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My ballet mom hovered over me like some sort of vulture. Waiting for me to mess up so she could correct me, waiting for me to be perfect so she could praise me. She did everything for me, including living.

» Posted By MO On 09.11.2011 @ 3:05 pm


Distinguished men wear cravats, top hats, and leather belts, watch fobs and trophy wives. Playwrights blacklisted by the Pope don’t give a damn.

» Posted By MO On 09.10.2011 @ 12:33 pm


Something clipped me in the back of my ear. It was one of two things: my body piercing artist or God telling me not to get my cartilage pierced. Can a hoop really ruin a reputation?

» Posted By MO On 09.09.2011 @ 2:07 pm


an insect is a rather unattractive creature – there are lots of them – am I doing this right? – what’s the difference between an insect and a bug?

» Posted By MO On 09.07.2011 @ 5:18 am

I laugh every time I walk through the insect hall at the museum of natural history. I feel like I’ve conquered a world, even though I had nothing to do with the capturing of said creepy crawlies.

» Posted By MO On 09.07.2011 @ 12:35 am


There once was a time in my life when I didn’t have friends. Around this time was a really short period in my life where I actually thought math was fun. Specifically long division by hand. So, instead of playing with friends, like any normal person would, I made up long division problems and then solved them. Because of this, everybody thought I was weird and avoided me like the plague. So I never had friends in elementary school.

Moral of the story? Read your history textbook instead.

» Posted By MO On 09.04.2011 @ 4:20 pm


Do villains ever get tired of emerging dramatically from the mist? I know I never do. It’s good for my skin and it gets me pumped to beat up the good guys. Ugh, with their tight underwear OVER the pants, I mean who does that…..

» Posted By MO On 08.30.2011 @ 10:51 am


When I was a child, I always wanted to be a Jedi. Cuz they could move stuff, and they had light sabers, and they made whooshing sounds. Then I got the light saber app and I realized I didn’t need the force; just Charles Xavier’s powers of telepathy. Which are strangely easier to come by, given my low midichlorian count.

» Posted By MO On 08.26.2011 @ 11:07 am


Never have I seen anything as colourful as yours. The bright colours on each of the panels on your umbrella dazzle passer-bys

» Posted By Mo On 08.24.2011 @ 1:20 pm


Did you know that the french word for poison sounds incredibly close to the french word for fish? Sometimes, when I think about all the people who are allergic to shellfish, I think this makes sense.

But when I committed suicide, I wasn’t thinking about the lexical similarities of the french language.

» Posted By MO On 08.21.2011 @ 7:29 pm


Time and place. What if? Life could be so different. Would we have ever met?

» Posted By Mo On 08.21.2011 @ 9:08 am


I walked into the hall and saw Bambi’s mom. How was I supposed to know my prospective boss practiced Disney taxidermy?

» Posted By Mo On 08.18.2011 @ 11:19 pm


Our lives are being threaded together, like a patch being sewn onto a quilt. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Let the threading continue forever.

» Posted By Mo On 08.15.2011 @ 5:36 pm


Your punishment is a time-out in the Twilight corner of your local Borders bookstore. You must stare at the posters/cardboard stands for over an hour until Kristen Stewart’s inability to act leaves you biting your own lips in an act of desperate recompense.
Don’t steal my oreos.

» Posted By MO On 08.14.2011 @ 2:57 pm


i am near the ocean. near someone i love. what is love. near means close. but to be near is to be connected. through space and through emotion. near is what comes when you meet a friend. near is how you feel at home. near is what you want to be always. near to something. because to be alone is what everyone is afraid of. i hope i am as near to myself as i want to be.

» Posted By mo On 08.13.2011 @ 4:24 pm


I am a discovery. I have found confidence in a man, and have exhibited the behavior of a discovery. Confidence pants are sometimes meant to be taken off.

» Posted By MO On 08.13.2011 @ 10:49 am


I’ve been trying to find answers to things that have been bugging me for a really long time. And the one thing I can say is there must be some kind of God making me fall in love with anarchy.

» Posted By Mo On 08.11.2011 @ 11:25 am


I hate driving. I only say that because I can’t. Also, it’s very awkward to drive with your mother when you’re 18 and home from college. And you’ve just had sex. And your mother is conservative and doesn’t approve.


It’s just another Friday night at my house…. Actually…. A Friday night in my mother’s car.

» Posted By MO On 08.09.2011 @ 3:56 pm


I hit him with a brick. It wasn’t my fault, he was annoying. And having been raised by Uncle Leo, the Godfather’s favorite hitman, I had no other training. Hitting people with bricks was just something I did to annoying people. You can’t blame a child for her parents/legal guardians.

» Posted By Mo On 08.08.2011 @ 7:54 pm


when he parked the car, it was empty in the back. he came back; there were bottles. there were magazines (gun not paper). there was even a blanket that could’ve belonged to Andrew, or any other child he supposed. he drove off without questions.

» Posted By mo On 07.22.2011 @ 7:21 pm


Load and obnoxious. Filling the void of the room with soundless noise. No one listens, yet everyone has to. A symbol for power? Or one’s way to hide from the reality that they aren’t good enough.

» Posted By Mo On 07.19.2011 @ 1:09 pm


i love jack so much. i feel so loved and appreciated when i’m with him. there’s nothing great than lthe love of a man and woman than the love of God. mostly because God is the one that gives us the love of that man.

» Posted By mo On 06.12.2011 @ 9:26 pm


I imagined a curly small pretzel at first. But then I thought about the new M&Ms and that xray commercial. Then I imagined a new york pretzel along with that white napkin/tissue paper that they give you.

Good stuff.

Now I’m thinking of a yoga contortionist doing “pretzel twists”.

Now I’m thinking I’m almost out of time.

» Posted By mo On 05.22.2011 @ 10:30 pm


im curious about where this will go, never knowing.. thats the fun of it. you send signals that are always mixed, throwin a twist on this crazy game called love. guess well never know, but im curious.

» Posted By mo On 05.16.2011 @ 6:07 pm

im really curious if he likes me. he ovboiusly likes her. he doesnt show any interest in me. i just look dumb! haha its okay, hes a low life like tyler said. a need a sweet man who wont hurt me the way everyother badass does that i get involved with.

» Posted By mo On 05.16.2011 @ 3:04 pm


the lights always glow. i love when i see the sun glowing so bright so that i can lay out all day and know that ill have color by the end of it. i see the moon glowing at night and it brightens my mood, especially when its full! i love glow sticks. i love to rage. ayyyo. techno raves are my thing lolzzz not.

» Posted By mo On 05.12.2011 @ 7:26 pm


i sing in the chorus in elmhurst and at my school. at my school, my director is very hated which is why we aren’t very good. our director is very mean and nobody likes her including me. because of this, nobody in the class tries which makes the concerts unbearable.

» Posted By mo On 04.29.2011 @ 10:19 pm



» Posted By MO On 03.15.2011 @ 5:18 pm


Claire Mahoney smells.

» Posted By Mo On 03.15.2011 @ 11:09 am


Almost is something that I do a lot- I almost made the team, I almost got that question right, It’s almost as if my life is just one big ALMOST, and I can’t ever get out of it. It’s incredibly frustrating.

» Posted By Mo On 03.07.2011 @ 7:53 pm

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