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The metal machine in the corner was the only source of noise in the white washed room. The patient lay in her bed, eyes closed, face peaceful, body still with the exception of the mechanical rising of her chest. A smaller girl sat at her side, hands buried in her auburn hair. The knowledge that her sister was just as still on the inside as she was outwardly became too much for her to bear, and a teardrop fell, making the slightest ‘plop’ as it hit the tile.

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Under the pale moonlight, a girl in a wide brimmed straw hat strolled through the garden. She carried a pair of immaculate chrome garden shears and had an air of stiff authority about her. She plucked a single white rose from the thicket brush and gave it a sniff.

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He was under the impression that the emperor had no real intention of allowing him to attend that night’s gala… so he planned to attend anyway. He suited up in his armor and strung a sash of purple badges across his chest. As he closed the oak door firmly behind him, stepping out into the stone corridor, he sighed heavily and brushed back a strand of his shoulder-length chestnut hair.

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The fiery haired twins walked slowly down Baker’s Street. They were perfectly in tandem with one another as they left muddy footprints on the paved walkway. Their amber eyes sparkled intelligently at passersby. Many stopped and stared at the two completely identical teenage boys, caked from head to toe in mud. They were sopping wet, but no less beautiful than usual.

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I remember playing video games with my brother when I was a young girl. I always enjoyed Falcon-punching his face and hearing his screams of rage and embarrassment. Falcons are cool.

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Tomorrow is Leah’s birthday! She will go through the time-portal to escape the hungry wolves that eat people on their birthday. She has to go fast or else they’ll eat her and she’ll die.

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blank. full of possibilities. no mistakes on it. no color on it yet. clean. probably has a nice piece of chalk or two with it.

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This is a sort of sewing right? With like thread and some sort of brace? I think of basket weaving mostly though, a cute little girl carrying a basket with fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables home from the market.

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Spikes have nothing to do with any character in TFIOS so yeah.

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The duct tape around my mouth got rougher and rougher as I struggled to break it, trying to gather it in my teeth. I could feel layers of skin being rubbed off as i moved my mouth trying to get it into the right position.

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Progreesive is the car insurance with the highly memorable commercials. Flo is the spokeperson for progressive. She is very funny. I wonder who will replace her when she dies. Everybody has to die sometime. Progressive is a fairly popular insurance company. They have multiple bundling options.

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I flee from this area, they’ll never find me after I complete this large feat, I will escape, I will concur and move on.

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I woke up, scratching my head. It was hurting a lot, so I was naturally concerned. As soon as I realised that it was not my hair that hurt, but my scalp, I began to get worried. What if I had scalp pneumonia or something?! So I ran to the doctor.

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The elephants came running towards me; I began to scream. I attempted to woo them with the bag of peanuts I’d acquired from the cinema, but to no avail. They were angry, they were frightened. I too was frightened. It made me worried. Why were they running? The true mystery.

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Dogmatic it reminds me of an robotic dog. that complete many tasks. it would be helpful as you grow old and can no longer do the norm.

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I cursed as the stapler stopped working. I groaned and slammed it against my paper, again and again, hoping to get the paper stabled, but it just wouldn’t work!
“Damn this,” I muttered as I tossed it.
I sighed, maybe it was just out of staples.

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it was all a montage nothing I had believed till now was really . everyone around me didn’t exist . my family friend they wernt even there who am I what am I where am I these are the questions I could barly think of but before I could realize those were going to be the last questions I asked myself on this earth

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I built a catapult to launch me into your heart. And I also dug a trench to get the fuck out.
I was never one for pushing my way in, but your walls were so high I had to do what I had to do. And I”m sorry I left you wounded, but I’m not sorry i was there. I know I taught you some things.

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I used to want to live in Manhattan. Was a childish dream of mine, I wanted to be Carrie from Sex in the City, and I always thought life was going to end up like that. I mean, it’s no where near close to over, so I guess it still could.
I’m very unlucky in love, and my writing is only bound to end up as a journalist. So maybe I will be able to live in New York City as Carrie just like I always wanted in life.

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The man sat at the counter with his expresso and waited patiently. Rather, he waited in what he believed to be a patient manner. His tan trench coat brushed the floor and he lifted it a tad to avoid the puddle of cold cappuccino on the tile below his vinyl padded bar stool. He adjusted his brown fedora over his eyes, giving him the air of mystery and [end time] raised his newspaper once again. He had a hunch he’d be waiting for quite some time yet.

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The professor brusquely glided down the hallway and whipped around the corner, her magenta cloak whirled behind her in a whispering swirl of folds of silk. Her normally slick hairstyle had curled tendrils escaping from the tight bun at the base of her neck. Tonight was no night for organization, tonight was a night of reckless abandon. [end time] She reached the chrome garage doors and flung them open. She glided to the ebony and metallic silver motorbike and hopped aboard. In one slick motion, she turned the ignition, revved the engine and took off into the black, starlit night.

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I stepped up onto the platform, coffee in hand. The door swished closed behind me and I grabbed one of the handrails. I pondered the boy across the aisle, imagining our life together and how perfect it would be.

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The milkman placed the carton of glass bottles at the door and smiled brightly at his finished work. This was the last house on the block and the final house of the day. Just as he was about to step from the stoop, he lost his footing and landed face first [end time] in the soil. As he was picking himself up from the muddy ground, the door opened and a blonde woman in a pink frock stepped into the sunlight and stared at him cautiously. As he looked up into her bright, shining face, he suddenly became very aware of his predicament. He rose hastily, coughed, tipped his hat and the woman in the pink frock and began to walk away. Suddenly he heard, “Wait Mister, wait!” He turned to see the blonde daintily running towards him. he smiled inwardly.

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These vines wrap around the fenceline at my neighbors house. We share one of the fence lines, and I follow the vines with my fingers often enough to know where each one starts and ends. I’ve often had dreams of painting them, and letting them wrap themselves around my heart.
I’ve always thought that would be a better use of such a beautiful thing.

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returned is the feeling you get at the end of missing someone. the word you think of when you hug someone you love for the first time in a long time. the sense of warm comfort you feel when you have something back; something that should have never been taken away, and it’s going nowhere.

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i am a weakling, i suffer with depression but i am too afraid to tell anybody, except my boyfriend who i tell it is just down to the contraceptive i use. i feel so weak. all. the. time

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Honestly, the girl was confused and had no clue where she was going. She was cold, dirty, alone, and she was down to her last cigarette. She flicked her greasy, dirty blonde hair over her shoulder and covered her shoulders even more with her raincoat. She was far from Sanctity.

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The salesman had worn his new grey suit that day, and he looked down at it anxiously as he clutched the manila envelope. Its contents would soon change his life. He took a deep breath for what felt like the third time in twenty seconds and bravely entered the boardroom.

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Claims are just people’s opinions on certain things. Like he claims he didn’t do it. Or he claims that he loves me. These accusations have to be proven in order for them to be understood.

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I wonder how many pieces of things I’ve included the phrase “I think” in. I wonder how often I actually do what I say and think things through, instead of just using it for prose. I wonder how often anyone thinks things through before they do anything about what they’re thinking about in the first place.
And here I am wondering about thinking, instead of actually going through what I said I wondered about.

» Posted By Hope On 02.05.2013 @ 5:57 pm

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