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it has many meanings, people can be hysterical in a happy and excited way, they can be hysteric about something good that has just happened to them, they will be jumping for joy, crying tears of happiness. It’s a bit of an exaggeration to use in form of positive meaning, thats just my opinion though. there is also hysterical in which someone can be overwhelmed with a bad event that has just happened, someone might of died and they are obviously traumatic.

» Posted By Natasha On 04.14.2011 @ 10:04 pm


The world is an interesting and a mysterious place. Mysterious cause there are so many things to be discovered and Interesting cause once discovered they make us realize life is best when open in small portions. Thats what creates the excitement and that what makes it fun.

» Posted By Natasha On 04.03.2011 @ 12:21 am


I had never contemplated my purpose. Well, I had never just sat down with the purpose of mulling over all the possible reasons that I exist. Not until I met Peter. He was so different. He made me think. Made me ask questions, I loved the way his mind worked. I never understood why people warned me to stay away from him, he was broadening my mind, making me smarter, happier. And then one day, he just disappeared. He didn’t leave a letter like he’s said he would if he ever left. His house contained absolutely nothing. Not a trace of life, the times we had written on his walls, those had been erased. Everyone said that I should forget him, he had lied to me and was never coming back. I almost started to believe them, but that wasn’t the Peter I knew. After two months I finally found a letter, a novel sized letter, addressed to me in my cupboard. It was Peter’s handwriting but the pages were old and yellow.

» Posted By Natasha On 03.31.2011 @ 4:26 pm

the meaning behind everything. what is meant to be. as they say everything must have a purpose. But thats just what we think. What do we really know?

» Posted By natasha On 03.31.2011 @ 1:15 pm


there are many people I wish I had never trusted. but then again, if i hadn’t trusted them in the first place I would never had known they couldn’t be trusted.

» Posted By Natasha On 03.31.2011 @ 1:07 am


a white male in a suite dictating my life
watch for the angle of his eyebrows, it’s telling
surprise is the only thing i want to see on his face

» Posted By Natasha On 03.30.2011 @ 1:12 am


I was nervous when I got on stage. I could feel the sweat pouring down my face and my hands trembling from the fear. I looked at all the unfamiliar faces as I clutched my speech. Then, I saw my mother, and my fears began to roll off me like water on skin. Then, I began to speak.

» Posted By Natasha On 03.27.2011 @ 3:00 pm


mind, health words that make it difficult. excersize, fitness, happiness, goals, lifestlye changes, envy, jealousy, intimidation. something i need to do, something i want. something tangible, control

» Posted By natasha On 03.17.2011 @ 11:16 pm


I was wandering in a forest when a bear wandered by he seemed to see me and ran at me. I screamed and he jumped on me a gunshot was fired and he went limp. A park ranger helped me up and took me to a hospital.

» Posted By natasha On 03.14.2011 @ 11:59 am


Bees are cute, much cuter than wasps. You got to be nice to bees, especially as they die, but mostly because they’re fluffier, nicer versions of wasps. Saying that, I’m told I was stung by a bee once, although I don’t remember it, so maybe it’s just unconscious respect brought on from some kind of unconscious fear.

» Posted By Natasha On 03.08.2011 @ 12:48 pm


I am in charge of my thoughts, my actions , my feelings, the words I choose to say and those I don’t. I am in charge of me and the moments that make up my life.

» Posted By natasha On 02.13.2011 @ 4:20 am


Alarms make me think of fire alarms. Which I always enjoy cause you get out of class for a good five minutes. And I normally don’t enjoy the class I have when there is a fire drill. Also, they make me think of Tornado alarms things in the summer, which sometimes, scare me, but I enjoy storms anyways.

» Posted By Natasha On 02.07.2011 @ 9:17 pm


wanted death bad thing never do it pain for loved ones horrible act

» Posted By natasha On 02.04.2011 @ 6:56 pm


i love the way the word hit s the page. like lightening print print dot the eye the eye of the storm the print in the column of the newspaper, turning my fingers balack and etching ink int o the crevices of my sould- of my print

» Posted By natasha On 01.30.2011 @ 8:02 pm


i wanted to lean on him as if he was my only strength, as if i had none within me and he was my only and ultimate sours. but no matter how much i longed for this intimate bond that could only possibly be existent in my imagination, he tried his hardest to run in any and every opposite direction he could find. i was only sad. still.

» Posted By Natasha On 01.30.2011 @ 12:08 am


I drained the spagetthi and then added the tomatoe sauce.
Darien drained the lizard while I was finishing this up, he mentioned that I forgot to drain the tub and that he was getting sick of that shit. I apologized and finished stirring the spagetti. Finally, a good meal after nothing but mac and cheese.

» Posted By Natasha On 01.17.2011 @ 10:22 am


a terrific time of the year. lots of fun! going to the beach and going surfing. the perfect relaxation to have after all those times at school.

» Posted By Natasha On 01.14.2011 @ 2:14 am


something not real and is out of this world! but these turn out to be the best books i’ve ever read!! like harry potter one of my personal favorites!

» Posted By Natasha On 01.06.2011 @ 4:48 am


a phrase… something catchy or inspirational like this one ” one can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar”. A phrase i can never forget , i guess you could say it’s my favorite phrase from Helen Keller!

» Posted By Natasha On 01.05.2011 @ 3:28 am


pirates, gun, loud, nick., nickelodeon, camera, time, capturing, remarkable, speidcal, loud, love, smile, black, old, pirates, again, repetitive, hate, people, lonley, feelings, jkkjkjlkj, edwa

» Posted By natasha On 12.20.2010 @ 8:08 am


Sticks are brown. Some are green. They are pointy and sometimes skinning, like me! Yaaay! some are fat..ewww. you can hit people with sticks and stick someone with a stick hehehe. evil plans. sticks come from trees and plants, or sometimes pant lol….i am clever and rhyme

» Posted By Natasha On 12.16.2010 @ 11:32 pm


sheets maids. mothers children “mature” straight tucked sheets. no sparkle no feathers no flavor no joy. potatoes rocks modesty starched linen sheets.

» Posted By Natasha On 12.03.2010 @ 6:55 pm


I have grown so much since my last birthday. Growing is inevitable when you are young. Once you are old you stop growing. I wonder what happens then?

» Posted By Natasha On 10.08.2010 @ 4:10 am


becomes. what does that word even mean? does it mean that u have BECOME something or that you are ABOUT to become something or maybe, a large group of people have become something, which would mean they are a bunch of becomes.
now i tel you, that dont make no sense, but i tell you, there will be plenty more out there that will have weirder explnations than mine.

» Posted By Natasha On 09.17.2010 @ 5:42 pm


beautiful. free air. green and wood but so much more. leaves, actually. not green. that was dumb. oh well.

» Posted By natasha On 08.31.2010 @ 6:36 pm


i was just getting back from some serious snowboarding when i realized the lights were on in my loft. Joanna was home, and awake. Great, She always makes me feel warm. Even on these excruciatingly painful winter days.

» Posted By natasha On 08.29.2010 @ 9:38 pm


to give away, to have the minimal amout of anything availbele. i have the lease chance of going to school in september. Just right, i did.

» Posted By Natasha On 07.13.2010 @ 3:09 pm


Im just filling the space for her thats all, doing all the things she planned for me, even though she gives the illusion of control. She wants me to live life like her so we can be bff but it’s so different and I can’t do anything about how different we are even though we’re the same blood.

» Posted By Natasha On 07.04.2010 @ 12:15 am


The harry potter series is based on the wizarding world. They hold allof their livilhood in a magic stick’ve, or wand. Eachwandds a special place in eachwizardsheart because “it is the want that choosesthe wizard.” Olivander was established sometime in the early B.C. but then where were wands made before then? I’ve always wondered if some wizards crafted there own and if so, what became of them?

» Posted By Natasha On 06.10.2010 @ 1:18 pm


I clashed into my best friend and thought she was mad at me because she gave me a ferocious look when I did so. “Sorry,” I told her. She scoffed and walked away. I felt really terrible. I then shrugged it off and continued on my way home.

» Posted By Natasha On 05.24.2010 @ 6:41 pm

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