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Think of all the hate as a comedy show. You will feel better if you think like that…

» Posted By Kevin On 04.24.2016 @ 7:26 pm


Being academic is basically a skill you would like to make your life more enjoyable. If you’re academic, you don’t have to stress about the things you don’t know. Stressing out is a bad thing for your body. You want to be very academic to live a better life.

» Posted By Kevin On 04.14.2016 @ 5:07 pm


Life is always mysterious. Why are we alive? What’s the point? We will probably never find out. Life is probably something you can enjoy and then let it all go in the end.

» Posted By Kevin On 04.12.2016 @ 11:12 am


All you need is to stay stable. Don’t fall off, stay stable. Staying stable at one thing is super important, If you try to make multiple things stable, it will crash badly.

» Posted By Kevin On 04.10.2016 @ 11:27 pm


The attack of a new virus will be unstoppable. We should all learn that our lives would end we will rest in peace. Attacking someone or something is useless, it would never work,

» Posted By Kevin On 04.09.2016 @ 9:14 pm


You are always chosen at some stage to do something great in life. That’s what life’s about. Your heart will choose something you are great at, something you like to do and will do for the rest of your life.

» Posted By Kevin On 04.08.2016 @ 7:08 pm


Soon enough, the world will become dormant, we all will become dormant with it. Our body will soon stop functioning and our bodies will fall to deep sleep. Have fun humans that live on planet Earth.

» Posted By Kevin On 04.07.2016 @ 5:47 pm


Poss – A possum. ible – Like the bible. This could mean that possums might possibly be a gods favourite animal. This could be possible or impossible, though, we still don’t know if this is true or not. Might be a coincidence, might not.

» Posted By Kevin On 04.06.2016 @ 8:44 pm

Nearly everything in this world is possible, lots of things are impossible too. Using your imagination is when you think everything in this world is possible if you try. But there are only so much in this world you think is possible which is impossible.

» Posted By Kevin On 04.06.2016 @ 12:15 pm


The snake began to rattle as it crawled closer and closer to Kevin’s leg. How did he not hear the sound of the rattle. The snake took it’s time as it slithered closer and closer to the white hairy leg that now lay before him.

» Posted By Kevin On 02.28.2016 @ 12:04 pm


I went to the movies with her. I didn’t see a single scene. I don’t even know which movie we’ve seen. I don’t know her name, all I know is she sat two rows in front of me and she lives on 401 west high street. I know this because I followed her home.

» Posted By Kevin On 09.29.2015 @ 7:52 pm


After months of gathering materials, the corrosive mixture was finally ready for use. Drew had spent most of his recent prison time in anticipation of its completion. Now it was time. Would freedom come soon?

» Posted By Kevin On 07.08.2015 @ 9:41 am


I wanted it. I wanted it more than her. It was a simple thing; a gold necklace with diamonds nestled in a wide broach. It was her grandmother’s. But I deserved it. It’s the law of nature–take what you want because you can.

» Posted By Kevin On 05.03.2015 @ 5:17 pm


Racing toward the goal one thousand miles per hour with the laser beam focus of a radioactive photon.

» Posted By kevin On 04.29.2015 @ 3:24 am


I couldn’t tell where I was at. I went though the door and noticed all these wild crazy looking paintings. These paintings were almost occult like in nature. I would of never expected to see this at a terminal. I was spooked!

» Posted By kevin On 04.08.2015 @ 4:15 am


Dumplings are good like hot cross buns and red poles beacuse they smell like pillows. They come in many different shapes like pencil, plant, and windowsills

» Posted By Kevin On 03.08.2015 @ 1:27 pm

Goods can be manty things like foods, jewels, water, more food, and more jewels

» Posted By Kevin On 03.08.2015 @ 1:24 pm

Goods are very good because it have the word good in it there what makes it so good

» Posted By Kevin On 03.08.2015 @ 1:21 pm


» Posted By Kevin On 03.08.2015 @ 12:57 pm


A scientist is a person who studies in their type of field of their subject.

» Posted By kevin On 03.03.2015 @ 9:29 am


What is smog, I don’t understand this word, never heard it before. Idk

» Posted By Kevin On 02.26.2015 @ 12:10 pm

Smog is smoke that is more near the ground for escaping use. Also for combat use with smoke gernades.

» Posted By kevin On 02.26.2015 @ 8:20 am


An audience is a group of people that are there to watch you reveal or do something entertaining.

» Posted By kevin On 02.25.2015 @ 11:54 am


Drunken, and homeless I walk up to some stranger and walk him across the face with a bottel of wine. Then I puke down his shirt, he slaps me and I faint.

» Posted By Kevin On 02.24.2015 @ 2:01 pm


At least there’s nothing here to be afraid of, he said, staring outside of his train car. She was not as convinced as he, noting the age of the viaducts they were traveling over, and their poor state of repair.

» Posted By Kevin On 09.12.2014 @ 4:00 pm


the framework of the house was very complicated.

» Posted By kevin On 05.21.2014 @ 10:21 am


the unknown person died

» Posted By kevin On 05.20.2014 @ 10:24 am


This city had burned me out, or I had grown weary of its constant, dreary attempts to welcome me. I had to go. I didnt have a plan, but then, I had no purpose. One cannot have a purpose without a plan.

» Posted By Kevin On 05.19.2014 @ 11:07 am


You should have reverence for things that deserve it. But not all things deserver reverence. What makes something worthy of reverence? Something that should be revered is a very rare thing and I wonder how many people revere anything at all.

» Posted By Kevin On 05.07.2014 @ 5:12 pm


Sitting in her wheelchair, the old woman looked out the window. It was morning; the light hit her face gently, welcoming. A plant sat on the sill, drooping a little. The woman wondered if her daughter would visit her today, but she remained doubtful

» Posted By Kevin On 01.08.2014 @ 7:01 pm

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