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offering at church for some reason pops into my mind at first. without thinking thats what i think of….if that makes any sense at all. Im not quite sure why they do that. I mean obviously to help keep the church going. but i feel that it is a bit odd sometimes. give us your money! give us your money! i mean dang, i only have so much money, right? im praying for money and giving it away at the same time. it doesnt make much sense. but maybe im crazy.

» Posted By mae On 05.13.2009 @ 3:35 pm


one day, i was in an apartment with my boyfriend and we were talking about babies. i told him that i was early this month and i went to see a doctor. then i found out something was wrong and i died. the end.

» Posted By Mae On 09.22.2009 @ 6:21 pm


yodoling violite kings with ten hundered grasshopper doing the macarana to winter-spoon waltz sixty seconds to go one to one to go go go alpha team move the old house was very big many windows we had three in our bedroom but now i have 3 again.

» Posted By mae On 08.30.2009 @ 10:08 am


I don’t know what to write. I feel misunderstood most of the time. People think that i’m such a happy go lucky person and i’m not. One person in high school told me i was the happiest person they knew and it made me so sad because i wasn’t happy at all. I felt so alone.

» Posted By Mae On 04.08.2009 @ 4:09 pm


we all want something, all I want is to not want anything at all.

I will never be who they want me to be. and I’m just fine with that.

» Posted By mae On 08.27.2008 @ 4:53 pm


I am alone. alone in the hollows of these shadows. you can’t see me, but I watch you. I watch every movement you make, count every breath you take. You don’t like your polka dotted underwear. you only eat red apples. I know this, I am this, because I love you.

» Posted By mae On 08.22.2008 @ 3:39 pm


wildflowers grow in the places where no one looks. I don’t know what I’m writing. I suck at creative writing anyhoo. I should do math but I hate that too.

I guess I’m a wildflower with no purpose in life but to look pretty. or whatever. end, dammit.

» Posted By mae On 09.15.2008 @ 3:22 am


oh i don’t know exactly what this word does mean, i hate when i don’t know whatwords does mean, i feel i’m juste stupid and i’m not oh maybe i am in fact i dont know, but yes i know, it isn’t the real problem, the real problem is that i want to be loved by somenone i would love as mluch as he loves me, but it is oh i was about to write it isnt possible but i thuink it is, i think we can eat cornflakes on a beach also and that could be fantastic but well, i don’t know exactly.

» Posted By mae On 09.04.2008 @ 7:06 am


what am i supposed to write about a trail? well. ill never know where it leads until i go to the end. or if theres a sign. imma find more trails. less dangeroud than a not trail, right? always go forward never look back. unless you forgot something. and dont forget your trailmix!

» Posted By Mae On 06.28.2008 @ 4:43 am


confusion is something that plagues is alllll. yes it does. i get confused when someone tells a crappy joke and i feel like i should understand it. i get confused when life gives me so many lemons i am crushed under them and can’t find the sugar to make lemonade. oh god the above bar is turning red AAH. that doesnt confuse me though…

» Posted By mae On 01.05.2010 @ 11:25 pm


cover me with your coat
keep the rain away from eyes
sheild me from the tears God crys

your coat is soft
your coat is warm
so why does it sing a song from hell
with such resonating pride

» Posted By Mae On 01.01.2010 @ 10:39 pm


the birdhouse holds our memories
the sweet memories of childhood
i wonder if our dreams from then will die
as our birdhouse rots away

lets make sure it never leaves
lets protect our childlhood form theives

» Posted By Mae On 12.29.2009 @ 9:05 pm


lets clasp hands you and I
maybe well find hope in your eyes
Cause you no you wont find it in mine

maybe you’ll bring something i’ve lost
and remind me why i want to long

» Posted By Mae On 12.28.2009 @ 3:27 pm


overflowing. things can overflow, like a drink in a glass. what does overflowing mean? overflowing life supply of God. and there are many other things that can overflow. overfling

» Posted By mae On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


pedal get you places. there are pedals on bikes and trikes and i guess any other sort of childish transportation like that. i really enjoy pedaling, it works my thighs and builds cardio. can hurt after a while. but fuck it, its worth it to ride your bike instead of taking a car.

» Posted By mae On 12.05.2009 @ 9:47 pm


A blind is a funny thing. It keeps out the world and it keeps out the light, but it doesn’t make you blind. You can still see yourself in the way that you can if you had left them open.

» Posted By Mae On 12.27.2009 @ 10:45 am


He hid in the hut with a large spear and no clothes on. It had been years since he last saw another human. He didn’t know what to do when one suddenly and terrfyingly stumbled into his presence. He was covered in blood and breathed heavily as he collasped against the wall. “Who are you?”


» Posted By Mae On 12.17.2009 @ 7:49 pm


If the world cant speak then what kind of world is it?
A good one.
You cant critisize or bash anyone, you cant tease them about how they look or anything like that.
Maybe the world should be mute.
Maybe the world should also be blind, like the fish in caves with no eyes who cant see.
It might help the world.
You never know.

» Posted By mae On 01.26.2010 @ 8:01 pm

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