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Worrying her bottom lip between her teeth again, she sighed, dropping her hands from where they had been in front of her. Knitting the fingers together, resisting the urge to shake out her skirts for the third time in the past few minutes, she had to fore herself to stop. Her habits were unbecoming of a lady, much less that of a Sheshawnii.

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Like a magnet, I’m drawn to him, irrevocably and irresistibly. It’s something I can’t help but do, to watch hm from across the room, smile when he smiles, and watching his motions carefully. Is there a reason why I worry and want so much over such a simple man? I guess I’ll never know.

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Once again, Therrin tried to explain this science thing to her, and those who were curious, but it honestly made no real sense to her. There was no magic, where he was, and yet he didn’t understand why they couldn’t understand that. What strange place didn’t have something so basic?

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The blood slowly dripped down his throat, hands, and the arrow’s shaft, as all she could do for a split moment was watch him bleed and struggle, watching him twist the wood further into his throat…a scream pierced through her own throat before she sat bolt upright. A sob broke through Phee as she pulled her legs up, remembering that day in dreams, and crystal clarity.

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Following the trailing plants up the stone-faced front of the house with her eyes, she smiled softly to herself. Nature was one simple thing she could fully enjoy lately. Nothing about the plants wanted to hurt her, wanted revenge or something against her. They didn’t want anything but water, sun and air. Elements and Balance, she wished her life was that simple.

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Scraps of words, piece of paper and tumbling thought litter the room like a junkyard Nothing short of a serious cleaning would even work with how frazzled her mind was, how betrayed she felt, and how guilty she was. Trying to get that into words, and those words on paper where a battle in and of itself.

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Not allowed to ever again see the thriving markets, the bright colors and smell teh wonderful food. Never again allowed to meet the people that remind her so much of home…the only place that was any close to home for hundreds of years…and she was banished from those lands by the first to hold her heart.

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As the days start ticking by, and her birthday looms ever closer the Fae shudders to think of the horrifying things she has to help do this weekend. Yes, it is something that needs to be done but she’s not happy about it. Who would be? One thing was for certain. She’d be helping kill the man she loves.

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I thought I was helping. Honestly. I didn’t want to do anything but make him simile, make him happy. I love that man, and I just wanted to help him out, fix a small mistake. Instead, because of my foolhardiness, I was stupid and naive. I really do deserve title of Novice, don’t I?

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Some days I feel like I’m anything but average. Those are the good days, the days where nothing can get me down, nothing an stop me from being the best I am. I may be nervous or wary, but never average. The days where I feel like everyone else…those are the days that I worry about myself. About others worse, and about the silly things that shouldn’t matter.

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The terrible weather and dreams as of late make me feel just so lousy. I just want to curl up in bed and sleep the day away, but fear of worse dreams keep me from falling asleep. Elements and balance, I honestly don’t even know how I should feel about this. Really, it’s kind of crazy.

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Dearest reader.
Know now that this journal isn’t a normal journal, what ever realm this may land in well after my time is done, and I have been reborn to a new element.
This is the journal of a Fae, an adventurer, a friend, ally, enemy, confused soul, and someone who lost everything due to her pride.

And how she took it back.

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I slipped under the guard’s radar, running easily passed him. Well, maybe knowing the words to shrink myself was a brilliant idea. It was much easier to get where I wanted to go, even if I wasn’t allowed to be there in the first place. now, to get that item…

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She never thought it would be this easy to adapt to how life was in these poor, magically dry realms. It seemed so dull, broken and lost here. Nothing was as beautiful as it could have been. It made her homesick, yes, but nothing nearly as much as that desert.

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Struggling to get her writing kit out fast enough to take notes, she swore softly to herself, fighting the bag that it was in. Then, her journal wouldn’t free itself from the small bag she kept it in. “Oh, elements and balance,” she swore, “What now?”

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Rolling her eyes, she stepped back from the feuding brothers. Yet again, they were at each others throats, and it had been like this every day since Airavarri had ….well. Bedlam wasn’t exactly the ideal way to go. Nonetheless, she couldn’t stand hearing the last two of her relatives bicker like children.

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Clasping the mug as though it was the elixir of life, she brought the hot mug closer to her chest. Alone, in the circle, she kept quiet, as others watched her, questioning silently why she refused to let others break it, free her. she let the silence inside envelope her.

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Staring at the stage,she took a deep breath. How was she supposed to get up there and perform, especially with all these people? yeah, they were her friends and family, allies and acquaintances. She could laugh it off if it was a poor performance, but it didn’t ease her at all. No wonder.

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It wasn’t until after Airavarri had gone and sacrificed himself to Bedlam that Phee had bared her fangs for the first time to the Realms. She snarled at Bohis, screamed after the bois that had appeared. She screamed, cried, and snarled at so many that night…it was also the first night that Phee realized people knew who she was.

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Since that day, three years ago (was it really so long already?) when she stumbled blindly through that gate, that portal…every day was something new, never quiet or bored, never lonesome. The Realms themselves seemed to be a full adventure, a life lived brightly and fully, with something new all the time.

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In the forest, she smiled as she watched the last leaves sail gently earthbound, glad for the cool, crisp fall air. As much as she loved the dry heat of the desert, these woods would one day also have her name attached to them, a place she could call home, her own lands away from Home.

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She messed up. She messed up really, REALLY bad; missed her chance for love, luck, even just some form of recognition other than that one Fae who did that really, really evil thing to one of her friends. After all, how could anyone possibly see it from her point of view? It didn’t matter.

She missed their trust, nonetheless.

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The lilting tune echoed sweetly through the midnight sky, the moon shining brighter than a new silver coin. She smiled wryly, glancing at the gathering crowd through slitted eyes. They gathered to her siren song like moths to a flame.

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The throbbing beat of the marketplace, words shouted around drifting music, ringing the noon air til the sounds were nearly visible; it had its own odd serenity. The peace of a bustling city…and she almost destroyed that.

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As the water lapped up against the river’s sparkling banks, Phee sighed, watching the glistening surface. It felt as thought her memories, choices, and life were all passing her by in a similar manner. If only her feelings be washed away so easily…

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Time marched on, into weeks and days, blurring into months. Still, that odd, painful litttle emotion lurked deep in the back of her head and heart; craving screaming and fighting. Could it be that she over looked something…or someone?

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“Gods damn it, Rikki!” “What?” “What did I tell you about using the microwave without warning?” “….Oh, right I forgot about that.” “….Dear.” “What?” “Dear. shut up.” “I love you.” “…I love you too.”

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Fine little whiskers skittered over her face as the kitten sniffed over her cheeks and waking her from her sleep. With a giggle, she shook her head, pushing at the little kitty. “Ash, come on! Let me be, little one!”

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The jingling of coins and sheer cloth set her a bit on edge, confused and surprised that they had even managed to convince her to get out here with this ridiculous costume on. Was she really going to dance and move in this piece of inanity? What was she thinking?

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Banging her forehead against the wood, she winced, ready to cry.There just wasn’t any way she could easily deal with this thing. No one could help her, and this just plain hurt.

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