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“Lets do this, or at least get it over with,” she said.
“Always the pragmatist, the engine of this workparty driving us forward, as usual,” he said. “At what point, where would you stop and say it is enough? We don’t have to go to this event and won’t be missed. Just be real for once.”
“We don’t go and we won’t get the work. Buckle up, lets go.”

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Dressed with luggage at my feet standing outside felt so good I think I would still be there if it wasn’t for the cat watching me. Something about cats disturbs me, they exude an aura of feral pursuit even when sitting in the sun, watching. It was time to leave, distract myself with other places and movement again. But what was I leaving behind, was this also an escape?

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“You have never been an outgoing person, and because of that, in the relationship stakes, you have not had a fair crack at the whip,” she said.
“I don’t know that I have ever wanted to crack a whip, least of all in the context of a relationship,” I replied. It was a mistake. People that are so sure of themselves, like Lizzy, never have a sense of humour and always think you are laughing at them. It is really hard to keep a straight face sometimes, but I wasn’t trying to be cruel.

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Is it fine to be recognised and praised my words? Accepting and believing flattery is shorthand for you becoming their slave. It leaves you waiting for them to recognise the next backflip, the next spontaneous combusion, the next heartthumping moment you wrench from your soul to expand their universe. People always want something new, they want to be secuded, bribed, rewarded all the time, and they forget. It gets tedious to have an audience. Go, live in that flat land where you read words on the screen, and leave me alone.

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One day at a time. Having balance in life is important and managing this by standing upright and moving forward wherever possible demonstrates actual balance. With my low expectations, this is success.

I have read that sitting down shortens your life and try to do it as little as possible. The belief may be a fiction, one of those perceptional illusions that humans cling to. Why would being vertical give you more lIfe? Life may just appear to be passing more slowly when you are moving, as though through your self-engineered movement you are adding years to your life. In my dark moments I think that it may be just that you will soon running, building up speed and leaving reality far behind.

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Even the hairs on my arm felt like separate creates flowing and drifting around me. The thought of landing was a concern, but free fall liberating. There was nothing I could do, but the journey was estatic and life changing.

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What is it that makes these hallowed halls echo? Is it the vacant brains waiting to be filled with knowledge, the empty shells open subservient to the masters who pour knowledge slowly into the offered recepticles? It could be the stone walls and floors and the tough shoe leather pounding up and down as the black gowns flair and billow behind.

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There is only one candidate. The other name is for a virtual sparing partner, a clown, a ghost. He is there to provide an alibi for absent democracy, he brings the illusion of choice.

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“You are going to be my poster pin-up boy from now on,my knight in shining armour. You saved my life.” Daniel blushed. All he had done was help pick up her parcels and move her to a quite place in the walkway. Anyone would have done the same. If he had fallen down an escallator this is the least he would hope someone would do for him. When did a simple human kindness make you eligible for a nomination for sainthood?

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“Whether you like it or not, you are going,” his mom said.

“You will make me dress up as a fairy,” he replied. “I only want to go if I can be a gladiator.”

He saw her smile. “There is not much difference between them from what I can see. We will have a go. Do gladiators have big handlbar moustaches?”

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Winter had bitten her. She had chapped lips and frosted red patches on her cheeks. Her fingers and toes were gnarled and lumpy with chilblains beneath the thin gloves and ankle socks.

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“I have been remiss in not returning your calls. Please don’t worry,” she said. “It is not because of anything you did or didn’t do, just that I have been busy. Setting up my new project properly is taking time. I have had to let some people go who were underperforming.”

To listen to her was to be rasped with contempt and salted with scorn and pity in equal parts. I could only do it on a good day. The universe subjugated was what she saw through her eyes and she was on a mission to make it a fit place for her type of people. I felt like roadkill stuck to the back wheel of a juggeraut she was driving aimed at the horizon.

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Where will the fun stop. It was all go from the entree to desert. I would rather be home with an omlette and a good book, but everyone here was acting up, putting on a performance, and it would have removed their audience if I had left.

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How the sound of the birds frees my spirit. I imagine walking free in the wild without direction following just the birdcalls and flight paths.

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And you think you can just swan in here and criticise me? Nothing I have ever said or done would have given you the idea that this was your role. You have no licence here and are given access because I let you. You cannot tell me what to do, who to see or where to go. Believe that and your world will connect to some reality.

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It wasn’t magic, just slight of hand, trickery, deception. He distracted me and then moved the goalposts.

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Where did the other earring go? There must be a place in the world where lost earrings, socks, those pieces of paper with the answers, addresses, things we need to know are found. It is as if these things are lost but always there, just hiding.

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Winter is coming on, the cold driving us back into houses and behind closed doors. From windows we can watch the effect of the weather. There is nothing that could entice me out today into the frost and damp and away the a warm fire, a good book and hot coffee.

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“Your plan is to just rattle around in this house for every, never changing anything and not going out,” she said. “It doesn’t sound like much of a life to me.”
Wrapped in my dressing gown with the egg stain down the front I knew I looked a sight.
“At least you get up and dressed most day, don’t you?” she asked.

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What is the point? This will not nourish the soul or bring joy. The task is effort without fire or passion, shackling me to my desk and the typewriter, while the objectives are wreathed in a haze, obscure, almost mythic.

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Running around the lake, avoiding puddles and poodles, was his daily obsession. In this pursuit he set daily targets and initiated challenges for variety, counting the number of cracks or people he passed, the number of birds he saw and his breaths. Winter was his favourite season, when he could be granted time alone accompanied by his frosted exhilations.

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How many times in a day can it happen? How many lifetimes? Heartache can strike with a look, a turning away, an absence, from angry words, in silence. There are too many triggers and I seem to be striking them all.

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“This is the path, I know it branches ahead just around the corner. There is a bridge and the path evens up just ahead.”

After cycling for hours I was back in familiar territory and within minutes of coffee and a rest.

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“You didn’t tell me it was your ruby wedding anniversary. What does that mean?”she asked.
“To me it means we have survived each other so far,” I replied, “and the life sentence continues. I take it you have receive an invite to the party of the season. I would rather go fishing, but then I said that about the wedding day also.”
“You do make me laugh,” she said as she turned away. She was not smiling.

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That twist in the gut, it happens every time and I feel pale and feeble. She is so willful and demanding. I will just stay away until I feel better, feel quieter. What right does she have to shout at me like that. I don’t need to be here and the next time I would do the same thing. It is just that she is so dirty from living on the streets and I can’t change that. She won’t let me help.

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Write what you can and hand it in to the attendant on your way out. There is no guarantee it will be read, but then there is no guarantee it will be good. Life is like that, no preparation time and if we are lucky someone will open the door for us to pass through when it is over.

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“Being sweet is It is one of your many charms,”she said.
“Mom, you don’t know what people like these days. It is the tough little girl image that attracts boys these days. They see that and fall over themselves getting there. Being nice and sweet and charming doesn’t work.

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The crowd was over the top, performing like a pageant in full flow. The invitation did not mention this would be the outcome and I was seriously underprepared, outflanked and overwhelmed.

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Hold the torch higher, I can’t see ahead. There is something in the shadows that I can’t make out.
When the cavern was lit up it revealed an expanse the size of giant skyscrapers garnished with stalignites and the descending roots of trees.

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Peach is a pastel, same as pink and baby blue. The difference is that it babies are not dressed in it. Usually old women wear it when they want to dress casual or in summer to cheer themselves up. Pink and blue are for babies. Peach gets old very quickly, or maybe it just blends in and softens the wrinkles and patchy skin. I am never going to get old and when I do I will only wear black and will be very smart and sharp.

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