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The end of an idea is drifting through my mind, irritating isn’t it. It is like the call or barkers in the market about the first or last of the fresh fruit, that if you listen becomes a meaningless rising and falling of stretched vowels and extended consonates, a tidal wave that you walk through, each sound causing tidal drifts of people to one side or the next.

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There you go again; you have just pushed through me and stepped on my idea. What is logical about your opinion that made mine irrelevant?

I have a proven track record and the strength of numbers: must I bring up again the number of times your ideas have crashed and burned. Pay homage to the power of position. You know people listen to me and that is important here.

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‘It doesn’t take much to let it ride. You can just cruise by, ignoring them, and the insults will be forgotten.’
‘That is not the point,’ he said. ‘They need to know the hurt they’ve caused; that they are wrong, that they cannot do that to people and get away with it.’

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‘You don’t need to do that,’ she said as she stepped to the side trying to avoid him. ‘Thanks anyway.’
‘Why not: is there someone else who does this for you? Am I treading on someone’s toes, cutting someone else’s grass?’ He was dancing on his toes, stepping from one foot to the other, blocking her retreat.
‘I don’t like talk like that, just go about what you were doing and leave me alone.’ She had stopped and was standing with her arms folded, looking flat and threatening, like a magpie remembering him, getting his measure.
‘Hey, hon, didn’t want to make someone jealous,’ he said. ‘Was just trying to get a laugh, you know.’
‘My husband’s not the jealous sort; he has no need to be.’

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‘It’s time, cousin,’ Jason said.
‘Why are you being so creepy?’ she asked.
‘Here’s the gate,’ he said. ‘You’re plane’s ready to take off, you should get on board.’
‘Give Aunty Cassie my thanks; she was so sweet the whole time. I’ve had a lovely holiday.’ She smiled, but Jason’s face didn’t change. ‘She couldn’t help that her sons are drop-kicks after all.’
‘I’ll wave goodbye from here,’ he said. ‘Here’s your bag. Mom put a gift in there for you.’
The boarding light was flashing above here on the display but she walked away from the gate, to a nearby seat and started unpacking: her makeup, spare clothes, a book. She stopped when she found a box tied with red ribbon and held it up by the ribbon she turned to Jason.
‘Shall I open it now,’ she asked. ‘Or, do you want to take it home and post it to me?’

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‘This is the tallest I will ever be,’ she said. She had bent down so her face was level with the young man’s face.
‘If you stand up you’ll be taller,’ he said. ‘I’m going to be as tall as a ship one day and see over the horizon.’

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‘Have it all, I don’t care anymore.’
‘Just don’t come around later and say you want some.’
Her voice came at me as the screen door slammed behind me, the tone reminding me of a scratched record, the rising scratch of chalk dragged on a blackboard, the scratching sound of the sheets of tin on the roof rubbing away the itchy twists of the rising and falling wind.

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“A picture?” she asked. ‘Could it just be an image? I haven’t had a photograph take in years.’
‘It is to be the companion to your bio; as long as what you choose is recognisably you, there shouldn’t be a problem. ‘
‘And there you go’ she said, ‘Stepping over the line.’ She looked distracted and frustrated, the colour in her face rising in blotchy patches. The twitching had started again and she scratched her fingers roughly, marking red lines on her joints lumpy with arthritis. ‘My work stands alone, it does not need a bio. I spend hours on the word and want these to be my representatives. My opinions and the thoughts I use to formulate my reality are all that’s needed. What I look like, that is a trivial thing; any image of me is worthless. No-one needs to see me now, I am more than this.’

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‘Now, I’m sure you know I only have a minute,’ she said.
‘Time to rumble then, get into the groove and turn down the music; I have something to say.’

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‘And then he goes and he edits it,’ she said, her sense of outrage palpable. Even seated across the table I could feel heat rising for her in waves like steam off fresh bread.

‘But, isn’t he your editor?’ I asked.

‘He’s changed it; he’s changed everything. It isn’t the same story. He even made the hero a man.’

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‘This needs to change, and this; you don’t need this either.’
As she walked around the artwork she grabbed and drew out one swatch after another, moved and resized images, and changed the focus of this crafty piece of work I had lovingly collated.
‘I know you have done this before,’ I said. ‘But, I’m new to this work and want to make my own decisions, even if they are mistakes.’
Her parting words as she left were: ‘You don’t know enough to make decisions.’
What was left after she left was a minimalist display of black, charcoal over a large background of white. My anger no longer had a place on the board, even my tears were wiped out, I had become one-dimensional.

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Standing before the panel was intimidating, even though I knew each member individually in different capacities, having them grouped there on the other side of a desk was a cause of concern. For some reason I saw each of them pooling my weaknesses and flaws, ignoring my successes and achievements. That paranoid response was logically a reflection of my self-doubt, but then the paranoid statistically cannot always be wrong; among my dreads and fears might be an acorn of truth. Why is it that we are so easily convinced of a negative and resist the positives?

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‘I am about to dash out,’ she said.
‘This won’t take a moment.’
‘Well, I haven’t a moment, really.’
‘Hold on, you should be involved in this: the decision affects everyone.’
‘I am just dashing out quickly; tell me when I get back.’
‘You will not be happy.’
‘If it’s bad news it can wait. See you later.’

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Wind and grey clouds, the trees in the central courtyard are bunching and pulling apart, the branches fragile as they move with and against the winds with the occasional loud crack as leaves and a branch rip loose flying away in a chaotic dance.

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‘It wasn’t necessary to pick me up; I wouldn’t have missed the train The railroad runs just behind the house, I walk past the station every day.’
‘You never know what is around the corner,’ he said.
‘Don’t be creepy now. I’m not sure if you are looking after me or making sure I go. Mostly I think it is the latter. What are your plans for the weekend?’
‘Better pack warm clothes,’ he said. ‘It gets cold there at night. I wish I was coming with you.’
‘If you want, I can wait and we can go together.’
‘No, that would be selfish if me. You need this break.’
‘Maybe I will spend my time worrying about you. If you come we could have fun.’

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There had been wind for days, a prelude to Spring, but it had left leaves and branches scattered everywhere. The lawn and footpaths were buried and unnavigable, it seemed the wilderness had invaded this suburb; if left untouched it would prevail and humans would be barricaded behind obstacles unable to bond together to fight it back.

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‘Don’t say another word, Just let it go. You’ve said enough.’
There was a marked silence left behind as she turned away. For a moment it echoed among the banging of cups and plates at the sink, slamming of drawers, the rapid gushing of running water, an expletive or two. As she moved around the kitchen surrounded by this percussion, the hollow that was the silence expanded.
‘I’ve had enough,’ she said before the back door slammed closed.

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‘What made you go prissy all of a sudden?’
‘I think it’s time you went,’ she replied.
‘You see what I mean? What is it with the verbally weighted words?. Went? If I went, you would know I have gone and would remember me.’
‘I’m remembering not to ask you around again.’

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My mind has had enough today, I want to sit in a corner, pull my hoodie over my head and zone out from the world. It is not that there is too much going on, it is that I can’t seem to clear my head and it builds and builds until everything is static. My whole body seems to be shutting down, I can barely type, the lights are going out on me too. If I sit here I can sleep and then wake up when everyone arrives tomorrow.

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The saying ‘everything rests on this’ is deceptive. Often when forces collide the outcome is unclear: the strongest does not always rise, the weak not necessarily buried, it takes a lot to stunt or demolished what has will and determination. It may be that accident and chance that drive the outcome where context and resilience are more strongly weighted than force. Who rests on whom is often open for discussion: exposing the beams, the strata and folds of our humanity, the emotional fortresses we build, our blended understandings; these all show us as flexible and malleable, adaptable and innovative in turn.

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Spelling has never been difficult for me, unlike grammar where I throw rules and dictates to the wind; for some reason, I have the English rhythm and flow so words like ‘vehicle’ and ‘yacht’ in their many accents just stream from my pen pure and fragrant, drawing with them the smell of oil and of sun on paint, the clank of pulleys and thump as sails unfurl and fill with wind.

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‘Simple, keep it simple,’ she said.

Turning back to the typewriter I had my fingers on the keys, my mind going a hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction. I wanted nuance and finesse, the characters to bush up against each other and rub burrs and bruise themselves doing it; I wanted mere proximity to cause damage, even the change of touching to burnish and burn.

‘I don’t want you writing pages of words where nothing happens. When you are writing, you must think: and then what happens next. There must be action and drama, you must hook your audience and keep them in suspense, that is all.’

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‘If ever there was a need for strong drink it is now,’ she said. ‘This is tedious and will be unrewarding. I want it to end.’

‘Would the promise of strong drink be enough?’ He turned and watched her grasping at the boulders as she climbed behind him. He was panting with the effort, but the exercise ad the feel of his blood roaring through his veins buoyed him up, only made him want to go faster. ‘You will enjoy it more if it is earned.’

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‘If I wanted to know what I think, I wouldn’t ask you,’ she said.

It was a heatwave, she was dressed like a polar bear, but there was nothing I could do or say: she was right, I was wrong, as always.

‘You do not need to let me know what is appropriate to wear here; I know better than you.’ As she spoke spittle flew out of her mouth, her face turned a deeper shade of red.

All I could think of was getting into the shade, standing as far away from her as possible, and then I could feel better. The heat was getting to me too and I needed to settle down and relax. If she kept this up, I would have to deck her, to stop her having a heart attack right here. It would be for her own best interests, I could argue, as well as my own mental health.

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‘The rain is going to turn to sleet any moment,’ she said buttoning up her coat and pulling up the hood. Where is your coat?’ she asked finally turning to see me standing there shivering.

‘They were too pricey this year.’ It was inevitable that my frugality would turn around and bite me, Every year I said I would look in the end of season sales and by then it was warm and I wouldn’t spend the money.

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At last, I have printing working again, two days late but better fixed than not. My computer was making me out to be a liar, and I just followed what had worked before. Someone had moved the file/changed a path and all of a sudden the computer told me I had got it wrong. There should be some recognition from the computer that I had survived in spite of its stupidity, acknowledgement that I had thought my way through, that I had done something and fixed this, but it just sat there waiting for me to continue, as though it was only following instructions and I was wrong to expect something different.

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The world doesn’t spin around green auras: greens and cold colours are found in archaic mysteries and rare chemicals as they burn in the high planes of the atmosphere. What we see is a rainbow world, reflected from the light of these burned elements as we look away.

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‘When you get there ask for the premium package. It may include things you don’t want, but it gives you choices. At least you will have everything and can take what you need from it.’

Kelly stood in front but we were worlds apart: she has done everything and been everywhere but it meant nothing; to her, the game was to get the most out of everything and to come back with the most things to show people where she’d been. The world for her was just a basket of fruit and she doesn’t care if she wasted most of what she saw as long as she lacked for nothing and there was somewhere else to move to before she got bored.

She talks and I stand here gritting my teeth, trying to remember she is being kind helping me. I know she wants to make sure I have what I need, but I would be happy with less, much less as long as I have the knowledge that what I didn’t use could be available to others.

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It was the messenger who had run the bell and asked for me, handing me an envelope and leaving after I came out and said I was she and leaving as swiftly and anonymously as he arrived.

I don’t think he even looked at my face as it handed it over, but then again, I didn’t see his face shielded in his helmet. He was exhausted as he grasped the handlebars: it was as if the bike was holding him up as if they were permanently welded together. The trailer appended behind was burdened to head height with other packages and bags and the company logo heralded who he worked for. The smell of sweat and cold watery air came into the open front of the building with him and he stood shivering in the warmth that blew out as the doors opened and closed in front of him, as he waited for me.

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It was not the humanity that concerned so much, but the sanity of the humanity. Everyone was rowing in their own direction, only focussed on where they wanted to go, forgetting that we were all in the same boat. Now, don’t laugh when I say this, the oars are for paddling in the water, they are not weapons.

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