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‘Have you tried to do it?’ she asked.

We were not getting anywhere, no matter what I said she just stood there waiting. It is not the trying that was the problem. I did not want to climb up there. When would getting on the roof be the answer to anything; this is going to end badly.

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Just wait a minute, hold your horses, I will find them. I have another pocket here to look in, these keys must be here, I only had them out, in my hands, a minute ago.

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Smoke drifted through the trees, caught between branches and held back by leaves, and when I looked out I could see ash had covered the lawn in patches deep against fences and obstacles, where the wind had swept it, leaving small patches of an almost repellant green glowing in the diminishing light.

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‘You need to leave, now.’

This was not looking good. I felt boxed in, even the ceiling was closing over my head.

‘How can I negotiate with you when you have a single-minded intent to block everything before we can discuss it?’

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‘If you just hadn’t, …’

Her sense of frustration was palpable, it flowed through her evidenced in her clotted sentence construction, her tangled and ill-woven throughs, the logic that refused to support stand up and support her. She felt outraged; that she needed to defend herself was such an injustice.

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Today we are here, not as the wealthy nations of the world looking down on others, but as asset rich nations wearing uniforms and badges of our victories, flaunting our intent and egos, bragging about what we can do if you don’t step in line and do what we say. It is no longer wealth that dictates power, it is power that dictates wealth and the future of humanity.

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‘Look look’, she said.
What was she now going to reveal, I wondered. She was pointing to a small but growing patch of vegetation. I couldn’t understand why now I saw it. When you peal back your eyes, see through someone else’s eyes, a whole new world opens out.

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‘Where would you find this? where would you even look?’ she asked. She hesitated, stalled, her indecision and lack of conviction only increased her inability to move: if she took a step in one direction she looked in the other and turned back. If a large truck was bearing down on her without any brakes she was not sure she could get out of the way of it. She felt like a bunny in the headlights, a butterfly on a pin, with the world and mortality rushing headlong towards her.

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‘To you really want to go there? The stern of the boat is smelly and oily,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to put you off, but it is not somewhere I would want to go wearing high heels and a frock.’

‘Is it how I dress that makes you so mean?’

‘Sure, that is part of it. Don’t take it personally, I am mean a lot, it is my default reaction to the world. My motto is to take no prisoners.’

‘So then, it’s not me, it’s you?’

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‘Are you sure you want to do this?’
They stood, backs to the door with the light from the large dining room window spilling over them. As they looked at the dark night their shadows were stretching out towards they felt the cold reception behind them, it was not often you have the opportunity to face your worst critics, those that knew you just still threw you to the dogs and laughed at the carnage.

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All it took was a click of the switch and the whirring of the screen as it descended to disrupt their advance on Leon: their focus on him was disturbed, their concentration broken. The demons hesitated, perceiving there might be easier prey around. The slight mechanical noises had stopped their advance, it was as if a cone of silence had descended, as they tried to work out what was happening.

As the slideshow started the room lights dimmed and I saw them quietly watching the screen, their eyes moving left and right trying to focus on the blurred projected images, trying to sense any foreign presence.

There was very little time to escape: I gently closed the door, lept down the stairs and was running to my car as I exited the building. Leon meanwhile had kicked out the window and jumped. He was waiting at the car as I arrived and the sound of the pack catching up with us was close behind.

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‘Just jiving, keeping happy. What about you?’
In the millions of people talking at that moment, this voice came through loud and clear. It was as if the universe had paused to make room for it. I would recognise Jarold’s voice anywhere, his particular mix of cynicism and parody was unmistakable, the snotty tone sliced through the quiet interlude and I turned and saw him watching me.

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‘Hell of a thing to tell someone just as they walk in the door.’ He threw his heavy boots at the radiators and an irritated hiss erupted. ‘I haven’t a copper penny on me.’

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“It isn’t really difficult,” he said.

I felt that the lesson he was to give me would take all my patience and might even trigger the end of our friendship. Now was the time for a polite departure, dropping the hint of responsibilities at home, people waiting, or perhaps I could use my personal frailty, my inability to survive wet weather and dark nights, as an excuse.

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It wasn’t long before they found shortcuts, the tendency was to bypass the rules and constraints and get right to the meat and potatoes. No-one wanted to step-by-step record details, confirm their agreement, agree to comply with the rules: this had all been done before and forgotten. They just wanted to get to the end and then have fun. The bypass was a small checkbox hidden in the far left bottom corner: they ticked and the flashing lights started, the endlessly repeating phrases of music began, the counter at the top of the screen started to increment and the players felt happy.

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“Do you see the light?”

The weather was closing in. On three sides a black, heated and angry mass of trouble roiled towards us. This was trouble, the storm clouds were heavily weighted and descending fast. In the last light of day, looking at the mountain path I was unsure how far we could get before the downpour started. We seemed to be heading up to meet it. Up there was a cabin and shelter.

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“It isn’t as if it makes a difference.” In all the times I have known her she will interrupt as soon as I am settled into work. She seems to have in instinct: my mind is focussed, probably for the first time that day, and she starts talking.

“I just want to make lunch. What do you want?”

“As I said, I don’t care. Just leave me alone.” All I wanted to do was block her out, I turned away. If I said more I would become angry.

“You get so grumpy when you’re hungry. If you don’t eat.”

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The fatigue weighed on them making their steps heavy, their breathing laboured, few of them raised their heads as they moved focussed entirely on keeping the pace constant. They were moving silently, at the maximum speed the group could sustain, spread out single-file along a path, the mist closing in behind them as they passed.

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“Is this a love story or just a story of drinking and falling down?” He didn’t look well: he looked tired and his eyes were not focussing on me, but my critical opinions did not deserve close scrutiny. It was not pleasant to be part of the problem. This was making me sick too. “You don’t need to answer,” I said. This is not going to end well, no matter what is said.”

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This should be fun she thought as she lept, out running fast. Someone close had started a charge and dozens of those around her had taken off at the same time. It was spreading and there were hundreds even now behind them, running fast, catching up. Stopping was not an option.

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Unlike her prim response, his actions could not be contained behind a politically correct barrier of polite words. Exasperation leaked out and around him, it was in the tonal changes of his face from an ashy pale to pulsing puce, in the sweat falling from his hands and neck that he wiped with a grubby white handkerchief.

“This material is classified,” he said, finally. “You must keep it contained and secure.” There was now an angry pulse ticking on his forehead. “It is your responsibility to manage when and how this information is released, and to whom.”

“That is your job,” he said, pounding his finger on the table in front of her with each word before turning away and walking out.

She saw the back of a broken man leave her office. He was waving his handkerchief, his shoulders were shaking, and she thought he might be crying.

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‘Peace, just give me peace,’ she said. ‘Who can teach in this chaos, this blundering, brutalising, bruising world?’

Around her, the heavens had opened and daylight shone through, light shining off the muddy puddles, the handing leaves and branches around her. A cacophony of sound had erupted: the cicadas sang together, children shrieked, a flock of cockatoos flew in screeching, and loose tin sheets from the roof, hanging by one nail, blew about and banged erratically.

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The spires in the distance rose before us, their shadows falling upon our path. I was scared we would be traveling into pitch dark as we approached their bases. We were dwarfed by the scale of them already and they were still on the horizon, the setting sun behind making them glow and shimmer as if mirages.

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‘Should you need anything, just call.’ She started to turn, then stopped. ‘It is the orange button, not the red, you need to use. It comes straight through to me. Red can easily be misunderstood.’

She did turn now and opened the door to leave. ‘We’ve had so many problems lately,’ she said. ‘So many broken windows and doors, that it has been hard to keep up with repairs.’

From the corridor she turned to face me. Any evidence of worry was gone, she stood straight will a full smile and in her quiet courteous voice said: ‘As you can understand, we would like to deal with problems in-house, where possible.’

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‘Gently, don’t go gang-busters now.’

We were at the end of the piecing stage and the corners needed to fit together in this and the next square for it all to be joined. To be quilted nicely and finished, without lumps and ridges, all the joins must be even and flat.

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A minute is all I have before the library closes. Here we are, all ready to have our heads cut off and set on spikes, awaiting another day and the next time the rooms open and the books and information are released again.

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When you start from here, then you don’t have many options. Regulations are strict, all paths from here lead in one direction. If you were already through this barrier, then you can choose where you want to go, now your only choice is to get through this gate, to get through me.

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Do I have to go there? I know they will shine and buff me, straighten me up, before pushing me out, and I will be in the spotlight, waiting for hell-knows-what from the unknown, unseen folks out there in the stalls who have paid to see me fall on my face.

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Thinking about everything, what happened didn’t help. At the end of the night the room deserted, we were left in wreckage and waste, with nothing to look back on except our dreams. Sitting in the dark, seeing the dawn rise with a smudged and cloudy ochre sunlight, foreboding was all we had to rest with.

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Even before we entered she was asking us if we would stay and have tea. s the door opened and she recognised us, she started talking, a long, rehearsed speech started with the formal social protocols of inviting, enticing, requesting and then thanking us for being her guests when a refusal had not been said. We move into the house as if drawn into a vacuum, offering little or no resistance, our curiosity speeding us towards the drawing room in her wake.

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