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The world is an unwritten, ever adapting story. The twists of its story change as the great minds and technology develop and adapt.

» Posted By ian On 07.22.2013 @ 12:29 am


curtains in a theatre for a performance of an important concert by a previously reclusive artist who has reappeared on the music scene after 30 years exile.

» Posted By Ian On 07.16.2013 @ 11:21 am


He looks out the window, sighing as the coffee warms his hands. The snow falls heavily, and he knows that he regrets the mistakes he has made. However, the rhythm of the snow somehow makes it easier.

» Posted By Ian On 07.07.2013 @ 8:17 pm

He looks out the window, sighing as the coffee warms his hands. The snow falls heavily, and he knows that he regrets the mistakes he has made. However, the rhythm of the snow somehow makes it easier.

» Posted By Ian On 07.07.2013 @ 8:17 pm


We were grouped in pairs. I hated my partner. Just looking at her made me regret joining this stupid club. Why the hell did I even do this? Her stupid fucking face. This stupid fucking teacher. This is what I get for trying to culture myself.

» Posted By Ian On 06.17.2013 @ 11:59 pm


He was sitting there with his guitar, alone. It had already been restrung twice and he had no idea what to do next. That’s what was so odd about Daniel. He could fix things but had no idea how to use them. Playing the guitar was as much a mystery to him as the question of why humans exist.

» Posted By Ian On 06.16.2013 @ 10:40 pm


The paper just sat there in the sleeve, sheathed like sword. Although the words written were of utter importance to the world, the sleeve looked as though it had seen more action than the law that was printed on the paper.

» Posted By Ian On 06.15.2013 @ 11:40 pm


She was very worried that he was going to catch her. She had finally broken free but she could feel him pulling her back, taunting her with freedom just seconds away. But then he said all the right things, like he always did, and she just could not bring herself to flee.

She was much too infatuated.

» Posted By Ian On 06.12.2013 @ 7:38 pm


She flicked her to one side and tipped her head forward. He passed the necklace under her chin and brought the ends up behind her neck. Fumbling he tried to fasten the clasp.

» Posted By Ian On 04.27.2013 @ 1:05 pm


I like bowling. The last time I remember Going bowling was in Germany with a school trip in Erefurt. I had a nasty accident on this trip and another girl was also involved. She beat me at bowling the night before the accident. Coincidence or not? But even stranger was my friend who deluged in the dark arts read my tarot reading and it contained the Death card. Spooky.

» Posted By Ian On 04.26.2013 @ 2:48 am


He rolled a little of the compost between his thumb and first finger, letting it powder back into the planter. He finds it harder work to bend down to it nowadays, but the feel of the soil makes him smile wryly. He fumbles with a packet, tipping several seeds into his dirty palm.

» Posted By Ian On 04.24.2013 @ 1:09 pm


Of habit.
Of mind.
Of comfort.
Of deceit.
Of feature.
Of terror.
Of mind.
Of presence.
Of creation.
Of knowledge.
Of doubt.
Of love.

» Posted By Ian On 04.18.2013 @ 5:08 am


» Posted By Ian On 04.17.2013 @ 5:19 pm


He paced up and down the kitchen, papers in one hand, tape measure in the other.
His wife glanced up from the breakfast bar, having looked for inspiration in the cup of coffee that was Luke warm at best.
He looked down quickly at the papers, and looked at her with a smile. A eureka moment, he knew those geometry lessons would pay off.
‘Yes Tina, the smaller washing machine will fit.’

» Posted By Ian On 04.15.2013 @ 4:36 am


The paper clip moved imperceptibly at first. Then it appeared to vibrate on the table top. It stopped for about a second, before starting to judder again. As the hand moved closer it seem to almost pause in the air before rushing forward and connecting with the magnet.

» Posted By Ian On 04.13.2013 @ 2:08 pm


The Anchor of the Stars.
It pulls, it forces, it rotates, it…. is the source.
The source of all.
Gravity, the essence of the Universe.

» Posted By Ian On 04.11.2013 @ 6:14 pm


Welfare, taken advantage, taken control, taken everything.
Given to those who don’t care; those with a black soul.
Deception, devour, demeaning, defeat…

» Posted By Ian On 04.10.2013 @ 6:47 pm


Flung underneath the dashing waves of the River; unable to see; unable to find
the exit.
Only able; so gaze upon the bobbling head that lie upon
their dashboard…

» Posted By Ian On 04.09.2013 @ 4:43 pm


The Battle of the First World War:
Fought ever so deep, ever so bloody in the dark cavernous paths.
Blood; Pools of Blood.


» Posted By Ian On 04.08.2013 @ 10:01 pm

The Battle of the First World War.
Blood, Pools of It.
Why… Why… they were…
Not Smart.

Also, Hitler.

» Posted By Ian On 04.08.2013 @ 9:59 pm


Tentacles reaching, searching. They seek the light, and room to breathe and spread and explore. Tendrils test the air before growing and developing.

» Posted By Ian On 04.05.2013 @ 6:27 am


Another smudge, and he wanted to make the love letter so neat. So special. Even bought one of those fountain pens. His hand tensed as he concentrated. Glancing at a swirling font on the computer screen he looked down. ‘I love you’ he wrote. Followed by another smudge.

» Posted By Ian On 04.02.2013 @ 1:48 pm


He turned the corner, taking one final glance over his shoulder. The weight of the lies told pushing him from the village, out into a new life. Perhaps a freer life, one of truth and honour and respect and love. Not fabricated. He lived to learn.

» Posted By Ian On 04.01.2013 @ 2:12 pm


They thought it could never happen again. The plague.
They were wrong.

» Posted By Ian On 03.31.2013 @ 3:33 pm


Tall golden fingers, drifting in the breeze. Sway back and forth, hypnotic. A blanket of yellow, reaching for the sun.

» Posted By Ian On 03.29.2013 @ 2:10 pm


Eye of the tornado.
Tranquility amongst destruction.
Calm surrounded by emotion.
Silence inside the noise.
Peace between the wars.
Centre of a madness.

» Posted By Ian On 03.27.2013 @ 12:29 pm


Pots and pans.
Tumbling down the stairs.
Trying to balance the final card on the tower.
Children colliding, rushing to hide.
The overflow cupboard spills to your feet.
A wobbly chair.
Another calamity

» Posted By Ian On 03.26.2013 @ 2:15 am


The gravel crunched under my foot. I paused, looking up sheltering my eyes from the sun with my hand. I pushed open the rusty gate, it screamed in need of oil. I walked slowly towards the front door, and reach out my hand to the handle. I took a deep breath.

I had returned.

» Posted By Ian On 03.07.2013 @ 2:06 pm


I walked along the river and I grasped for his hand, but it wasn’t a hand! No. It was a mule’s hoof. That hoof was a lucky hoof. So I grasped it and ran to my local lottery ticket store and I purchased a 7 up and drank it and then I asked the lucky hoof if I would ever find a girl to marry.

» Posted By Ian On 02.19.2013 @ 2:16 pm


dear beloved husband,

i am writing this note to let you know that i have had an epiphany. we are no longer soul mates. this is a dead end. it seems to me that by me trying to forget your unfaithfulness does me no right. on the contrary, it does me wrong.

i am saying goodbye and i wish that you never do anything to cause harm to others.


your wife

» Posted By ian On 02.04.2013 @ 1:36 pm

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