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She hit the transmit button and sent out the signal. It’s faint cry echoed throughout the forest. Would they hear it? Would they know where it came from? Her mind raced as it tried to calm her nerves. She was alone and scared. There would be no tomorrow if her plan didn’t work.

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shot me dead.
fight to survive.
we’re all dead.
because of you.
place you in my hands.

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It’s that stupid accent my mother would always try to mimic to impress us. We knew she wasn’t educated, but she tried to make us think she was. Always. We hated it.

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Hit me. I wish she would have. Then everything would have been valid. It doesn’t matter when you go to school and tell everybody your mom says horrible things to you, but when you say she hits you, then they listen. Then, it matters. Then, they take her away. She never hit me, so I left instead.
She was that bad.

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She went into labor around nine o’clock that night. I thought it wouldn’t last long. The doctor’s had told me she was ready and that by midnight I should be a father. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. By midnight I was a widow without a child. Something happened. Something bad. I was determined to find out what.

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I wanted them to care in a way I didn’t yet understand. I wanted them to hug me and ask me questions and do everything nobody else did. And they did. My teachers took over where everybody else stopped, and it was incredible. They loved me until they cried and then some. They saved my life. They made me understand what love is.

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Taking root, the tree of desire stood alone in the center of the garden. It’s bare branches swayed in the high winds like couples intertwining in love. There were no leaves. There were no colors.

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“What an idiot!” Shea couldn’t stop saying those words as she stared at his picture. “That moron. How could he be so stupid?” Carl had been her best friend since second grade. He’d never shown this side of himself before.

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Drops of rain pelted Zalia as she ran towards home. Had she not been desperate to flee from Haden, she would have gotten a cab. She knew he wouldn’t pursue her in the rain.

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Snap…reminds me of Snape. Snape-a-doodle. Haha My sister and I always joke about that. Always. Its probably only funny to us. I wonder if we’ll remember it when we’re older and have forgotten most childhood things. Who knows what we’ll remember when we’re older? I’m trying so hard not to forget though. I won’t forget. I promise.

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She hit the mute button so she could figure out what that horrible noise was. She peered through the blinds and saw a dog howling at something she couldn’t see. What is that? She asked herself. What could possibly have started all this commotion?

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There were many options to consider. She had to decide and do it quickly. There was the man of her dreams who had left her all alone, but had recently come back saying he was very sorry. Then there was the man she was to marry. If she let him go, she knew she’d regret it. What if her first choice were the wrong one?

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I was hooked from the first moment. Sitting on the edge of my seat as the music rolled over the images, my eyes were glued to the screen. There it was. All that dancing made me want to move around. I wanted to be up there on that screen.

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The clipboard hung quietly on the wall waiting for a pair of hands to reach for it. Its slender brown frame took on a new look as the light beamed onto it. The sheen was almost blinding.

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The rain began to pour as Sheila drifted into another dream. This time her hands were tied and her mouth gagged. She couldn’t move. Something had seized her. She couldn’t scream. It was as though her whole body had become a shell.

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I trot on Turkey Day and have a turkey named Trot. Then, after Thanksgiving, I find another turkey. I try not to name it Trot. This makes me trot. People see me trot and they appear amused. I see them trot, too.

» Posted By Mandy On 10.14.2009 @ 11:51 am


orchids make my nose itch. I hate them. Not that it matters, nobody ever gave me one. I’ve seen them plenty of times though. My sister got them every year for the high school spring dance when Jim Sultz came by for his annual date.

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Survive. Survival. To merely survive is not enough, one hs to live. To taste life, to savor it in all its complexities. To taste the bitterness of defeat, the sweet sorrow of failure, and the overwhelming joy of love.

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I saw his neck and I looked at the pale, soft skin. My mind began to race, thinking about all of the things I could do to get near his neck: I’d like to brush my soft pink lips on it, maybe rub it, maybe just lay my head on his shoulder and nuzzle it with my nose…

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in a cave
lost alone afraid
the cave’s mouth
i cant leave
cant leave the cave
only hope
that someone will know
know im in a cave
not the normal cave
my personal cave
the cave that is in my brain
its scary and alone
save me

» Posted By Mandy On 03.27.2010 @ 12:56 pm


bloody messsy violent ballet. punching bruises ouch! toughest women alive…craziest, too. why would you want to hurt another human being soooo much? Are we that angry, and

» Posted By mandy On 03.31.2010 @ 2:38 pm

The boxing match ended with little time to spare. Jackie had to rush from the building in order to make it home in time to pick up his son. The boy had been staying with a friend for the past week as Jackie trained for the big match. Would his son disapprove of his bloody face?

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The tower stood off in the distance away from the town. Its ominous glow torturing the souls that got too close to it. There was something wrong, but what? No one had yet figured out who or what had caused the disturbance.

» Posted By Mandy On 03.17.2010 @ 6:52 am


Arrow shot through the sky
The purr of it’s engine revved and alive
The exhaust and the fumes leaked from its sides
Arrow, my plane way up in the sky….

» Posted By mandy On 10.31.2009 @ 3:51 am


She held the scissors tightly. It was almost like dealing with a matter of life and death. She kept them close to the end of her hair, but was afraid to move. Was she ever going to do it? Was she ever going to be brave enough? Snip. There was the first cut. Now, how many more would she make?

» Posted By Mandy On 10.29.2009 @ 11:55 am


i love shoes i have lot sof shoes i love high heels they are fabulous. but they cant be stilettos they have to be chunky stripper heels. shoes are my most favorite possession. i need more shoes i dont own enough of them

» Posted By mandy On 10.28.2009 @ 7:07 pm


My sister and I want to learn how to play the piano because it makes beautiful music. I would love to see the notes fly out when playing flight of the bumble bee.

» Posted By Mandy On 10.23.2009 @ 5:55 pm


She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. That old saying was something she’d become accustomed to hearing over her sixteen years of life. No one believed she wasn’t the child of some rich Hollywood family. That was just the way people perceived her.

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Her toy made such amazing sounds that she couldn’t put it down. Where were they coming from? How does my toy make this sound, she questioned. Her three year old mind wasn’t yet able to comprehend what was going on.

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The blizzard moved through quickly so I was able to get home safe that night. Had it continued to snow, I would have been stuck with him when I really didn’t want to be. He had pushed me to my limit and I would’ve tried to hurt him had I stayed.

» Posted By Mandy On 02.11.2010 @ 5:23 am

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