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the dirty light bulb gave off a dim gray tinged light to the small basement room. I sat huddled in the corner, straining my eyes to see what was across the room from me. I could make out dark shadows moving faintly against the walls. The panic which i knew i should be feeling never came.

» Posted By jenn On 10.16.2008 @ 11:31 am


there was this plane, it crashed and several people died terribly. their families were in awe, a short of shock and disbelief filled their saddened hearts. the world now seemed empty.

» Posted By jenn On 10.12.2008 @ 1:03 pm

I used to be afraid of flight, but now I find that it’s one of the best ways to relax. It’s as if physically leaving the ground allows my mind to leave the ground as well. I am able to think thoughts that matter…or don’t…depending. I find flight inspiring.

» Posted By Jenn On 10.09.2008 @ 5:20 pm

high in the sky. way up there. only in dreams. hard landing. unnatural. free.

» Posted By jenn On 10.08.2008 @ 5:49 pm

FLight prepare for take off. Fight or flight. Flight can be so many things for so many different people. Flight makes me think of a vacation. somewhere I can not go. I want to be on the planes that fly above me. Jump on a plane and take flight to somewhere unknown. Find a new memory.

» Posted By Jenn On 10.08.2008 @ 2:55 pm


proof lawyers talking talking judging arguing facts forensics sides people debating trees air molecules complexity blood hair DNA genetics assay analysis

» Posted By Jenn On 10.02.2008 @ 3:53 pm


Every year my dad would take pictures of us sitting underneath the mantle of our fireplace.

» Posted By Jenn On 08.24.2008 @ 9:18 pm


black and dirty it leaves spots all over the place reminds me of 101 dalmations because the puppies rolled it in it remove their white on the fair…wait that was soot…never mind…but the soot could have been caused by the coal. coal makes me think of mines which makes me think of the Bones episode with Howard Epps and his accomplice killed someone and then left them in the mine under a lot of rocks. it was interesting.

» Posted By Jenn On 08.13.2008 @ 6:06 pm

hot train burning engine, fireplace, grill, steam, smell, black, gray, red, kingsford, feet

» Posted By jenn On 08.13.2008 @ 4:20 pm


birds are feathered in many different colors. they help u fly or style your hair. the edges of pages may be feathered too.

» Posted By jenn On 09.25.2008 @ 7:32 pm

i ruffled his feathered hair through my fignertips and marveled the way that it gleamed in the sun. i felt guilty. a pang of it stabbed through me at the thought of knowing that he loved me. and i did not love him back…

» Posted By jenn On 09.25.2008 @ 11:36 am

i gently ran my fingers through his soft brown curls. they feathered around my hand and their warmth touched me deep inside. i looked into his deep blue eyes and realized that i was in love. so so in love! and there was nothing that i could do to stop it no matter how bad i wanted to.

» Posted By jenn On 09.25.2008 @ 7:09 am


Standing tall after the thing most people would consider normal, he basked in the excitement that this little success had offered. Not for lack of understanding the circumstances, the new strength in his backbone and sturdiness of his gait…

» Posted By Jenn On 09.15.2008 @ 4:03 pm


Throw it out there,
and see if it will stick,
make a difference,
or perhaps even come back to you.
and even if it doesn’t…
as least you added to the great human consciousness..

» Posted By Jenn On 09.05.2008 @ 12:08 pm

Throw a party.

» Posted By Jenn On 09.01.2008 @ 5:32 pm


pretty, yellow, sunny flower. one of my favorites. also the name of a good friend’s beloved dog who died about a year ago. the dog, not my friend. reminds me of spring and summer. the end.

» Posted By Jenn On 06.12.2008 @ 12:41 pm


the substance between my fingers was viscuous, almost jelly-like. i brought my finger to my lips and the gel was tart, not like a jam or a marmalade. there was an almost metallic flavor to it, like sucking on a penny.

» Posted By jenn On 06.11.2008 @ 6:30 am


this is something i love to do its awesome but it hurts although i know its good for me hurts so good!! ashah this is a nice way to pass the time on a sunny day get off your ass and run! it’
s bad for my knees but what do i care are you serious? so everyone should runbut only if they have a good pair of shoes

» Posted By jenn On 07.11.2008 @ 10:49 am


Katrina. Damage, powerless, homeless, awful. People coming together to help the survivors. I don’t know ow much time I have left.

» Posted By jenn On 07.06.2008 @ 9:10 am


Pardon is about forgiving. From the simple, “pardon me” to pardoning a prisoner who has been set free. I myself struggling with pardoning. I want to pardon her, I want to forgiver her, but how do I do that without opening myself up to her abuse again? How do we truly pardon without fear? I want to learn. Pardoning is about grace, and I’ve never understood much about grace. I wish I did.

» Posted By Jenn On 06.27.2008 @ 4:57 am


Icecream has many flavors. I don’t think there is any flavor of icecream I dont like. The cone is the best part though. Especcially when it’s dipped in chocolate. It really just makes the whole thing ten times much better. You can also put sprinkles on it and make it more festive. It brings me back to when I was a kid. I had so much fun with those things. It really made a lot of my birthday’s mo

» Posted By Jenn On 05.06.2008 @ 12:17 pm


raw fish. raw eggs. raw pussy. pink is raw. raw steak. raw fish. raw food makes you sick. animals eat raw food.war is raw

» Posted By Jenn On 04.24.2008 @ 11:52 am


She was just sitting there. Not even blinking. I had to resist the temptation to wave my hand in front of her eyes. I knew my roommate was creepy, but this was almost too much.

“Sarah?” I didn’t know if talking to her would be the best thing – after all, I didn’t want to be sucked into her creep-world.

» Posted By Jenn On 04.23.2008 @ 10:44 am


Up. to the sky. the clear beautiful sky. on a summer day. there is no where to go but up. climb a mountain, climb the ladder at work, climb anything. just try to achieve. don’t stay in the ground. do your best.

» Posted By Jenn On 04.22.2008 @ 10:08 am


Flavor of the Week by American Hi Fi was one of my favorite songs growing up. Well in like middle school. Once I saw them in concert with Sugar Ray and Matchbox 20. It was amazing. My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins. That is all.

» Posted By Jenn On 01.08.2010 @ 3:59 pm


well this is orange and can sometimes be very large. it tastes really good when its put into a pie with all the spices and stuff. it is hard but yet when it is smashed on the floor it shatters into mush. Odd.

» Posted By Jenn On 11.27.2009 @ 2:03 pm


time. it passed like an orange rots
no one really noticed that its orange peel slowly began to rot and reveal its green insides
i felt hot when i noticed it reminded me of you

» Posted By jenn On 09.28.2009 @ 10:04 pm


it is who I am it is what I do it is how I treat others it is how I am remembered it is the way I work it is how I am it is how I react it is everything about me it is what people can steal and run up credit cards on it is why I am me it is what people call me it is forever it is a photograph it is a moment in time it is why I am me

» Posted By jenn On 11.03.2009 @ 12:21 pm


I am certain that things always turn out he way they are supposed to. If something happens, it was meant to. Bad things, good things, sad things, and amazing things. We can try all we want to change the world, but I firmly believe that everything is certain.

» Posted By Jenn On 11.02.2009 @ 11:04 am


Jack poured the pitcher of foamy beer, carefully watching to make sure her glass wasn’t all foam. “I really like you,” she said. Jack turned his head to her gaze, then grabbed her face and kissed her. He forgot to stop pouring, and the pint glass overflowed with amber beer.

» Posted By Jenn On 11.21.2009 @ 12:31 pm

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