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Winning isn’t everything in life… One must learn how to lose first to then experience winning. Winning is to be successful to some and to be knowledgeable to others. There must always be a balance, therefore, we cannot always win.

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the sun was shining bright so the weather was just perfect for going to the football pitch and have a match with a friendly competetor, Little Billy.

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I want to destroy hate in human kind. Create love, whimsical love. That strolls through parks at midday. And sing songs of laughter and hope and lust. Destroy and rebuilding scorned society and judgement. I am not a hippy.
Good day.

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The lord, the man who brought down Earth’s supposed saviour. Why does he mean so much to us? The people. Is it because he brings us hope, maybe a better tomorrow. But whatever the reason, we have built millions of buildings dedicated to this man, hoping he will bless us with a good life as long as a good after life.

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i have a presentation tomorrow. ughhhhh. iit’s not big though. its for french. i suck at french. B MINUS/C PLUS ON MY ORAL!! wowwwwww i am really failing school weofaij;fd present i like presents christmas noooo i need to do christmas shopping but im broke what do i do help me ee i hope i get a new camera NEVER get a nikon coolpix it SUCKS anyway im tired and i am not going to do well on this presentaiton

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Things that you can do but are too lazy to do.

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What a hassle, having to ride the boat in this rainy weather. I swear, not even my hometown rained like this, and it rains nine months out of the year there. But never the less, I was left without a second option; you can’t exactly walk off a boat in the middle of the sea and head home.

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The quilt he sat on was old, it smelled of moth balls and that strange dusty scent all old linen seemed to acquire over the years. He traced his finger along the stitches, the corner where a patch had started to come away. The pattern was important to someone once. Now it’s just eyecandy to distract himself from the boredom.

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walls hold paintings and paintings come from someone who took the time and effort to make it. Walls hold pictures of our memories, our family, our friends. Walls hold in heat and keep out cold or vice versa. Walls can be different shapes, patterns and textures. All walls hold stories and memories

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jello pudding cake cookies sweet

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Average is the sum of many values divided by the number of figures added. For example, 3 students got an 18, an 19 and a 13 in the final exam. The average marks got is calculated by adding the 18, 19 and 13 and dividing it by 3. The result of this average is 16.67. Average is considered a synonym of normal for societies, as respecting to the common situations learned by the costums and culture of the place. In this case, an average student has a 16-17 in their exam. The average helps to mantain a standard value record and to be able to interact appropiately with other people in certain situations. Also, an average estimate helps people to refer to a situation (action, etc) in a more simplistic way. Again, for example, “Around 16 is the passing mark of the test”. If the classroom is kept in silence and listen to each other, the classroom is classified as a good class, although some students aren’t paying any attention and some are answering questiones being asked by the teacher. Instead, a bad classroom environment will have students being disrespectuful and unpolite although some students will be polite and may be just reading or solving the subject’ problema seen. Many national economical measures, mathematical prospects, between other uses average or mean calculations to find estimates and evaluate the results for future/present planning.

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adjective. antonym: weakness. Describing the state of having some kind of power. eight letters long. One freakin vowel and the rest are consonants- must be from Polish or something. I didn’t even think we had words like that. Okay I’m done, is it over yet?

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He sat upon the table, slumped against the wall at an awkward angle. His dark eyes studied the room as a small girl ran through the room, her dark hair swinging wildly as she laughed.
He felt a harsh twinge of sadness pang deep in his chest as she ran past.
She had not looked at him for months, just running past in a coloured blur while he sat upon table and watched the world pass by.
He only wished she would look at him and want to hug him liked she’d used to.
He was just a teddy bear, that wanted to be wanted.

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There was a figure eight on the window, the clear markings evident against the foggy glass. She rested her head on my shoulder, following my gaze to the slightly askew number.
It’s an eight. I murmured.
She smiles against my skin.
It’s infinity, she replies, leaning across me and drawing another one upon the glass.

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almost there,i’m almost there but i dont know that i will ever get there

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Transporting yourself to family can be a challenge during the holiday season. Do you want to ride the bus, train or plane? Can family pick you up or do you have to make your own arrangements? The weather can be a real problem too!

» Posted By Nadine On 12.01.2010 @ 9:27 pm

How do you transport goods from one location to another? There are lots of different ways. First of you need to look at the type of good you are transporting. Is it flammable, does it break easy, is it dangerous to others are questions you need to consider.

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Being used isn’t something anyone could brag about. It has the potential to be the most hurtful feeling anyone has ever felt in their lifetime. Thinking someone has good intentions and finding out they’re lies is horrible. Being used and feeling used, or using someone else should be avoided.

» Posted By Nadine On 10.02.2010 @ 9:21 pm


I’m so strung up on this rollercoaster we call life. Up and down, up and down, yet always starting and ending at exactly the same points. The only way to end it, is to fall.

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I’m sick of always being half of whatever. I’m never good enough. My mum says I’m not whole, wholesome, wholehearted. So I must be half.

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they’re so pretty
they come in different shapes and some of them are actually very colorful
I used to blow bubbles as a hobby when I was a kid
and I still do, I enjoy the way they look
bubbles are actually made of soap and water basically, and commercial ones have other chemicals added to them

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Wutentbarannt schrie sie mich aun und warf einen Untersetzter nach mir. “Du hast mir meinen Freund gestohlen. Wie konntest du nur? Ich dachte du w‰rst meine beste Freundin!”

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Ein rotbrauner Hirsch seht am rande einer Lichtung und garst fr

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a type of candy, most people dont like it. i love it. its yummy. a bitter yer sweet taste. its black and comes in many shapes.

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hanger, hanger, oh dear hanger of mine. the way you hang my clothes on the line. sometimes when i’m sad, i look at the clothes on my hanger, and oh hanger, hanger, little hanger of mine, you make me feel so fine. when the wind blows and my clothes get lost, i know the hanger has not been tossed. the earth can spin around and round, but my little hanger, will always be found. little hanger of mine, will you spare some time? will you dry my clothes in time?

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should i delay this? should i pro cras tin ate….and not write about this word? flight delays. traffic delays. word delays.

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she went head on without a thought in her head to venture out into the unknown, to make a path never before treaded. successful or not, at least she did.

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i don’t like driving through the mist at night. i have to drive down dark windy country lanes surrounded only by fields. i don’t dare look in the review mirror for fear of seeing some red glowing eyes..much like how i imagened edward scissors eyes to be when he went psycho and came in my room at night..if he ever did. but he didn’t. mist is scary and hides the truth.

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Eternal happiness is hard to find. I don’t think I’ll ever experience it in my lifetime, but I do think it is possible.

» Posted By nadine On 11.18.2009 @ 7:52 pm

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