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they were alone, with no one to hold, no one to touch, no one to love, but themselves
it was a cold life and it was a dark hole and they were simply lost in their own minds

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I bite as hard as can, try to chew on the softness that hurts me every now and then. My teeth hurt cause it was never ment to be.

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Among the various abilities Conner had conjured to be in his own capabilities, the concept that sound may be not only amplified, but constantly audible was almost alien to him. Pausing, stopping all focused, planned, marginalized movement would result in a sudden sweep of voices, songs, and the vibrating sounds of machinery in the base. He could barely stand it, and continued moving toward; checking how M’gann was doing, spar with Dick if he was up for it, anything to flood out the noise. This was just an inconvenience, he decided, a shallow rejection to his own powers, and come one time or another he would learn to adapt. But not now, not when he needed be responsible with his own strength, stay in the line, and make sure nobody got hurt.

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John slipped the sunglasses off the bridge of Dave’s noise, dangling then in his hands and not quite sure what to make of them. Witnessing his friend wear the things so often quickly became a day-to-day basis, and had taken John more than it should have to realize that they were in fact, detachable from the Strider person. If anything, sunglasses might as well be hereditary. The sole unique trait of the Strider bloodlines, and the constant source for their undeniable coolness. John contemplated what to do with the glasses, gazing down at them once again before deciding that their place was better with Dave. He could’ve been ironically fantastic, or just as personally bland, but John usually enjoyed himself more without being those.

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Okay so it was a fake, no big deal. Tim could deal with that. In fact, if anything, he’d suspected the stupid thing wasn’t real in the first place. Kon laughed and shrugged it off, sure it gave him every possibility of seeming the most rebellious on the team, but Tim’s discontent was hardly the moving force he thought it to be. They had an image to uphold, Tim said, the least they could do was uphold a decent reputation. Of course Bart had the least to say about the matter, because if anything he was the most unaware of the obvious urgency their argument had come to.

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Not according to mission

“Look,” Dick was trying his best to stay composed, which was normally a pretty easy thing for him to do. Deep breath in, deep breath out, and just don’t make eye contact. Or maybe not, making eye contact was good. Do that, people take you more seriously – didn’t Bruce say something like that once?

In fact, maybe Wally was the one who had told him that. Although that was a kind of ridiculous and obviously out of place notion because if anyone knew how to stay still, it wasn’t a particular ginger.

Things were a lot harder when you couldn’t take you eyes off him, though.

» Posted By Kit On 04.14.2012 @ 4:16 pm


Koyomi Araragi found situations embedded to himself the same manner in which he had witnessed Shinbou linger in whatever dank, frozen place she normally found herself about. Nonetheless, he accepted them. Not that he would have any opportunity to refuse, because just as he would something even more terrible would wind around to swat him in the face. In fact, this too was just as synched in his existence just as complex and ultimately disfiguring excitement was. Vampires were, afterward, somewhat off the beaten track and then maybe thrown around against a wall some.

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Tonight wouldn’t be difficult at all. Muzuni rubbed the bandages running down her shoulder, and then the ones that tightened themselves around the wrists. Combat was built on a stagnant discipline with involved the constant belief that there would still remain a plausible outcome for you in the end. In fact, the blow to the chin hadn’t felt like a concern, a possibly wouldn’t become one in the future. The pins pricked against the tips of her other good hand, leaving sharp little prods and then somehow vanishing. Sewing was another thing, maybe a tad too violent for a manual hobby, but nothing as explosive as practice with her brother.

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Tim’s connection to the family was of course, strained. Mud clotted on his boots would drag into the mansion after missions, which Alfred would silently comply to taking care of. Although it wasn’t as if he had suspected adversity in the teen in his distinct lack in communicative appreciation. Today was just a bit bleak, bad, not his good side. The Robin suit would need its customary amount of repairs to be applied here and there. The mask could be taken cared of later, there wasn’t much use for it when he was with father.

» Posted By Kit On 04.07.2012 @ 7:00 pm


In the single moment when thirty seconds evolve into a whole minute, Jason counted each of his breaths in the back of mind as he grasped the rope. He could feel the thick material stitch against his gloves, and pressed his knees together like Bruce had told him. Suddenly he was more than hundred feet over Gotham, lost in the unexpected rush of adrenaline and quickening pounding in his chest.

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my loss. Sometimes I think my loss is nothing compared to what I’ve gained. So what if it’s several thousand dollars.OK, more than that even. But what I have in return is a softer gentler child. A child who is more

» Posted By kit On 02.24.2012 @ 1:42 am


Shawok laughed, and leaned over Ken’s shoulder with the camera in her right hand. The sunlight glared off the lenses, suddenly lashing away from the device into a single line. Each fraction of light was merged into hundred of individual strips, collected and merging together into a blazing white color. Ken held his breath and glanced over his shoulder as Shawok pulled away, lowering the camera and turning it around. The lenses had been unfortunately burnt, stripping the device of any use it may have had. However there already were higher obligations at hand; the collected light had already begun to curve and collapse on to itself.

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The volume of electricity was profound, and sent a horrifying rumble throughout the dorm. Aian stepped back, afraid for his own safety and gazed up at the flickering blue sparks surrounding him. They leaped into the air, striking the ceiling and just as quickly vanishing out of existence.

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Tim felt his voice lock up in his chest, and grabbed the cape. It dropped on to the floor in a single movement, going ignored as the teen made his way across the room. Kon could sense the his breathing – he was hurt. However he leaned against the edge of the door, knowing Tim could sense him but reluctant to make any suggest gestures. He heard something strike the wall, and nosily fall on to the ground. Afterwards there were was a prolonged silence, and then footsteps. Kon froze as they approached the door, but suddenly came to stop. The door rattled against his back as it was knocked, awkwardly shaking him back on his toes. Tim sounded choked, and lacked direction his speech normally carried. “Kon,” He heard. “Kon, let’s go home.”

» Posted By Kit On 01.29.2012 @ 6:23 pm


The incredible noise and clamor had developed into an annoyance long ago. Now Dave could only focus on the boy’s dexterous fingers brushing against the keys of the instrument. The horrendous sound continued to emit from it, and John compassionately ignored the others dissonance.

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The first time was a tangle of juvenile anxious and the oddity of awkward angular gestures. Heather’s boney fingers could barely reach Antony’s and wretched away. Something had knotted itself up in the boy’s throat, festering and collecting anything he may have wished to say. Another gesticulated move later, Heather finished, and pried the linen of the mattress against her breast lacking chest.

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Maskia had recently found a new form of occupation on the foreign land. At first his pre-existing conceptions had hindered his opinions of the region. However at the days continued to platonically passed his relationship with Aian had also conceived a pleasing new revelation. Only so many miles from the bay of the region lied a crescent shaped facility, most noticeably unheard of until recent. Locals had informed the two that the newly built landmark acted as a form of refinery, more than likely for the plausible oil deposit famous by neighboring islands.

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The blade of the sword reflected the sunlight back at Dave. His shades flashed as he dashed over the dune, knocking up the sand behind him. He could hear Gamzee’s hyena like cackling in the distance as the winds continued to wail. Another gust of sand lashed at him as Dave steadied his blade. A juggling pin launched into the air, and landed directly next to the teen’s feet. He had to focus, Dave thought, it could get dangerous before he even knew it.

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Terezi grinned and grabbed Dave by the shoulders. He stared down at her shark like teeth and glanced in the opposite direction. “So Dave,” Terezi laughed, “Do you like cherries?” The troll dropped the bag, spilling the small red fruits over their feet. Dave couldn’t quite define the others expression through her glasses, and faked a smirk. In the corner of the room the record player continued to screech the same beat over and over. “They’re cool.” He said.

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Terezi grinned and grabbed Dave by the shoulders. He stared down at her shark like teeth and glanced in the opposite direction. “So Dave,” Terezi laughed, “Do you like cherries?” The troll dropped the bag, dropping the small red fruits over their feet. Dave couldn’t quite define the others expression through her glasses, and faked a grin. “They’re cool.”

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It smashed through the sky and reverberated in her body. It was more powerful than screaming. More powerful than anything. It filled the place with an atmosphere that was tangible.

» Posted By Kit On 12.19.2011 @ 11:43 am


A text book definition of fun, it creats slides, battleships, a swing a place to fall asleep when older. Drunkin men have caves there. Its a time to play and a time to ground. As an adult I mostly go for the swings. as a boy it was for the monkey bars.

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okay. so I had a shirt with a thread coming off of it. It was terribly annoying, and I couldn’t even rip it off. I tried to pull at it, but it didn’t really do anything. I didn’t have any scissors on me either. I attempted to cut it with my car keys, but no luck. Alas, someone standing close had a pocket knife, and that certainly did the job. The end.

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The crane swooped across the lake, diving low and grabbing a fish before disappearing into the mist. The lone photographer barely caught the tip of the bird’s wing before it was gone. He reflected that this gorgeous bird was much better than a metal crane.

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Of all the presents I’m ever given, the ones I remember most are the hugs. I doubt my friends remember them all, because it’s an unspoken fact: You give and forget. I never do. Sometimes, the most priceless things are the things you can’t keep, but only barely remember. I guess that’s just a given.

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I was backed into a corner. He stood before me. I was shaking. Sweat was on his brow. I was quivering. His voice was quiet yet stern. I was feeling faint. At once we kissed, what we each had wanted all along.

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He lifted the canteen to his mouth. Ahhhh. The refreshment. Nothing was better or more satisfying. The coolness. The wetness. But, he knew he needed to preserve the rest for later. It was a blistering 97 degrees. With no shade. He had to make the plateau by nightfall. The odds were doubtful.

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The torch I hold for you is waning. The flame I thought would burn forever is getting less hot day by day. The sizzling I once heard constantly is now a crackle every now and again and it’s annoying…like you. I’m putting this torch down. It’s gotten heavy and burdensome.

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You darn little varmint. I went to bed last night with a perfect lawn. Today, I awoke to routes of an underground city sprawled this way and that. No more yard of the month. You darn little varmint.

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Eve had the apple. I have you. Passing in the hall at preschool as we drop off our daughters. I am tempted. Your cologne leaves a scent that haunts me until pick up. Your blonde curls. Your tight tshirt. Thankful I’m happily married but oh for just a taste.

» Posted By Kit On 05.17.2011 @ 2:30 pm

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