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Who would have thought that it was just a July thing? It filled the space where it sat so completely that without it there would have been an absence. And an odd thing was there it did not appear to displace anything. Even the first time you saw it in the corner of your eye as you turned the corner going past, it had the sense of always having been there and that everthing had accreted around it. It was only when it left that we realised what we had taken for granted.

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Visitors often mentioned the higher consciousness of Ernie and how they were affected. He welcomed people in openly and they were duely impressed with his aura, leaving feeling refreshed and more complete if a little poorer. He attracted nice comfortable people who were undemanding, only asking a little entertainment and a glipse of things mysterious. They were happy to leave their skepticism at the door and open their minds until tea and biscuits were served at least. We were like peas in a pod, all rubbing shoulders and having fun together.

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”Have you every wanted to be a cook?” he asked, ”Your food is terrific.”
You would think this was progress, a sign that I had made an impression. For him this response served two purposes: it might result in another meal at a future time, and it indicated the end of the social exchange, the point at which he could get up and leave.
”But wait,” I said, ”we need to do the washing up.”

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Time to wake up to myself. He will just carry on being himself and that doesn’t even include a memory of me. Unless I am standing right in front of him he wouldn’t think of me, and even then I am less irritation to him than a misquito, that at least he will make an effort to that brush off. I feel he is just polite to save trouble before he moves on.

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“Where can you go that is local and gives you the same value?” she asked, holding up an orange scarf with lime green spots. “This is a great place to shop. I spend most of the day here.” She put the scarf back and moved on to the next counter covered with diamante jewellery. Each object seemed to add to the irridescent glow of the stand. Individually the pieces were small, almost unremarkable, but together they were magnificant.

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You are not likely soon to win a faint heart with curried lentils. Would a much touched, primped and permed poodle of a recipe work either? And is it worth three days of my time and significant hard work to prepare a minute morsel or gorment delight just to get a reaction. Another option is to get a brick and hit him over the head with it. Baking scones might provide an opportunity to serve both up and I could let my intuition choose which way to go.

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“Go”, she said, “Get over there behind the bench with the others. Stay quiet and out of sight.”
The library was dark and she was whspering You were used to obeying the librarians; they were there to keep order. The only times they spoken to you in the past was when you had done something wrong or if you asked a question. It didn’t seem right to ask a question and I didn’t want to go in when all the lights were turned out.

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Another day to square the circle, jig the mainbrace and capitilise on my emotional capital. In other words, do the impossible and try and fit in more than time or space physically permit. The secret is just to make decisions fast and keep moving. It doesn’t matter if I make an incorrect choice, I can correct and move on. The error would be to stop and become overwhelmed.

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I am sitting here in the hall waiting. It is just what I do and it is expected. When my master comes home he is pleased to see me. I scratch and wait and listen and hear the sounds of the outside world, the moving vehicles and people walking past and occasionally I bark at them.

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Building the arts culture these days does not rely on physical infrastructure, virtual spaces are growing faster and providing microclimates for all sorts of creative work.

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It is the emotions that come with disappointment that are hard to control. It is not so much that an event doesn’t happen, or that people bring it upon themselves to make other arrangements, but it is the loss of cherished hopes and dreams, the curtailing of future plans, the reducation of expectations.These cannot immediately be replaced and the future shrinks back to the barely possible. Disappointment is a kind of mourning for all the futures that will not be.

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Settle slowing to the ground. Try to be there without impact, do not move or displace objects unnecessarily. The sounds of nature will cover a slow intrusion, smothering crackles and creaks with the constant sound of water or the rustling of leaves.

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This is intermission in painting. Trying to maintain my interest in painting depends on this random rewards when I let myself do something else for a short while. It is tempting to carry on and not go back, but too long away and the brush will be hard and the paint crusty. Time to go back now.

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Finding your place and then the steps to escape and move on is life’s journey. The interesting bits of life happen outside your comfort zone in those places that you explore or create, where you can experiment and there is licence to fail and still carry on changing.

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Is it worth continuing with an action when it is totally ignored by another presence in the virtual world. The options available are few, but ignoring and deleting unwanted emails seems to only result in continued attention and repeated attempts. What is the correct way to say no to people in a virtual world, where any contact will reveal more about myself than I am willing to provide to an unknown person.

The persistance of this attempt to contact me is almost inhuman – three times sending me the same misspelled and halting notification. It is possible to believe that this entity is a bot, sent to seek out warm blooded participants who will respond emotionally to the intrusive approach.

From analysis, the previous decision to just keep deleting the notifications is to be continued.

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What is there to learn in rhyming poetry? It is just sounds and jumbling of ideas, not someone trying to talk to you and tell you things. It is like birds calling to each other, saying the same thing over and over until you want to get up and shoot them.

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It was the ancient tree fell. The question was not would anyone hear but would it make any difference? For the plants and animals underneath there would be radical change and opportunity too.

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Just keep walking. They who come forth will be many, but as long as I am fourth out the door I will be happy. What gives them the right to threaten and harass me with their religious nonsense. If I want to believe them it would be my choice, leaving is also my choice.

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The charge down the hill was riotious. They really threw themselves into the task and many came away sporting bumps, bruises and damaged limbs. It was amazing how much damage was caused by the participants running into or over each other. They seemed to throw off all sense of danger and all caution at the top of the hill and just roared down.

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One manic blow fly buzzing it has put me off my game. It is showing me is that I am in their world, they just fly around and cause mayhem as they want. I fret and bother and chase after them trying to get them to leave the house without any effect.

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Where could I go? The entrance had no signs and paths lead off in all directions. In my haste to get here I had forgotten why I came. It was as if I was waking up in an endlessly repeating dream with no end.

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Time to go back and work on the proposal again. It is not a bad idea. Maybe I could civilize it a bit, make it more socially sanctified. Inserting a few “by your leave” or an occasional please and thank you in the right places wouldn’t hurt. If it is to be taken up the right people, people with influence, should feel the quality.

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How many times have I seen it. They just won’t take care. The only way they will get the message is when I bury my hand in their face with prejudice.

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“Ever thought that about how you could get past these guards?” she asked.
”Since you asked,” I replied, “I have been considering it. They want to keep us quiet and it would be easy when they are distracted to slip away. There aren’t too many that they can watch everyone, and they wouldn’t notice a couple of us missing for a while. But, the guards you can see are not the problem, there could be more waiting outside. This building only has a few ways out and they will have them covered.”
“The guards on the outside will be at the exits, but they will be facing and watching the crowd,” she said. “If we go up a floor or to the roof we have a chance to turn things around.”
“You are not just planning to escape, are you?” I asked.

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Waking up there are always the same questions: What world is this? If the world I remember is gone, what has replaced it? Have I only been dreaming up to now or is this a dream?

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”How can you say that? You even had the nerve to look happy.”

She marched off to the left, leaving a view and the silence behind her. I waited watching the approaching storm, smiling.

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“Where possible keep to the left of the path.”

The instructions were clear. It did raise in my mind a question about how it could be possible that there would be now left hand side, and given that unilkely cricumstance, what you would need to do then. I did respect this guide and recognised he was a professional. Like all professionals in my experience he was only telling half of the story, and the least interesting half at that.

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She moved around the room seemingly without purpose, staging her actions. Walking to the window she turned and said, “Does it rain here often?”

I took this to be a retorical question, but looked up and saw her silhouettoed against the view. She smiled as our eyes met.

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“Within these walls I will do what I want. Does that make me a bad person?” She said this with a bell-like tone, as though launching a challenge towards me.

She was renting a room in my house. What made her a bad person in my opinion was her fey and fauning nature and attention seeking behavours. If I ignored her entirely she would eventually become a problem. I need to redirect her, get her to focus her attention on a sympathetic target.

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How can you combine a working life with everything else you need to do to hold life together. There is a limit, there is only so much you can juggle and keep in the air at one time. Do I set the limit of how many is too much? Do I set the expectations of what is needed in life, or are these balls handed or thrown to me? Who tells me the rules and taught me to juggle? Is juggling priorities just a way to avoid facing life head on, an excuse for not following a chosen path?

As this minute stretched on, the seconds ticking, the echo of the bell resounding like a distant memory, I have had an epithany. I have dropped the minute ball and I will drop more balls along the way. They can be my breadcrumbs back if I need them, but I will find my path to the sun.

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