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good or bad. dignity. love. family friends, belief. media. pressure. church. god. right. wrong. good and evil. perfect. careful. truthful.

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Hmmm… At first glance it makes me think of the word MONTAGNE in French for mountains. But I know that’s not what it actually means. Assembly… Makes me think of 1st grade dioramas, posters and collages. Aaaaaah childhood. Seems so long ago!

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I used to steal. Sometimes I still do. I once almost got caught stealing a 5 dollar belt from cato. It wasn’t worth it. But I don’t think I’ve ever called myself a thief. I wonder where you draw the line. I call myself an alcoholic, but not a thief. Maybe one day I’ll be able to call myself happy if I achieve it enough.

» Posted By r On 05.23.2011 @ 11:25 pm

a thief is a person that steals from others. thieves, if caught will get sent to prison, or at least stand trial. i think thievery is one of the 7 cardinal sins. kleptomaniac is the word for someone who cannot help themselves from stealing

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crew cut. clean and cautious. he is callous. he is corrosive. he could corrupt you. cull the herd. cup your face. collect the fee.

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A deadbolt is used to lock a door. It is more secure than a regular lock, and lets people know that you are really serious about keeping them out of your house, and also that you are very paranoid. If you are really, really paranoid, try two or three or seven deadbolts. Make sure you lock them all, all the time. And never open the door any more than is required to just peek through a little tiny crack.

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digital clocks are great. they help the world move quicker. with analogs, people are always glaring at their watch or the wall for a good 15 seconds longer than needed. sometimes it can be funny for those who try to show off with those fancy watches (you know, the ones with no numbers on them) and when it comes time for them to find the time, they can’t even figure out where the numbers are! i get a kick out of that. digital times have improved the modern world!

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criminal desire passion dirt fault kill police crime drama sex victim vengeance poetry literature luky luke wall street golden boys

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i’m obsessed with graduating school it feels like it will never happen. I will have to invent some sort of weird job that I can enjoy and make money at if I get desperate. Wait I’m already desperate. And i’m pretty sure only people that are already rich get to invent cool cash cow jobs. with perks, like courtside tickets.

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Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

Remember me to one who lives there…
She once was a true love of mine.

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In the darkroom of their local community college, he turned to her with his usual sweet smile. The one that made her swoon with emotion, turn bright red with embarrassment and giggle with excitement. She was the only girl he girl he looked at like that.

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I used to be afraid of the furnace in the basement at my dad’s house. It was this big, looming, scary hot-metal giant robot that ate things dropped down the vents. A place where Legos went to die.

But it really just kept us warm.

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I used to be deathly afraid of spiders. Whenever I saw one I’d run screaming from my room and beg my mom to kill it. I thought this was unchangeable; that I was just phobic and I’d have to deal with it my whole life.

I moved into a coop with a bunch of lovely dirty hippies, where spiders roam free. I was exposed and got over it. Face your fears; they are not unchangeable.

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Support me. I’ll support you. We can hold each other up as easily as we can let each other fall down. If I fall, you fall. Let’s fall in love. Let’s love the world and watch it fall in love with us. Let’s make sure the world can’t live without us.

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Teeth are awesome and I love to brush them. My girlfriend used to come into the bathroom and take pictures of me and her whilst I brushed my teeth. I don’t necessarily like doing the entire act because afterward it always leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. It makes it incredibly harder to eat foods because of the fact that that horrible taste is in your mouth.

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oh my this one is brilliant
used because of my passivity
used because I lost my voice
used for good things
used for bad
I think, in some degree, everyone’s used for at least one terrible thing in our lifetimes
because if not, then why the hell would someone use another person in the first place [for something negative]?

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Either my spelling has incorrectly been described at well above average or this word is spelt wrong. Which is it?

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two quarters. not complete. glass of water. partial. not all.

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cool metal against frozen cream.
I twist and spin to make the perfect round ball
simply one scoop of peppermint ice cream.

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How can I fight this peculiar feeling. it’s something that I have not experienced before. This fight within me resides but spill into waking life as well, I cannot sleep, I do not want to eat. I deny that I have feelings for her, but it is obvious that they are there. What to do now, how peculiar.

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the first thing i thought of is string cheese and how much fun it is to eat string cheese as a kid. i don’t buy it anymore because it’s surprisingly expensive for what it is, and i can’t justify walking around with it as a snack. and my second thought was string theory, as in the universe’s explanation. funny it should be cheese and astrophysics.

» Posted By r On 05.26.2010 @ 2:22 am

I used string to tie up my shoe laces. I think string is an important part of life which is too underrated. If the world has more string, we can connect more people together. Not in the sense of the internet, but more in the sense of togetherness.

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mineral water is about ten times more sparkling that other calcium based types of invisible liquid.

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Oh, god, not potatoes again, Hayden moaned.

Mom, why do we always have to have potatoes? I don’t like them much.

Just be quiet and eat them, dear, Carly smiled through gritted teeth.

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health general being liked yellow old soothe water sky round circular corn beans fitness brick mortar blue the ring crazy girl

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The stamp from the club that, no matter how many times I scrub my hands, will not come off!

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The offer was clear and concise. I took it, not thinking, not even breathing for a second.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I don’t know if I made the right decision.

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sometimes things are hard to remember, and other times they aren’t. It’s as if they’re foggy for a while until you start thinking about them, and somewhere along the line your brain starts to fill in the holes. It’s very strange.

» Posted By R On 02.01.2009 @ 6:06 pm


in the middle
can’t get out
want to be free

lost in lies
lost in feelings
lost in confusion

i don’t need a god
i don’t need to feel a gap

just need to get out of this

and into something new

stuck in the middle

want to find
want not need

to find someone

to understand
to share

who understands
who i am

cause i don’t know

» Posted By r On 01.26.2009 @ 5:29 pm

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