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Today is the perfect day to just write and not think. A cold, the breath of winter having passed, I am drowing in the latest cold that has dropped down. I shiver and sweat, resist as a headache rages, and feel the snot collecting and stuffing up my breathing. I want to sleep adn wake up when this is over.

» Posted By Meredyth On 09.27.2012 @ 5:27 pm


One morning was all it took. From that day people, even random strangers, would see she was different. It wasn’t just the hair, the makeup, the clothes, it was the combination. She was going to live the in-your-face life, up front and personal, and she wasn’t going to let them ignore her again.

» Posted By Meredyth On 09.23.2012 @ 4:00 am


Tell me that this trial will end soon. I only love you and when you realise that I can be happy and just try to make you happy.

He looked at her. Nothing she had just said made sense. He had met her two days ago when they collided and he helped her pick up her parcels.

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Drive, he said. Where he came off giving orders. His claim to know this road wasn’t proving useful. At every turn or crossroad he seemed to mentally toss a coin before pointing and we were getting further away from the main road. It was a while since I last saw a house.

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Drive he said, and I did despite the exhaustion and lack of visibility, feeling my way on the road surface. He could have said to fly and I would have tried at that time. It was as if the fire was welding us together and the purpose we had, to survive, meant the same thing.

» Posted By Meredyth On 09.19.2012 @ 2:03 am


When is the same different or the essence true but the whole thing together is wrong? I cannot work this out and it is important. It seems as though the sun is coming up the wrong way, the world just doesn’t hang together, but the only think that is unsettled is me. It all seems to be working.

» Posted By Meredyth On 09.18.2012 @ 5:31 am


I am living in an adjectival universe. Whether you believe it or not language is defining you, me and the world around. There are no longer verbs, there are adverbs that describe things. Mooning around is the common state and we are all waving in the dark.

» Posted By Meredyth On 09.05.2012 @ 10:08 pm


And there goes another one. The ground will be covered and the sky filled if they keep coming. It is like a dream to see them moving, floating by, hovering between the sunlight. It is an illusion that the are flying up to the light, they are just circling and dancing.

» Posted By Meredyth On 09.03.2012 @ 5:16 am


Sunday morning and the light woke me, finally. Sitting here in front of the computer, awake, I feel the texture of the day slowly infiltrating, drawing me into the world. As words fall in to sentences, a dog barks somewhere and the colours of the leaves start to drift and weave in the canopy in a slight breeze. The sun warms me here. The words are gentle this morning, the spaces between them friendly. Pillows of cloud let light shine through. Today there will be time for good coffee and work.

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There is a side of myself that I am not too happy with, that part of me that says I must do something, I should do something, I have to do something and then I go and do the opposite. This behaviour shows me resisting change, not asserting or using an act of willpower, behaving badly. The other side to it is do I need to question why the indicative has been set? Who has set the bar on what behaviour should be displayed?

» Posted By Meredyth On 08.23.2012 @ 2:38 pm


Half the room is crazy and the other half, their heads spin if I try and talk to them. Why you come to these meeting is something I will never understand. It makes me think about which group you belong in and why I have anything to do with you. And there it is, you have just seen an example of my head spinning.

» Posted By Meredyth On 08.22.2012 @ 5:02 am


“Haven’t you had enough? It is time we were going. The porter has been standing around with the bags for ten minutes already.”

The first coffee of the day should be sacred even it is at 7am on a wet Monday and the movement of the communter crowd had us trapped inbetween a wall and a rubbish bin at the edge of the train platform. Having sat in the drafty train since the previous evening I wanted to slowly wake up, smell the steam of the coffee and hold the warm cup in both hands. I wanted the luxury of this moment recognised and lived before the next challenge was tackled.

“Don’t exagerate. The coffee is still too hot to drink. I know you want to leave, and we will.”

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“Don’t know why you would think that. What I suggested wasn’t even in the zone, you are on your own planet heading for outer space. My asking if you would like a cup of coffee is not a trap. I don’t want anything from you, yet.”

» Posted By Meredyth On 08.16.2012 @ 2:21 pm


“Well, the nerve of the man. What does he want, who does he think we are? What does he think he’s doing rushing in here demanding the telephone. You would think the sky was falling the way he was carrying on.”

She looked out the window over the heads of the people running in the street, watching the clouds building. “I must bring the washing in. There is a funny orange light out, it will be the weather turning.”

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The concept isnt clear. This fashion has no centre, no point, the message seems to be whatever causes pain works. It is certainly not “tough little rich girl”, more like “pitiful waif with chains” or “drowned cat with claws”. Why would anyone want to wear these skimpy torn clothes? You see people stop, stare, shiver and quickly walk away from the bundle of rags.

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The carpets are up and the floorboards revealed. In the end the task was a trivial one, the excitement of seeing polished floorboards beneath the old carpet was the key to motivating everyone to get to the full reveal. The room took on a new life as its bones were uncovered. It had a glow under the layers of dirt and the grime.

» Posted By Meredyth On 08.05.2012 @ 5:16 am


Eventually I could see it. If I knew what to look for the signs had all been there. The trap was laid in advance and I had walked into it thinking I was making free choices. Thinking was the hook, thinking I was smart is the weakness they exploited.

» Posted By Meredyth On 08.01.2012 @ 3:58 pm


Alive and kicking away the traces of last night, the props and wrack Thomas’ wake, I glanced out the window and the day filtered in. The sun was rising behind the trees, birds were calling to each other from the shadows. The leaves on the wet grass looked like shards of broken glass reflecting the light.

» Posted By Meredyth On 07.27.2012 @ 2:55 pm


A quick quiet word in your ear – this is not the statement you want the world to remember you by. Think again, take yourself out of the picture and think about history. Events build people and their reputations. Do you want this to be your mark in the sand? When the tide of history passes over this event, what will remain?

» Posted By Meredyth On 07.27.2012 @ 1:23 am


Every day across the partition I hear her rattling papers, pouring granular bits into a china bowl and then eating. Not only does she eat with her mouth open but she scrapes the spoon against the bottom of the dish. All day long she eats and is probably unaware that she grunts as she chews. When breakfast is finished the rest of the day I hear the smacking and popping of gum as she starts to work. It is like an old machine with its quirky personality and eccentric features. Thinking for her requires the physical movement of her jaws, without it she would sit there all day gazing into space.

» Posted By Meredyth On 07.26.2012 @ 6:54 am


Time to be packing, shifting, sorting. As the holder of books and miscellaneous objects to distract me from the tedium of life I have a duty and responsiblity towards them. These objects may be burdensome, but I have should treat them with respect and care. Packaged up they will not hold so much power over me, and I can move on.

» Posted By Meredyth On 07.24.2012 @ 12:33 pm


Many people believe the suspects were guilty, few gave us the benefit of doubt. In this world evidence and facts are subordinate to the belief of crowds. Rumour and inuendo will out play truth in the end. The more you defend yourself the guiltier you look. And you don’t want to be on the wrong side of a crowd, while there are lots of them and they trip over each other when they chase you, in the end there is always someone new and fresh to take up the pursuit.

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Its freezing here. Moving around just makes me feel colder. Do I need to patrol the house at intervals at night, listening to the flapping of the plastic sheeting where there was once brick? The danger there is the cast off bricks that litter the garden in random piles. It is like living in a giant’s sandpit or mud puddle. I keep waiting for the hand in the sky to reach down, pick me up and shake me. What possessed me to start renovating?

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Nothing would please me more than to agree with you. Even on the sonar you are out of range, below depth, I can’t track where you are coming from. Get a grip on reality, periscope up, come about, surface and wave. Let people know what you are thinking and maybe we could hear what you have to say and talk to you about your ideas. Don’t torpedo us exepecting us to be grateful. You need to start the conversation and engage other people.

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“Remember to remind me that the decorations need to be taken down on the tenth day.”
“That is just a superstition. You are really getting strange. I don’t know why you bother with this junk. It just clutters the place up.”
“Life is just patterns and repeated behaviours. Mine, I just like to choose.”
“They are not yours habits,beliefs, call them what you will. They are borrowed tatt, they have no meaning or purpose.”

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Another day and I haven’t mopped the floors. Maybe my place on this crew is going to be shortlived. Not that anyone cares, they just tread on everything with muddy boots and drop their jackets on floors. The dishes are washed and the food cooked. I will mop after the I clean up from the meal and they are sleeping. Dancing with a mop in the moonlight sounds like fun.

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It was heaven. The suggestion to go for Friday night drinks worked a treat adn everyone was out the door and happy walking down the street. Everyone was mellow and almost dissolving after the tense week. It may have been just pineapple juice and ice, but it was warming my heart and unwinding me. The weekend approaches and I can escape very soon.

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“Where in the world did you get those?” he asked
“The charity shops have amazing clothes, a lot of trash, but I was specifically looking for overalls and this will do.”
“It looks like an inflatable balloon cover, with straps.”
“I just want something to paint in that can go over my clothes. My clothes are getting all mucky.”

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Precisely what was the reason? I dont want an excuse, what was it that made you do that?

All I did was unplug the modem and reboot the computer. It was going very slowly and something was jamming it all up. That is what I did.

The jamming was my work. I need to get the program downloaded and now have to start again. You just killed it.

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“If only it was as simple as that,” she said.
“We need to harness the energy of the group, crowdsourcing is what it is called. It can happen, not at once. but with everyone putting in a little time and energy.”
His enthusiasm was exhausting. She knew it was just gathering promises, like running to catch clouds in a butterfly net. When it came down to the end with little to show for it, he would move on, as optimistic as ever, and she would be left trying to rescue herself from disillusion, again. To him the clouds were like soft pillows endlessly promising peaceful slumber and happy dreams. The clouds she saw were heavy with the promise of storms and turbulence, and grief.

» Posted By Meredyth On 07.03.2012 @ 7:53 am

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