog word on a shitty day like this. i can imagine it can be good, though.

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something was in the mist – an apparition. it rolled in on a misty white fog and smelled sweet like taters! yeehaw, i loves me some taters! david bowie had it right, billy joel wasn’t too far behind, that’s the way it goes when you just don’t know. stopwatch distracts, engagement doesn’t enact. who be thee? when does it end?

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Fuck tofu! I want something deeper than tofu to discuss.

» Posted By R On 01.23.2010 @ 11:26 pm

squishy and tasteless but good in pad thai. soybeans are the future of the world. i liked soy milk for awhile. vegans love tofu, i don’t love vegans.

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I wish I had some pills to take so i could pretend that my relationship isn’t falling apart and crushing me.

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please export my goods out of the country i cant do it by myself they are after me. export my soul export my soul my hope my heart my body flesh blood you can left my bones here its ok aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im sleepy sleepy

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After reading the book I was uncontrollably hooked. It consumed my life like a rabid wolf devouring its prey. The beautiful scenes painted by the writer’s masterful words and the characters, deeply connected to everything was enough to hook me.

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You stand there, wagging your finger at me like there is no tomorrow. Well, you’ve done it. I’m out.

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Sprinklers represent for me a bright better future in which I’ll go back to being silly and playful, stop caring about people who definetly don’t deserve it, and stop crying over lost innocence.

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recorder. i just bought a recorder the other day. it’s great. it’s an mp3 player. i plan to have a diary recorder. i mean who records their diary on a recorder these days. but i think it will be good. because saying things out loud is different from just writing. even though i think writing might be faster. but because speaking it is slower, and requires the train of thought to filter through the body, something different might come out of the process.

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Giving chase to you does so not suit me. It is simply not my style. I should really stop, if only I knew how. But my limbs are uncontrolable by now, the words write themselves, my mouth articulates like nothing.

» Posted By r On 10.05.2009 @ 2:06 am


Our apron will be navy blue. Then there will be a novelty one which undoubtedly will be yours and will only be used in emergencies. Every time you wear it, it will be too much for me to take and I won’t be able to take you seriously in it. I will either burst out laughing like a maniac or jump your bones.

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i love lip balm. it makes my lips smooth and cherry tasting just for you. i remember you told me you loved my lip balm. right before i had that accident and was left with no lips. would you still like me without lip balm? without lips?
i think not.

» Posted By R On 10.01.2009 @ 9:21 pm


80’s or now? They vary pretty widely. In the 80s my bangs were my favorite part of my hair on a good day, but there is the day I remember when I was trying to look good for the family pictures we were about to have taken professionally- my family rarely did that stuff- and I couldn’t get them just right. i ended up getting them ok and my mom thanked me and was happy that i had put in effort to looking good for her and the photos- ahh the memories.

» Posted By R On 03.31.2010 @ 7:01 pm


togetherness. Bring people and places together. Love is closer now, we are together. Holding hands, skipping and singing, its on;y the beginning. How far can we take it? How will it end; tragedy is in our bones, but maybe a smile will take it.

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Cool and appropriate and comfortable ones are hard to find when you’re a dyke. That’s why we wear chucks all the time.

» Posted By R On 10.29.2009 @ 6:52 am

The answers was right there, in your shoes. They say you can always tell by looking a the girl’s shoes. I’ve always disagreed. But now I know they weren’t just talking about sexuality. It’s about worth. Honesty, respect, value. Your shoes had none of that.

» Posted By r On 10.29.2009 @ 5:54 am

I love shoes. Must love shoes. what’s that movie with cameron diaz in her shoes. that’s a good movie. makes me think of a lot of things like when my mom won’t let me talk about other people cause it’s like think about being in their shoes before you judge them. you never really understand someone until you walk in their shoes. i want christian

» Posted By r On 10.28.2009 @ 8:31 pm

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