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It’s so difficult to enjoy tea without a decent mug. It just feels inadequate unless you’ve got that mug that you love with the stupid slogan or pattern. But tea will always taste nice. The mug just completes it. Makes the tea yours.

» Posted By Iris On 09.22.2010 @ 7:27 am


I run into it again and again, this feeling called denial. It’s not so much something done as it is the feeling it inspires. Everything inspires a feeling. I run into it and when I don’t, it looks for me, taps me on the shoulder and makes its way into me like air.

» Posted By Iris On 11.27.2008 @ 7:12 am


I don’t belong anywhere. Much of life is spent searching for a sense of belonging and at 34 I find I don’t belong, not to a place, not to a clan, not to a time. I may turn out to belong to myself. I may turn out to be my own place, my own time, my own friend.

» Posted By Iris On 12.13.2008 @ 6:08 pm


a vine full of grapes are fully ripe. looking at the round clusters, i pick one and marvel at it’s ripeness. slowly taking a bite, i smile as it’s lovely tastes ensnare my senses.

» Posted By iris On 01.17.2009 @ 2:00 am


What is a beloved? How to go about finding one and keeping him from morphing into something else?

» Posted By Iris On 03.28.2009 @ 2:29 pm


Amazingly, he showed up, poking his head over the edge and gasping at me in surprise. “Hold on,” he whispered, grabbing my hand with both of his. “Hold on.” I could feel my grasp slipping with sweat, along with my will. His eyes locked onto mine, and all of a sudden, I couldn’t let go, no matter how much I wanted to. “Hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on…”

» Posted By Iris On 03.17.2009 @ 8:50 pm


around the head for protection

» Posted By iris On 07.17.2008 @ 10:07 am


An image has the capacity to make me stop browsing and let my eyes hover over it, rest on it for a while. Be it the one that can tell a 1,000 stories, the one that takes me to a different place, or the one that simply forces me to behold something handpicked by a stranger by the sheer force of its beauty.

» Posted By Iris On 12.01.2008 @ 11:26 am


When he held me at the airport for the first time I felt at home. Never actually put it in those words out loud because I thought it’d sound corny. But it was very much the feeling of being where you belong. The word most closely associated with the idea of belonging is home so, I felt at home.

» Posted By Iris On 11.23.2008 @ 9:03 am


good release, tickling of the nose, a funny word…can spread germs but feels sooo good to do. Is caused by allergies…the next best thing to an orgasm!

» Posted By Iris On 08.25.2009 @ 10:45 am


Nature, self, toenails, desire, bread, learning, children, confidence, growth never ends!

» Posted By Iris On 07.22.2009 @ 2:32 am


They were beautiful. It was something about the way their wings seemed almost disconnected from their bodies, arching up in a cascade of nearly transparent white. And yet their faces seemed nearly human. If it weren’t for the unearthly beauty, they would have been just like me.

» Posted By Iris On 07.20.2009 @ 11:07 am


changes from one form to another, also is an adjective to a car.

» Posted By iris On 11.12.2008 @ 4:14 pm


Pouring your heart and soul into something isn’t painless. Watching all of your friends receive what you want is… heart wrenching. You can’t ever get news broken to you gently if it’s your life at stake.

» Posted By Iris On 10.28.2008 @ 8:04 am


kings wear crowns, and they can have many different valuable stones in them. They can be made out of gold or silver or plastic if you bought a little kid’s dress up set. Also, if you go to Burger King, you might have some snazzy paper crowns, which are actually rather trashy. Some people think they’re so cool when they wear them but they’re crazy. Very crazy.

» Posted By Iris On 10.14.2008 @ 5:55 pm


i would do you a favor for a moment of your time. i’d be a party favor at your party. i live in search of favors that can be given without any thought of favors being returned. favor is flavor without the l.

» Posted By iris On 07.01.2008 @ 12:46 pm



» Posted By iris On 01.11.2010 @ 7:48 pm


‘What?’ he asked innocently and raised an eyebrow. The look he gave her was all she needed to burst into laughter. It’s been a while since she felt that way – carefree, happy and content – but when she was with him it all felt natural and right.

» Posted By Iris On 01.09.2010 @ 5:34 pm



» Posted By iris On 11.28.2009 @ 6:28 pm

Astonished. It’s the only word she can think of to describe the current state she’s in. She watches in amazement as his long fingers guide the bow over the four strings. She’d never seen anything more beautiful.

» Posted By Iris On 11.28.2009 @ 3:00 pm



» Posted By iris On 11.15.2009 @ 12:42 pm


i’m in the spotlight for my family as I apply to law school. It terrifies me. They all wait for me to perform. How will the show turn out? Will it get rave reviews? Will it falter in the box office? When it has been on the stage for too long will people stop caring about it? Will the spotlight leave me in peace so that I can carry on after this show is over?

» Posted By Iris On 11.24.2009 @ 12:17 pm


I walked across the street, and as I walked I thought of him. I thought of what would become of me if I were in the wrong lane

» Posted By Iris On 11.17.2009 @ 7:31 pm


The texture of the oriental rug under my feet made me long to go back. Back to my roots. I miss the smells, the hustle and bustle of crowded Indian streets.

» Posted By Iris On 12.11.2009 @ 8:21 am


All she could hear were the footsteps of the soldiers above her. Marching. Always marching; only interrupted by explosions and gunfire. She was crouched in the corner of the air raid shelter, her hands firmly pressed against her ears in an attempt to drown out the sounds. If only she could make it stop, she thinks, if only she could do something to make it all stop… Suddenly, an earth-shattering explosion rocked the whole shelter. And in an instance all the noise had stopped.

» Posted By Iris On 12.03.2009 @ 12:15 pm


going away, sending off, anything and everything of any value, illegal or good, drugs, humans, smugglers, pirates, economy, money, money, money

» Posted By iris On 01.22.2010 @ 8:13 am


I will survive. The song made by that one woman. Survival of the fittest. Biology and stuff. :] I really like to survive. And out in the world that’s needed of course. Darwin. Breathing and eating is needed in order to survive. Its a seven letter word that starts with an s and has two vs. It makes me think that I have to breathe a lot.

» Posted By Iris On 10.05.2009 @ 8:06 pm

“I just can’t leave you by yourself, now can I?” he asked softly, rolling her onto her back and lifting her head into his lap.
“Guess not,” she choked, blood congealing on her lips. “I’m just useless.” She smiled like it was a joke, but he just rolled his eyes and looked away.
“Yeah, I guess you are.” He stared off into empty space until he could no longer hear her gurgling gasps. “Just me now.” He said to no one in particular.
“Sucks to be you,” she wheezed. He looked down, surprised. She had pulled the knife out of her belly and was glaring at him. “Don’t expect any pity from me.” She plunged the knife into his chest, puncturing a lung and artery. He had seconds to live, whereas she might last a few more minutes.

» Posted By Iris On 10.05.2009 @ 11:18 am


I have one. I play it. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes there’s cat butt prints on it.

» Posted By Iris On 10.24.2009 @ 10:05 am


It ran like a hot blade in frozen butter.

» Posted By Iris On 02.15.2010 @ 12:16 pm

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