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girls like you are a dime a dozen he yelled. as if it was supposed to hurt me in anyway. it didnt. it made me laugh, it made me giggle like a school girl. who the fuck was he kidding. i was borderline perfect and he borderline fucked up. he would never be able to find someone like me. i laughed all while trying to convince myself i was right. but who the hell was i kidding. he’d find someone about 10 times better, prettier and skinnier and id still be alone. but thats just how some cards are dealt. youll eventually get over it, move on, but never forget it happened.

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the thorns pricked her as she threw out what was left of the dead roses he had given her. they we tucked gently away in what she called the boyfriend box. everything was in there. it had been over a year since the break up and she was still adding things from the dates they had gone on since the break up. finally she realized it was time to get over him and move on, pray to god that she got her period and put him in the past. she didn’t hate him for all the hurt he caused upon her, she wasn’t angry. she knew what they once had was finish and gone beyond repair. she no longer had the will to fight, if he didn’t care, she didn’t care. she could move on quietly and fix her life to the point where she could be happy as she once was. it was a new year for her, she had dropped a few pounds, made some new friends and day by day she was gaining what she alled her old life and her self esteem back without running away to canada every chance she got.

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oh god, i thought as i threw everything in my trunk. i was done, so fucking done. done with everything. life was beyond pointless and it was time for me to embark on a new adventure. where was i going to go? somewhere west? some where south? maybe somewhere north. hell i was already as east as i could get. i wanted to leave new york in general. find a new state, a new state of mind, a new state to fall in love and start over.

» Posted By Kae On 01.03.2012 @ 6:50 pm


he was deaf to all sounds that she had made. her desperate attempts for him to understand, for him to hear her failed. she was voiceless, the words wouldn’t, couldn’t and probably shouldn’t come out. powerless was all she was. she had nothing.

left heartbroken after all this time. she was to picky to move on, to scared to move on. here hopes were up that he’d come back, but he had moved on and it was clear. he was deaf to everything to do with her.

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the thunder was louder than anything that night. i laid scared, motionless in my bed. he could feel my fear. with that, he put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. soon, the thunder sounded like nothing.

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she was just a blemish on this perfect world. she meant nothing, she was nothing. she was nothing but an ugly mark on this perfect world. no matter what the world did they couldn’t remove her. she was just as ugly as she made herself believe she was.

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we arrived at the temple with less than a few seconds to spare, kiss me he said! i giggled like a school girl and said we dont have time, i’ll pay you back on the way out. if only being 12 again could fix our relationship, id probably do it again. that temple in the woods didn’t seem so big compared to what wed go through together as a adults, but then again there was nothing about “us” any more. we weren’t together and nor did we talk. it was simply you and i. but never together.

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her make up palette laid on her dresser wide open. she sat on her vanity chair hoping, praying, wishing that for once she didn’t need to rely on her good looks. that maybe someone would see her for more than just a pretty face.

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she lived everyday as disney taught. disney has taught her to live as if she were a princess. she so desperately awaited the day for her prince to come and rescue her. but princes didn’t exist and she wasn’t even a princess. her life fell apart at the seams. if her prince didn’t exist what was the point of her even living?

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the gown she wore that night was beyond elegant. she looked to precious to be visiting her beloved ex in a cemetery, it had been almost 2 years since the break up and the horrible accident. she wasn’t to blame, she couldn’t be to blame. he walked out, she didnt.

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i beckoned him to come back, but i simply had no luck. he was gone. he didnt even turn to say goodbye. i had lost him for the last time. what was i going to do? i felt my heart drop and my knees felt weak, not in the good way either. a part of myself had died the minute he looked at me, mouthed goodbye and walked away. the moment he walked right out of my life.

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and all of the sudden it started to downpour. the rain hit hard against my roof. in that moment i wanted to get in my car and drive to him. pull him outside and kiss him in the ran like all those romantic movies. or simply just take his hand. but i was awkward and he was perfect in every sense of the word.

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I remember when I was younger, still in high school, they always made us watch “Mean Girls”.

The more I think about it, the more I realize, that is nothing like real life.

Yes, real life is mean. And yes all of it is difficult.

But real life is so much more than I ever thought it would be in the tiny capsule of high school.

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colorful things
paint brushes

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Strength is something inside of you that can’t be forced, can’t be given, can’t be tamed. Find your own strength and use it to get you through hard times. Those who have suffered are always much more knowledgeable than those who haven’t.
How can you find out just how strong you are if you are never tested, if you never have to be strong through out any hardships? Strength is character.

» Posted By Kae On 04.05.2011 @ 10:01 pm


I am tarnished. I was new. Clean, pure even when we first met. But you poisoned me. You rubbed me raw and then let me rust. You didn’t even stop to think about what you were doing, just as long as it felt good to YOU. You never thought about what I needed, or wanted. That is why I’m trying to clean myself up now.

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bleep cencors words that you don’t want to hear even though they might be good words or contribute to meaning. Bleep hurts us and who we really are, I dont’ like bleep at all. Not always is it good to blindly use bad words but bad words aren’t always bad we just say they are bad things aren’t bad we just say they are in all of life. There’s no definite bad.

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A folding of a thick card stock sheet
Crisp as precise the paper breaks
Witness as a bird is born

Chasing the sky with broad stretched arms
Parallel to the horizon’s wind below
The sun dances on its fingertips

Take the fall and collapse in crumble
Pick apart the pieces and begin a new
Smoothing out the creases

» Posted By kae On 12.01.2009 @ 3:24 pm


running away from home is a very bad idea. people make stupid decisions and might get killed. if you’re not happy with where you are, tell somebody. find a place to live, find some friend to stay with, but always make sure someone knows where you are at all times. unless of course, you dont want anyone to know. in that case, you’re probably thinking about committing suicide. thats a bad idea. if you are, then listen to Suicide by Bobby Gaylor. He’ll tell you how it goes. And I just freakin noticed the word was runway, as in those damn supermodels. Not runaway. So this whole thing is pointless. Oh well. So you wanna know about runways? Models are dumb. They’re fake. They’re stupid. The only point is to laugh if they fall. That’s it. You’re beautiful just the way you are.

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I saw you at a quick glance. It was kinda scary that only one quick look could change your life like that. I would love to help you, but even in that moment your eyes looked pained. there was nothing I could do.

» Posted By kae On 02.08.2010 @ 10:10 am

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