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It’s like books, they transport you, right? That’s what everyone says, that’s what they told me when I was a little kid who didn’t want to read. Joke’s on them, because eventually I wouldn’t stop reading long enough to do anything else. Now my goal is to write. I want to transport people. But not on a city bus.

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If you leave an aluminum water bottle out in the sun will the water inside eventually boil? that would suck if it’s a hot day and you’re at marching band practice and suddenly you irreparably damage your mouth because you didn’t think to bring a regular plastic bottle even though the guy selling it assured you you were helping the environment

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This relationship is becoming a chore. I’m tired of being with him. He’s been so clingy and yet testy lately… maybe I should have more sympathy, but I don’t see why I need to be punished. It’s not like I’m the one who pushed his mom from the top of that building.

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I could feel the crushing weight of the stone slabs on my chest. Well, of course I could. How could I overlook it? The only comfort I had was proclaiming, over and over in my mind, “I am innocent.”

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I’ve never gone anywhere by train. It’s kind of weird how like 100 years ago trains were an incredible, revolutionary way to travel and unlocked the western US, but now it’s… somewhat of a novelty. Maybe in another 100 years we’ll have jetpacks. Hell yeah.

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When you rise, it’s like, you know, ascension. You’re going up. There’s no looking back, because it’s all uphill from here… until it’s all downhill… then I guess you’re not rising anymore. Yeah. You’re antirising. That’s it. Descending. People say that like it’s a bad thing.

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On the corner of Main Street and Depot. That’s where he lived. I think he moved down the street a year or two ago. The fact is, I don’t care anymore. I kind of wish I did, but… nah.

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radio is awesome i like listening to the radio its pretty cool there is a lot of crap on there though its all gangster rap and not enough metal wich is what i like not rap screw rap and also the comercials they are terriible but thats ok as long as there arent too many of them

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Shiny supremacy walking over the soul of vinyl, charging over its grooved corpse. All hiss and crackle gone but where is the soul, where is the substance?

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REFLECTION. ok. yeah, thats the word. im going to write about it, damn straight. there it is, i feel my creative juices flowing. viscously. no, wait, not that.. FUCK. im thinking write now, FUCK, im pumped. ok now im ready. yeah. ok heres what im going to write.
about reflection, here we go. about reflecting things, here:

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When you are not sick, this is what you are

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the race of life , i dont see myself winning… i am losing to my confidence, drown…
may i win over his heart? those smiling eyes?

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“I think Shampoo is a sham, poo(h)!”

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Shampoo is used to wash hair. It makes hair soft,silky and shiny and it smells good. Well, it all depends upon the shampoo actually. lol. It’s available in bottles and sachets. I prefer bottles. They last much longer obviously. I shampoo my hair once a week. I hate it actually. It’s very boring. Shampoo’s got 2 o’s. Is the time up already? Shampoo’s come in a lot of flavors and fragrance.

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There was a grid, a pattern to the swirling designs on the paper. He wasn’t the kind of architect who would make a city around a circle, or something of that sort; the simple, straight, efficient lines of a grid pleased him. It made the city easier to govern, for one. When the police came it would be so much the better for them, chasing after criminals on broad straight streets –

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Villains are also known as protagonists which usually harm heroes, otherwise known as antagonists, emotionally and physically, which creates a twist in the story structure.

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How insignificant, how minuscule, a penny.

Worth more than it’s value.

Perhaps these days, people should appreciate the little things in life more, rather than depreciate what it could be.

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I want a milkshake, a cigarette and the love of someone who is not my boyfriend. Oh, oh.

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Bars are commonly used in prisons to keep the prisoners from escaping the prison. There are also chocolate bars, for example. They’re delicious! Oh, and there are also bars, you know, pubs. Lotsa music, food and drinks.

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the limit is nothing. you can never, EVER. reach. your. limit. so yeah. you’re gay.

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Bulbs give off light. They are white.

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people are too proud. i saw someone today with a peace symbol on a shirt that was probably manufactured by child labor in a third world country.
then the smuggest car i have ever seen. it was a PT cruiser, the plates said “i bike”… and then he had vegan stickers all over the bumper.

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sitting is great because we lie to much lol

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what the…?!

sorry! sorry!


huh? anyway, this is not my fucking fault! if you want to have sex, be discreet about it!

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Folding her hands over her lap, she sighed. A little more time. Exactly what she wanted.

A little shaky, she pushed her glasses atop her nose. She’s ponding over the idea of skipping the meeting or staying. They haven’t seen each other for a while now and now that they would..

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I fold the papers across the desk, feeling my life being set into stone as I do. It’s hard to let things go, sure. But not as hard as as it can be. Maybe it’s easier just to do this, instead of just throwing everything away with a more simple stipulation. An easier one, I’m sure. Yes, an easier one.

I’m sure there are many, too many of them to make this decision comforting.

I fold the divorce papers and say goodbye.

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