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A coat that is warm and fluffy is worth plenty in those cold nights in the city where the little matchstick girl lived and died. She was remembered by few, but missed by many.

» Posted By Mandy On 01.02.2010 @ 5:29 am

I had a coat once. It was black and bulky and loved by me. I was kept warm by this coat, much like the heart of one loved is kept warm by their other half. I loved my black, bulky coat. My coat is gone.

» Posted By Mandy On 01.01.2010 @ 8:11 pm


I gave both sets of grandparents birdhouses for Christmas. I think as you get older you like to watch birds more. I still haven’t figured out why that is. My grandma always tells me about the band-tailed pigeons when I visit. Is it because they can move easier than she? Escape?

» Posted By Mandy On 12.30.2009 @ 11:36 am


this is what you do when you are trying to hang on to something very tightly. you could also clasp someone’s hand if you were longing for something important from them or needed their help. A clasp also comes on a hair band or on a bra, it can be used to keep things together

» Posted By Mandy On 12.28.2009 @ 11:25 pm


My heart in my chest, invisible unseen but known that it exists. Somewhere in my anatomy. Not in my head though… My oh my.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.29.2009 @ 11:32 pm


The deck of cards laid on the table for over a week. It wasn’t like they ever played, but the brother and sister had neglected to put them away after their last venture. They weren’t able to finish the last game, which frustrated them.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.16.2009 @ 11:00 am


The ice cream cone tasted delicious in Anthony’s mouth. The ice cream itself was bitter and cold. There was nothing like the sensation of eating the frozen treat in the middle of winter. He felt as if he were eating the snow that surrounded him.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.12.2009 @ 8:56 am

i love ice cream cones. especially the pointy ones that you can get at baskin robbins. i hate hate hate when ice cream drips out of the bottom though. totally sucks. ohh and traffic cones. those are important and essential when needing to direct traffic. lol i don’t know

» Posted By Mandy On 11.11.2009 @ 3:27 pm


The horse slowed to a gallop. It had been running at a high speed when it nearly tripped and fell to the ground. The owner sat on top trying to hold on. As the horse galloped, then slowed to a walk, the owner loosened her grip.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.11.2009 @ 7:49 am


Her black headband felt too snug behind her ears. She wasn’t used to wearing it, but had put it on for the occasion. Her boyfriend had given it to her for her birthday. She knew she needed to wear it and show her appreciation.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.10.2009 @ 5:36 am


She smelled of incense and potpuri. It was the seventh night of her vigil and she was beginning to tire. Her friends had lost all contact with her and they were worried she may never return to normal. What happens if she doesn’t?

» Posted By Mandy On 11.09.2009 @ 5:19 am


Her shield was black with red trim. The symbol, a crane, was embedded on the front. It was her most prized possession. She never left home without it. It protected her from those who would attack her for her money. Many of the folks around here knew she came from a rich family.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.04.2009 @ 11:56 am


What is anyone’s identity? Are we really who we say we are? Do our activities and preferences define us? How can we really explain ourselves?

» Posted By mandy On 11.03.2009 @ 6:44 pm


I was certain that he would notice me in this new dress. My hair is definately different and sticks out like a sore thumb nowadays. How could he not notice me? Certainly he isn’t avoiding me. That would be too obvious and vicious.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.03.2009 @ 6:58 am

its the absolute point of being. can’t get anymore less confused about it. positive. who thinks in anything less? who is comfortable with anything less? absolutely. without a doubt.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.02.2009 @ 12:26 pm


Her eyes shown like amber in the daylight. Although they were light brown, everyone thought they were amber. She couldn’t refuse the idea and happily obliged the push for her eyes to be different.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.02.2009 @ 6:12 am


the old banjo was laid next to the window. the strings were broken like old brittle hair as the girl started to strum it. it broke.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.25.2009 @ 4:50 pm


She stood in the spotlight. Her entire life had been one big stage production. She was used to it. It was her dream. She loved to feel the warm glow of the lights hitting her as she moved through each character.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.24.2009 @ 5:27 am


The stripes on the couch were ugly. Sahara noted that they were larger than they should have been and were colors that didn’t match anything in the room. She wondered how someone who usually had such good fashion sense couldn’t pull together a living room.

» Posted By Mandy On 11.23.2009 @ 6:59 am


Eternal. That’s the word that sprang to mind when she thought about her new life. It would never end by disease or any of the other human elements. Her life was eternal now and she had to figure out what to do with it. What could she do that would last an eternity?

» Posted By Mandy On 11.19.2009 @ 8:42 am

eternal love. eternal death. eternal beauty. eternal life. eternal happiness. eternal…

» Posted By Mandy On 11.18.2009 @ 10:36 pm


“That’s weird. I thought I left my cell phone in my pocket. I guess I didn’t.” Stacy shrugged and kept walking. “There’s nothing like a relaxing day away from technology anyway. I’m so glad it won’t be pestering me with all of its ringing.”

» Posted By Mandy On 11.18.2009 @ 5:47 am


its how something feels. It can tell you a lot about something just using one sense, touch. A lot of people I know don’t like certain foods because of the texture of it.

» Posted By Mandy On 12.10.2009 @ 9:10 pm


The stem of the flower bent as the boy plucked it from the ground. He hadn’t realized what removing it from its home would do to it. His stubby fingers pulled and twisted the stem until it broke. Tears began to roll down his cheeks. His beloved flower was gone.

» Posted By Mandy On 12.09.2009 @ 5:21 am


She wanted to enhance her beauty. She tried everything from dying her hair to changing the type of clothes she wore. Her makeup was more conservative than usual too. Nothing seemed to work. She felt trapped in a facade. She wasn’t herself anymore.

» Posted By Mandy On 12.08.2009 @ 8:02 am


He came to worship his king. The almighty ruler of the land was like an answered prayer to Kafe. He watched as the king spoke to his people. Kafe stood in awe. He wanted to hold the man, to stand by him, to love him.

» Posted By Mandy On 12.07.2009 @ 7:04 am


The troops headed off to battle. The leader of the team focused all of his attention ahead of him. His sharp eyes would catch anything that breathed in that salty desert air. The hot sun bore down of the troops as they ran faster to get to their destination.

» Posted By Mandy On 12.03.2009 @ 8:29 am


The bee buzzed around Shari’s head. It was an incessant sound. It annoyed her. She swatted at the bee again and again, but it kept coming back. “Darn bee. I’ll get you yet.” She swatted again and missed. She nearly fell over doing so.

» Posted By Mandy On 12.02.2009 @ 11:28 am


The mailbox stood empty. It’s flag sullenly laying at the side. The deep blue canvased its sleek surface. Would it ever feel alive again? Would it feel used should someone come?

» Posted By Mandy On 12.17.2009 @ 10:41 am


there was a rush of air as the lovely sweet smell hit my face. the smell of pine. snow was present and the crispness of the scent burnt my nose. it was green and minty with a hint of

» Posted By mandy On 12.15.2009 @ 6:48 pm

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