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And then there is everyone else. There is capitalism and materialism and futurism, even communism, a few of the beliefs among the many. Those and the other ‘isms’ grow out of societies and cultures that expect we are one and all the same, where although the past was perfect, the present causes problems, and we, the people are the problem. If we could all just stop and get along, do what we should do, be what we should be, the world, the Earth, would be perfect again. But, who am I to rant.

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In times of conflict, all loyalties are tested. Even within families, this is a time of testing and challenging, where true feelings and values are questioned old grudges resurface and past injuries redressed. Manners and social behaviours that overlay everyday interactions are ripped away, replaced by what is important, urgent and necessary for survival.

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He’s only been gone one day, but there is heartache. Something about how he left made me think he wasn’t coming back. I know he wants to come back, but I feel that I have lost him. He said he would be gone a few days, but there are no guarantees, are there?

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It was only a day ago when the others left, but then time is hard to measure without daylight. The ticking of the clock and my breath out and in are the only evidence that time moves at all. My the certainty that there is life and space outside that door is fast fading with each breath I take. I no longer believe they will return.

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‘Hello people,’ she said. ‘I don’t think we are getting to grips with the problem.’

This was true. She had set a problem for us to find everything about aquatic life inhabiting this world. In search of certainty, we had drifted into shallow waters, paddling along collecting only among known facts, sighted species, and what we could see from where we stood. We were missing the big challenge, we had not yet explored below the surface. There was dark as well as picturesque lurking in this world’s pondlife. Preditors inhabited this space, there were more than the transparent little guppies that swam along with us, the ripples that tracked across the surface were not all caused by atmospheric changes.

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We called for five volunteers and many stood, raising their hands. There were loud sighs as each selection was made and many others realised they had lost and were to be left behind. Slowly arms were lowered, the women who would stay sat down and covered themselves with their quilted blankets so that when the last was called, only the selected five remained standing.

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When would you like to go? You need to be specific. I had planned a visit at some point, the date and time are not yet settled; my plans can move, it is all a little liquid. There is still a lot to do, I can’t hold on to everything, waiting for you to come around.

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‘If this is all there is then I want my money back,’ she said. ‘You promised cafe culture. This looks like a wayward station for rejects.’

Why would these shadow-like creatures invade my refuge and hide in this coffeehouse? They crowded the walls in the shop, peering over frothy coffee cups, leaving room only for the door to open and room to move down a narrow path to the counter. It was hard to see between individuals they were so closely packed together. Each hatted and muffled person, wearing a coat spongy with damp, seemed to merge and blend in with their neighbour. The damp clothes and the steam rising from the coffee fogged the room until condensing it ran down the large windows facing the street. When the door opened and gusts of cold fresh air invaded, the mass repelled away, shrinking into the mist with groans and gnashing of teeth.

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Time was given to humans to teach us lessons. We will be both the actor and acted upon where time is running through its tracks, pulling us in and dragging us along, giving us the illusion of being free spirits in charge of our destinies and the sense that we are flotsam and jetsom in some arcane ritual, some game where we don’t understand the rules.

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That is not how you see things usually, a new thing will lodge in your brain, pushing out the last thought, while you wait for the next avalanche of sensations and emotions to overwhelm. You are always bracing for the next shock. When do you get time to just get one thing straight and clear?

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And so it goes, each reflection scaled backwards in time and forwards beyond visible sight, each copy of myself more ironic than the last as I peer here to see behind and there, looking ahead, searching for the unseeable.

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Would you like some? It is lambs liver pate. You spread it on a piece of toasted baguette and it is delicious.

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Business just gets in the way. Being a host is the worst experience, you have to keep smiling and being polite to everyone about everything. And you have to take their criticism of your food, the decor, even the weather, but, and I can’t stress this enough, the worst criticism is about all the other guests. Just the fact that there are other guests , and you are spending with all the others, seems to some people outrageous. I talked about business – I have most more business while hosting parties than at any other time. It is here that they meet my competitors. It is in my home while I am being nice to them that they realise I am not their sort of person, that they are not happy with me, and that they can do better.

Before I go I must tell you why I still put these events on. It is because it is so much fun. Here you see the real person, the person they will resolve down to in a fight. At my parties everyone fights, and I keep inviting everyone. It is the only joy I have left in life, watching them in action at close range.

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Possibilities are collateral, they give you avenues to escape the inevitability of this miserable world. Even drawing up lists of the choices you have from this point, from now, is enough. You can hoard them, hold them like marbles in the palm of your hand, as you wait before choosing your next move.

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It was one of the most visited landmarks. People traveled long distances to see what types of people lived there, how they survived, and to look at relics of their lifestyle. Most left in tears, the trauma raw and visceral. They stood dazed and unable to absorb the sheer waste and unrestrained greed displayed.

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The end of the world and for my last day I will be locked in a brewery. This is irony; fate handing me a harsh judgement. I cannot do this justice, there is no time to make up for lost time, to finally enjoy myself. I have only today to save the world, and then I can drink.

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“That’s going to take some time,” he said. “This is not a fly by night operation. It will take time to infiltrate here.”
“These butterflies are asking to be pinned on the table,” said the voice on the phone. “They are not looking, we can come up on their blindside and they won’t even notice the shade we cast. You just need to be in the right place and they will float right by you. All I am asking is that you are ready and wave the net over them.”

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“It wasn’t like that,”she said. “It was all really innocent. Really…”
She looked away and he could see she was embarrassed, she was hiding something. They had done something to be ashamed. It was not likely they had actually contacted the devil, but who knows what is in the hearts of young women.

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In looking the eye circles and moves constantly. It controls what you see, favoring contrast and movement. The eye is an orb focusing and honing in on details, collecting and collating images from the outside without meaning.

What the eye has seen must be put into words before the universe is revealed and we put meaning to what we see. We are trained to interpret and see only what we can name, what we can explain. What we think we know, what we understand of the outside world, includes only a small part of the information received through the eye.

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Its freezing cold and I cannot feel my fingers on the keys. They are moving as if pulled by strings, a facsimile of my thoughts are being acted out in the words appearing on the page, leaping and jerking clumsily across the screen as my fingers move.

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It needs to start now. I cannot breathe unless it is all plugged in and tested. Why would you scuba when there is all that free air above the water? It is a form of claustraphobia, the need to escape just grows.

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Well, I am up now, dressed and ready for action. This will be the start of the day, leaving the other misunderstanding aside. Who wakes up at 3am and starts to write? What I was writing at 3am, just the rattling of marbles in the brain, just nonsense that needs to be ignored.

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It wasn’t necessary but then again, I am not the professional. Having a breakthrough seemed to be the goal in this exercise. To arrive at a point where I could see the point seemed to be where I was heading. That is not to say I hadn’t started voluntarily. I had asked for help, after all.

It is just seems that asking for help has been interpreted by him as my asking him to take over, and that is the last thing I wanted. This needed finesse, it was not the time for going all in with boots. I now had two problems, the original one and shortly handing his bad mood when I tell him to back off.

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If you read about it, it seems somehow not a problem. Being here and seeing this and the people starving is another thing altogether. There must be better ways for people to help. No-one should be able to ignore this, if you see it you want to do something.

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Even though they were tight, the colour was right and the heals. I think the shoes will stretch a little over time with use. Fashion is a burden and a trial, it binds and constrains, and yet frees you to live the illusion the dream, to float out of life into another world.

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“I looked, but it was empty,”she said
“You didn’t look hard enough,” he said. “Everyone knows that’s where keys are kept. Why would I put them anywhere else.”
“You need to think, Roger. When did you use them last?”

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The heaven above denied the bars that imprisoned me. The sky was clear. The constraints were embedded in my soul.

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“A question before we go on?”
“Yes,” she looked up at him. He was being polite but that could be a game play.
“When you travel the globe, what shoes do you wear?”
“What kind of question is that? Are you the shoe police, or what?” Here reply was peeved, gritty and she regretted this instant reaction but could not back down now.
“Most people think of hats, but travel is about moving and shoes just seemed an appropriate metaphor.”
“You are not a traveler, are you?”she asked. “When I travel I carry all I need, and having different many types of shoes is a heavy luxury. Traveling is about being in the moment, it is not about wardrobe changes.”

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If I had agreed we would have been on the trails now with the others in single file walking down into the valley. I could just see the silver line of the river down in the valley through the trees, the light reflecting up at me sharp as a knife waiting to cut me.

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Happily you were not last in this morning, that was Ted. He is definitely the one everyone expects to be last., He is the underdog, no-one expects much from him and he is always last to finish his work. If you are in later than him in the morning then questions will be asked.

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