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I almost had it. Why is it that just as I am about to put that sucker in my mouth, mama nature takes her skinny fingers and yanks it right from my bare hands. I have been a good kid, I deserve something. I want my my sucker.

» Posted By Mo On 03.07.2011 @ 5:43 pm


Mango, papaya, banana, kiwi, passionfruit, coconut, acai, pineapple.

» Posted By MO On 02.22.2011 @ 7:32 pm


The man at the top of the hill, answers in hand, wise and calm. Peaceful. Ready and willing to help and provide to people seeking help and advice. Calming, serene, knowing, not arrogant. Willing and kind. Happy to share. Could be a woman too :)

» Posted By MO On 02.20.2011 @ 12:23 pm


to revolt is to ignore all rules and ignore all consequences. sometimes its for a greater good, sometimes its just because you don’t care or think the rule are stupid. i revolt everyday. i do what i want when i want and make sure i don’t get caught. it’s pretty simple when you get down to it you just have to take the time to figure it out. revolting is fun

» Posted By Mo On 02.11.2011 @ 8:13 am


He was dirtier and patchier in the first place than a Doktor should have been, so it was that much more horrific. There were vials of rust and rot and sickness on the desk against the light.

» Posted By Mo On 01.10.2011 @ 1:12 pm


is a person whom is holy, or has a passion in others and themselves, everyone should be a believer. lol my father is a believer in the paranormal and loves ghost hunters.

» Posted By mo On 12.09.2010 @ 5:30 pm


amazed at the life people pretend to lead and not the real ones that they actually live! amazed that right when you’ve thought you’ve lost it all one moment comes up and makes all the worlds difference to inspire you again. that love needs to have more of a presence.

» Posted By mo On 12.08.2010 @ 10:49 pm


the den was large and pretty with animal heads mounted on the walls. I was very surprised and scared about the heads.

» Posted By mo On 09.12.2010 @ 4:01 pm


Part of the name of my children’s new school. A common education where every student in America learns the exact same information. Nothing is left out. Everyone shares the same knowledge. Every child is given the same opportunity.

» Posted By Mo On 07.03.2010 @ 7:05 am


this is brave

» Posted By mo On 06.11.2010 @ 3:48 pm


Twinkle soft and low, gently like a flashing firecracker high in the distant sky–burning like your lips on mine and your fingers in my hair. Losing themselves into the flame that flickers and flares like the most daring candle I’ve seen in years. A soft hum delivers music to my ear and your touch tickles the pit of my stomach, like a firefly landing ever-so-softly on the nape of my neck. Once I would allow their wings to kiss me, the embers would flash then die, like the most terrible sparkler.

» Posted By Mo On 05.01.2010 @ 1:36 pm


somehting i absolutely wish i had. although wealth does not always come in the form of currency. i am weal3thy. so very wealthy. but not in the money way.

» Posted By mo On 05.12.2010 @ 2:32 pm


deny everything always. if they catch you, deny again

» Posted By mo On 11.28.2008 @ 2:50 am


the child sat down next to his mother. “it’s okay, honey,” she cooed into his ear as she put on the bandage. “it’s just a boo-boo.”
trying to be brave, the child wiped away his tears. “i’m ok mommy!” he said, getting up. with that, he got up off the bench and went to play with his friends again.

» Posted By Mo On 01.02.2009 @ 8:29 pm


for need of want. i don’t know what i want. don’t know what i want. i want the world. want it all. i won’t stop wanting; but i want to stop wanting.

» Posted By mo On 07.22.2008 @ 10:18 pm

I want lots of things. Do I need them? Most of the time not. But we always want what we don’t have.

» Posted By Mo On 07.22.2008 @ 5:39 pm


i often find it hard to remember something that happened five minutes ago. I stumble over finding the right words. Sometimes, I use words my mind comes up with at random. Damn this lyme! I worry about Alzheimer’s. Is lyme connected? Is lyme the major cause

» Posted By Mo On 02.02.2009 @ 3:34 am


secure, kept in confidence, protected. to think of this in a less positive light, shut away or kept from. i like the up side of it, the mystery of it.

» Posted By mo On 01.30.2009 @ 8:46 am


Now I am tired. Now I want to go home. But now I’m busy and I can’t deal with later. Only what’s on my desk in front of me.

» Posted By Mo On 01.09.2009 @ 6:48 pm


he looked to his left. she was still there.
she had been there for the past 45 minutes, and though his stop had come, he waited on the subway to see where she was getting off.
he worried about her, although he didn’t know anything about her.

» Posted By mo On 03.26.2009 @ 8:20 pm


The scarf I chose to wear today has been my favorite for three years since I bought it in Berlin. I wear it with everything and today it made my outfit pop more than ever. I have found a new love for scarves.

» Posted By Mo On 07.18.2008 @ 1:51 am


I don’t use checking anymore. Computers have taken over the check. As have the debit and Credit card. My mom used to use checks to pay at the grocery store but those days are over

» Posted By mo On 09.23.2009 @ 7:03 pm


Made me think of planets write away, which is cliche, but whatever. Also makes me think of my job. We have planets that hang from the ceiling and I have to make sure the lighting board director turns them on. But mostly it just reminds me of The Planets.

» Posted By Mo On 09.22.2009 @ 9:15 am


I began to suffocate as I thought of having to go back to school. I’m not sure why that is my first emotion..How can a single thought cause suffocation?

» Posted By mo On 06.17.2009 @ 11:44 am


The bars are held onto by sticky child-hands and sweaty parents. Teenagers lean against them nonchalantly, looking bored. The paint is peeling, and revealing a gritty black underneath the bright red. The people wait for the next set of cars.

» Posted By Mo On 08.24.2009 @ 11:02 am

places where people drink

» Posted By MO On 08.24.2009 @ 3:18 am


The coffin was made of maple, and it was polished to the nth degree. It made me sad to look at it because she was in there, and I couldn’t handle the thought of never seeing her again.

» Posted By Mo On 08.19.2009 @ 10:27 am


Linoleum is really cold in the winter. Tiled floors are easy to clean. However not in the cracks between each tile. I like hardwood.

» Posted By Mo On 07.30.2009 @ 5:13 pm


IT is shallow
To think that because of the smile on his face
I should not
should never

I am

» Posted By Mo On 07.29.2009 @ 8:02 pm


icky, sore puss-filled node.

» Posted By mo On 04.17.2009 @ 7:27 pm

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