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What condition my condition is in. What’s your condition? Help help I’m going down? Neeeeeeeeer may day mayday!

May day’s my birthday I almost forgot.


That reminds me I have spanish homework…


» Posted By ian On 04.03.2010 @ 8:57 am


The slipper fell off his foot. This is one of the things he would not remember the next day, as an empty bottle of Tequila rolled aimlessly around the cluttered desk. The other slipper remained secure as he passed out in his bed.

» Posted By Ian On 11.27.2009 @ 8:36 pm


crime is something which criminals commit. crimes might range from simple things like robbery to more complex things like online financial fraud.
there are many crimes which people do and sometimes these crimes upset people.

» Posted By ian On 10.01.2009 @ 5:58 am


i love misty mornings especially a walk in the woods i hate driving in mist only walking

» Posted By Ian On 09.30.2009 @ 6:49 am


the place where you cook for the family. it’s one of those essentials to why families stay close. so warm, but takes a while to finish. It represents family.

» Posted By Ian On 11.06.2009 @ 4:46 pm


I like shields. Reminds me of in Zelda, when you have the shield. I don’t remember what it is called. WTF thats really bad, i think its the master shield or some shit. Poop. Also it makes me think of space ships and also shielding people from bullets. With a shield. Because that is the word.

» Posted By Ian On 11.04.2009 @ 9:14 pm


Bright shining divergence searing through the healing warmth of the crowd.

» Posted By Ian On 11.24.2009 @ 2:45 pm


i was walking down the lane with her. she is beautiful. her skin is soft and covered with freckles. her hair as red as fire. it’s cold outside, but the sun is still burning hott. she looks at me like no other woman ever has, and i grip her hand tight. “i love you.”

» Posted By Ian On 11.16.2009 @ 5:25 pm


i picked up the phone, punched the keys I knew by heart, without a thought. The ringing brought me back to reality. What had I done? God I hope I get her voice mail… Perhaps this wasn’t the best idea after all.

» Posted By ian On 12.09.2009 @ 5:30 pm


pedal is part of a flower inb the sun it is radiant, this sounds strangely gay and i misspelled in. It was a typo, i know but i felt it should be pointed out.I want to see men who stare at goats and ima bout to go work for community service hours. I like being a philanthropist that way i can preserve this said flower of the pedal in question.

» Posted By Ian On 12.06.2009 @ 9:02 am


cat gloves

» Posted By ian On 12.26.2009 @ 11:24 am


its all about going to the right side of anything dont let youreself get caught in the wrong side of anything specially if its an argument

» Posted By ian On 12.20.2009 @ 2:45 am


when I have arrived at the scene, a police officer looked at me staringly…. I didn’t know what his problem was but he was awfully short for his stature. At least it was well worth the jailtime.

I can’t believe I’ve got caught though, it was embarassing.

Well I’m off to jail now!

» Posted By Ian On 12.13.2009 @ 4:50 pm


the british got an excelent accent
british are puntual
mini cooper is british
i’d like to be british
british love tea
british girls are pretty

» Posted By ian On 03.07.2010 @ 6:35 pm


When she put down the muffin the crumbs fell across the plate. With her mouth full, she asked how I had slept the night before. I didn’t have the nerve to tell her that I’d slept poorly because I’d been imagining she was a midget in my dreams.

» Posted By Ian On 02.28.2010 @ 7:30 pm


glassy beads of moisture, pelting your face in invigorating, individualistic patterns, like the bullets of one mans despair, driving through the fleshy resistance of the moderator…

» Posted By Ian On 02.25.2010 @ 10:15 pm


Pour the water into a bucket, pour the water over the falls, pour the water down a mountain

» Posted By Ian On 01.17.2010 @ 11:23 pm


A lot of people believe that at the end, you either get the pie in the sky or a pie in the face. Whatever happens, you’re gonna taste the blueberries.

» Posted By Ian On 10.13.2009 @ 1:01 am


fast way around hate people why what huh not even the topic whatever blabla runaway where to? from where? why even go? not contented? i dont get it..people. hah. oh well.

» Posted By ian On 03.25.2010 @ 7:46 am


*Pop* the sound pierced my ears like an earring. Pain gush into my head causing me to feel weak. My knee was gone, I didn’t want to look. I knew what it look like just by observing the pain. How was I too recover from this? My knee was everything, I was going places in life and now I’m faced with this. I’m demobilized. I shouldn’t be here in the first place. War is for fools. While everybody else bets on sports, the elite bet on human lifes. Wars are no longer started for protection of a nations assets, there started because the elite are bored. These elitist have experienced everything, and they can own anything, save our souls. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. I mean, thats why were here right. We are the sheep to the slaughter.

» Posted By Ian On 02.23.2010 @ 8:08 am


i had just gotten a check from work and i was ready to spend it. i put it in the bank and headed to the mall. I picked up my friend on the way and we went to Northgate to spend my newly earned money.

» Posted By Ian On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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