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On what planet is sleep the first choice, that is where I want to holiday. For me sleep is only grasped when consciousness slips out of my fingers and letting go and closing down is the only valid choice. It is an interruption, a delay. I want to sleep, but it evades and obfuscates or it teases and taunts in alternating patterns. Work is the refuge of the sleepless classes, designed those who try and escape the sleep ritual, the constant disappointment and denial of peace.

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“Evey day, it just goes on,” she said. Her distress was obvious, her voice rising and her arms flailing round like windmills. As the emotions poured out of her, diaphanous dress she wore drifted around seeming to churn around her like curdling milk.

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”Welcome to my world,” he said as he opened the door and walked into the small room crammed wall to wall with clutter.

I tried to edge past the sofa, heavy with fatigue and late night television binges, to meet him in the middle of the room. His distress was obvious. Someone invading his space had made him look at it with new eyes. I could see he was uncomfortable and conflicted: he wanted me to leave, soon but not just yet, not before we had finished what we came for. He could delay resolving this tension, if I could pretend to ignore the state of the room. That was not difficult, except the smell. People get attached to their own smells and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be around this much longer. The conversation would be brief.

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Why does my brain get tied when I write. It seems to go flat when the imagination leaks out through hidden cracks. There should be sanctity here, and calm in my writing space. If no-where else, here I should be in my prime. But I sit like a flaccid and wrung out character too feeble to carry the story forward.

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”It can be done, there is no reason to stop.” It was as if he willed us to the finish, we were part of his dream. For us it became a nightmare trying to live up to his impossible standards on a daily basis; there was no time to recover and regroup, we were constantly driving ourselves forward.

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On what planet would you wear a flat hat? He is just a spare plank of a person. And it is no use talking to him, he just shuffles his feet and looks at the ground smiling his strange smile.

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When an idea does not have legs and will not get up and walk there are systems in place, with the right people, at a price, for bumping it along. This framework is called society, if you didn’t know. A mindless, unconscious, grasping thing.

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”Have you seen the features on this new model?” she asked. As I held the device and turned, the dark surface dimpled and seemed to move like oil above deep water. Made of a smooth plastic it was warm and felt slightly damp or sticky. The sensation reminding me of the humidity and the silences and lurking shadows in crowded public spaces.

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He is rushing around, getting ready for a visitor. Normally he will not say a word and disappears into the wallpaper. This must be an important visit, someone he wants to impress. Seeing him outside his comfort zone and preparing his cave to admit and invading force is interesting.

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Where whistling is thought musical, that place is to be avoided. Static I can listen through, to the soul of the music. But whistling, it stirs the hairs on the back of my neck, it forebodes as though someone is walking up behind me with nair-do-well intention. It is the music of the lout, the pretender, the rascal.

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”Whatever excuses you can give me, this must stop. It is not sound. It is based on judgement that is way off track.”
Why would you have this person as a friend I ask myself. She is trying again to stop the momentum. Is it time to remove her from the list?
”I don’t care what you do,” she continued. ”You can wasted your life, but think about the impact you are having on the lives of the people you drag along.”
Definitely time to cut her loose.

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I just want to be healthy for a while, to get back to where I was. I want time to clean up my act, sweep out the cobwebs and move on. At the moment I don’t have the energy to handle people. Your job is to do that for me and also not to bother me with the trivial stuff. I don’t care how upset other people get, I want space and freedom to do what I need to do.

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This series of numbers is a sequence, and not only that but one in a thousand, a pattern of numbers to remember. When you go to the end it repeats and the pattern can start again. There you go, to try and explain I have just misused the meaning of two words: number and end. The number is is not unique but part of a pattern and when I talk about the end I am also talking of the beginning. There is even my little thousand year old joke in there.

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”My word, you do try hard.”
She wiped away the condensation from the windscreen and tried to guess where they were. The fog hid the mountains and sky, removing all landmarks and she knew the danger of relying on an internal compass to plan the path. Logic would win out over intuition any day.

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Sitting in the hot house listening to the cry of the wind outside I feel the sweat pouring out of me. The wind has a meanness and almost a vanity in the power it demonstrates. Standing out in the hot wind was like being shouted at and physically bullied by a loud aggressive person.

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”Would you allow me just this and I promise not to mention it again?”

I have been here before. I think it is because I am easy to please, low maintenance that I get the role of friend without benefits. I have always liked it when people do what they want and what makes them happy. Occasionally I would like that to be me.

This time it feels like a compromise as though I was getting short changed, second bested. The other thing is that I never believe promises.

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”If I thought it would make a difference I would try, but in my experience it has had no effect on my happiness, in fact the reverse. The universe is random and random events are favoured. If you try and force the issue the effort is largely unrewarded.”

”Sally, I am just trying to set you up on a date, not trying to predict the future or alter the course of humanity.You need to get out and meet people and this is a chance. He is a nice bloke, quite and easy to get on with.”

”You mean dull and difficult to engage in conversation. I have been here before and as I said, the universe does not reward me for the effort.”

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Racing the clock again to meet the deadline, the drop-dead-line. I feel as if I am over the barrel with no way to catch up or slow down. Every step forces the next and I am only just keeping up. If I could only get ahead a little to have some time to plan, to strategize, I would feel better. If I had more control, maybe I could find the exit that would take me back to my life.

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”Yes, that is how I would describe it: female.”
”What do you mean by that? Does it look dependent, as though it needs help opening doors?”
”Not at all, she is very feisty and obviously caring for the young. We saw her around the nest before the eggs hatched and now she is taking care of them, making sure they survive.”
”The female crocodile lays the eggs and then pisses off. The male is the one who looks after the nest until the eggs hatch. I would describe it as mean and brutal to everything except the hatchlings.”

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”There you go again, the same four fans following me around. Are you sure this is going to make your life meaningful?” she smiled sweetly. ”For me this is life, but what do you get out of it, you do nothing but watch?”
”We are historians,” Lucas said. ”and this is our research. We record events and have no criticism or value judgement.”

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”I would love to be able to let you stay but it is not possible. The officers will be along soon to open up and you know how they gossip. Really that is just an excuse, if they don’t see something they make it up anyway. Maybe I don’t want to destroy the fantasy life they have built for me. In any case, it would complicate things.”
”Do I have a choice,” I asked. ”I may like being a complication.”

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And here I was thinking it was the soil or my lack of nurturing that was causing the zuchinni to go yellow and stop growing. Flower after flower would bloom and then the fruit would die. One little white bug curled up here and probably more hidden, cucumber catapillars or larva of white butterflies I don’t know who you are but you are not going to live long in this spot and are encouraged to move on.

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”Welcome to my world.”
”And it shows,” I replied.
”What on earth are you talking about? I was just filling silence and you came in trying to put a spin on it.”
”This place has all the hallmarks of you,” I said.”See, this gap in the rubble is shaped to fit your palm print, the spiderweb here is like your hair only cleaner and straigher. Dust everywhere, like detritrus, like the dust bunnies under your bed and sofa at home. The only thing not evident is mould, but I am sure I could find some if I follow that smell.”
“Keep your housekeeping lessons for someone who cares. We won’t be here long, just until it gets a bit darker and we can travel again.”

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“Not now,” she said. “Wait until you are asked. If I was on crutches or very old and feeble then it would be helpful. I can open this door for myself.” She glared at me. “Go, be useful to someone else and stop holding the door for me.”

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“Just take sixty seconds and think about this.”
We both sat and watched the people going in and out and I thought about it, mainly because it was all I had thought about for days going on weeks. The procedure was clearly described and I was on the schedule. I had been told the options, the pros and cons and the decision had been made which brought us to this place at this time.
“You don’t have to go through with it.”
It was as if she had a script to read from. Her words were almost a superstitious mantra. She had to be here and because of that she had to do something, say something, but it wasn’t helping and we both knew it. I had to be here and that was all that mattered.

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The minutes that when you are distracted, seconds even when you are watching that other player, are where the game is won and lost. It is a balance between waiting to make a decision and acting so that you control the agenda and force your way through. Knowing what everyone else is doing is irrelevant if they are waiting for you or watching you to get out of your way.

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“I wonder where that could be?” she though ask she went through the living room tossing things left and right. ”At some point in time I am going to have to tidy up. This riot is getting in the way of things. Order is the plan of the day.”

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Who would believe that this could happen? In my understanding of the world you work to achieve goals, and am determined to get where I plan to go by working hard. Having this fall into my lap with asking for it seems odd. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop to balance this fortune, when something I love and value and rely on, like coffee, is wrenched away by fickle fate and becomes out of reach.

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I don’t know the methods used, but everyone joined in. Smiling and happy they poured out of the buildings wearing crimson and safron, the colours of the day. The colours rich and vibrant blended everything together. It was a day to step out of yourself and to have fun.

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”Do you have to do that,” she asked, ”broadcast to the whole world what you are doing every minute of the day? Do you think we are interested? Who do you think is going to listen to you?”
He expected one day that he would have to explain.
“Don’t be such a nancy,” he said. “it is just what I do.” He had often thought how he would tell her, and how she would react.

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