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Will get you anywhere, globally recognised, easily accessible. Sometimes I wonder where I’d be without transport? I doubt I’d get far. However, people would have to walk instead of transporting themselves by means of vehicles. Maybe our generation wouldn’t suffer as much as we are if transport was by means of feet…?

» Posted By Mari On 08.21.2011 @ 3:09 am

when something is moved from one place to the next. a sport for trannies, a train’s port and train is misspelled. When the movers take your things, the transport it. I feel as though i’ve been transported to another world sometimes, when I’m with him. I want to fix this.

» Posted By Mari On 08.21.2011 @ 2:29 am

Transport yourself to a world of magic, where your heart and your mind can be free.

» Posted By Mari On 08.20.2011 @ 4:18 pm


Deer are really annoying. But sometimes they are cute. They come down from the mountain and eat our flowers, and they eat my friends garden. Because she lives right out of their home. Poor deer. They are losing their homes. But, they should leave ours alone. Because we totally… didn’t… leave theirs alone. humans are dumb.

» Posted By Mari On 08.18.2011 @ 1:12 pm


Life will repeat itself at times, and then at other times, it doesn’t. Change has become a big part of my life, and I’m starting to understand the repetative words that I hear about how change affects us. Keep repeating the things you love, and you will be much happier. Life goes on, and we can’t stop that. Our days will repeat until it’s over.

» Posted By Mari On 08.16.2011 @ 4:19 pm


Answers? What? That’s so weird, I actually saw that as the first word on the “answers” page. Uh…

I don’t know what the answer is to life, the universe, and everything–unless we mean “42”. Not very philosophical, I am.

Guess that’s it.

» Posted By Mari On 08.12.2011 @ 1:17 am


you are just one. just one brick in the fucked up wall that keeps me from being happy. You and all my other problems. Making it impossible for me to climb over, to go around, to do anything but sit there and stare at you, willing you to move or fall… or at least move a few out so I can climb up.

» Posted By Mari On 08.08.2011 @ 2:06 pm


if there’s a key, there has to be a lock. *awkward hand motions*

» Posted By Mari On 08.05.2011 @ 4:38 pm


Boiling is when I know I love you, but I know that you don’t love me, and you keep reminding me of that. I fall for every little wink and smile you give me, just to see you go off with another girl. It’s when you give me a big hug and you smell so good, and then you begin to tell me about another girl. I still fall for you yet…

» Posted By Mari On 08.02.2011 @ 11:18 am

I think boiling water get really boring. although boiling could also mean that some is “so hot, they’re boiling” from the temperature outside. I’ve said that before Boiling reminds me of red hot temperatures, with massive bubbles coming up and overflowing. It seems really hot. Like hot lava, that stuff seems really hot. It’s all dark red and black, it flows really slowly like it’s coming slowly to attack. To burn and destroy. It’s really very fascinating though if you think about it, or even just watch it. The chemical changing that goes on is very interesting.

» Posted By Mari On 08.02.2011 @ 11:16 am


I am not amused. Not amused at all that I keep getting words that I really have to interest in spending 60 seconds writing about. so i’ll probably just start babbling to myself about things, like what I should eat, that I should probably be in bed by 11:30, and that I probably am not going to see my friends tomorrow because I live almost an hour away now. It doesn’t help that I haven’t seen them in three weeks now. what the fuck.

» Posted By Mari On 07.28.2011 @ 9:00 pm


we think we have talent enough to be in the big leagues. To make music that hasn’t been made before, sing songs that people will like more than the old stuff. But we’re one of thousands of people trying to make it, so the odds are small. And the thought, “what makes us so special?” is an irritating neon sign of a reminder in our heads.

» Posted By Mari On 07.27.2011 @ 12:39 pm


thunder is the sound of hearts in the night. It is the heaving beating, the clash of a nightmare.

» Posted By Mari On 07.26.2011 @ 2:15 pm


the color at the end of a rainbow. the equivalent of a light at the end of the tunnel. My favorite color in the world it’s the best. also someone who is very shy and can’t see herself very clearly.

» Posted By Mari On 07.22.2011 @ 9:44 am


sticks and stones may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me. i like trowing sticks around, but one should never hurt a friend with words

» Posted By mari On 07.18.2011 @ 3:23 am


I’m waiting for you. Two cups of coffee infront of me. My eyes are still filled with dreams. I’m smoking and thinking. An ashtray full of fags and coffee is cold as you.

» Posted By mari On 07.16.2011 @ 12:19 am


what an increadible power in simple three letters – to join two worlds or to flood an ocean between them – even without shoot

» Posted By mari On 07.14.2011 @ 4:48 pm


When you crush something, it usually dies, unfortunately. A crush is also when people have a small like for the opposite sex. It’s weird how this word two completely different meanings? Maybe because a crush can crush the heart?

» Posted By mari On 06.28.2011 @ 1:54 pm


when I think of antlers oddly enough I think of reindeer. Mostly because they make me smile. They remind me of christmas, which, even though I’m jewish is my favorite holiday. Family, food, and love all topped off with decorated tree.

» Posted By Mari On 06.25.2011 @ 8:24 pm


Some think they can predict the future. Others believe you can’t. Fate is fate. You can’t predict destiny.

» Posted By Mari On 06.21.2011 @ 8:24 am


i always end up forgetting things I never intended to forget. I remind myself to remember things and then they’re almost immediately forgotten. And then there are the things I wish I could forget…like him. I can’t forget him no matter how hard I try.

» Posted By Mari On 06.08.2011 @ 1:01 am


I remember being a child. Being free, and happy. I remember feeling special and I never knew why.

I remember him. I remember his face and his lips. I remember his arms around me. I remember the love.

» Posted By Mari On 05.30.2011 @ 5:23 pm

I remember how everyone was nice back then. I remember the trees and how they looked before spring. I remember summer last year and I know I’ll never forget this year’s summer as well.

» Posted By mari On 05.30.2011 @ 12:41 pm


agony and pain envelope ones whole being. the feeling of drowning in sorrow most profound. the darkness infinite and the sadness everlasting.

» Posted By Mari On 05.29.2011 @ 1:05 am


housewife, dog, cooking, kitchen, sewing machine, family food , pets, cozy, fireplace, backyard, picnics.

» Posted By Mari On 05.20.2011 @ 1:25 pm


These are the toys in the back of the closet. The feelings of good when your surrounded by feelings of misery. The forgotten are those that used to mean the world, and that now live in solitude at the bottom of one’s subconscious.

» Posted By Mari On 05.15.2011 @ 5:28 pm


She wants me to console her, but, predictably, I have no idea what to say. Her eyes are beating into mine, searching – almost pleading – and, in response, my mouth hangs open. Gaping. Waiting with her for consolidation to come out. Nothing. I look down at her, pet her head, and take her hand into mine, knowing that that consolidation is about the only one I can offer.

» Posted By Mari On 05.10.2011 @ 4:28 pm


Some call it god’s gift to the world, some call it the most disgusting thing imaginable. Birth is both excruciatingly painful and also the reason why you’re here today.

» Posted By Mari On 05.08.2011 @ 4:21 pm

birht is magic it is wonderful it is the most plesant feeling in life
It is nothing more than smile
joys and ramifications
birth is the

» Posted By mari On 05.08.2011 @ 4:20 pm


I won’t never use eyeliner, I always touch my eyes and every time I have worned in the past the eyeliner, my face looks like a mask, another good reason for not to wear eyeliner is that you never know when you are gonna cry, of joy of of sadness, and again your face would look like a mask

» Posted By mari On 05.06.2011 @ 2:44 pm

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