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fire is good and warm, we need it to make us alive, or we die without it. because we need its nessessary for our body to save warm. and not to cold. freeze or something else. haha so good. fire first was made by Promete.

» Posted By George On 12.26.2012 @ 2:50 am


i dont like the word patient, it is too confusing, it can either mean hospitals, or it can mean you have to wait, its funny that you have to wait loads in hospitals, you have to be a patient patient in hospitals, im not sure if they are spelt the same, cant think of anything else to write

» Posted By George On 12.13.2012 @ 11:49 am


i think of santa claus and how the song says he goes from roof to roof top and i also think of mary poppins and the chimney sweep guy. I always wished i could be like the children in there because it looked like they were having so much fun back in the”olden days”

» Posted By george On 12.06.2012 @ 5:24 pm


me as a third person

» Posted By George On 11.30.2012 @ 3:45 pm


my world is local , very local
my friends are local also
i tried to get out of my local zone
i traveled abroad , made new friends
got to know more about other people , countries , cultures …
get out of local and become universal

» Posted By George On 11.26.2012 @ 2:33 pm


to be or not to be , that is the question
but to be soon , is out of question .
you should say soon only when you don’t have power over what you are waiting for
otherwise don’t say , just do .

» Posted By George On 11.26.2012 @ 1:49 am


i was wondering one day
can we at some point in our time, achieve the possibility of preserving someone’s brain ?
And maybe also transfer it’s knowledge to someone else’s.
But now i know , we already did this .
Maybe not in the way i imagined , but nevertheless we did it.
That’s what a library is
a crucible that gathers the knowledge of man kind and condenses it in a single place.

» Posted By George On 11.24.2012 @ 2:56 pm


one day , when you wake up of your daydreams
one day one you think of what you have
when you look back at what you did
when you remember what you “Should”,”Could”,”Would” have done
you will realize it’s now too late.
But fear not my friend ,
now you know your future and can change it if you do the right actions

» Posted By George On 11.22.2012 @ 3:23 pm


when you were born you were “Received”
your mother reached for you , and wanted you.
i hope you appreciate that from her and respect her all your days.

» Posted By George On 11.20.2012 @ 12:59 pm


I saw a black corner in the entrance, it was quite the opposite of contrary. It was totally the first will of a late afternoon. One foggy, sad afternoon. Silently, and very sneakishy, the sun will appear again.

» Posted By George On 10.17.2012 @ 11:20 pm


education is very important and in society human relations are vital so behaving in a proper way is essential but if it means to dominate a society and destroy its culture in order to civilize them ,it isn’t right.

» Posted By george On 10.17.2012 @ 9:21 am


the top and less commonly known. Those who earn the most and look down at those below. An expensive liquor that probably doesn’t taste better. A book you can’t reach on a shelf you don’t use. Something you may or may not see

» Posted By George On 10.14.2012 @ 8:43 pm


i claim a lot of things. i claim to be the shit. i claim to be shit. i claim to be great. i claim to be the worst thing to ever walk this planet. i don’t know the basis of these claims; i guess they’d have to be subconscious thoughts of myself. that would mean that there’s a dual nature to how i view myself.

» Posted By george On 09.19.2012 @ 10:14 pm


Darlings are sweet and lovely and they touch you lightly and love the lovely things in life. They are a gentle breeze.

» Posted By George On 08.31.2012 @ 12:27 am


Comfort is everywhere when people are with friends.

» Posted By george On 08.21.2012 @ 5:32 am


Remove this and ego and all you will be left with is happiness.

» Posted By george On 08.15.2012 @ 5:50 am


It is the essence of entire humanity.reason why we achieve any thing in universe.The knowledge and efforts achieve it .

» Posted By George On 07.06.2012 @ 10:59 am


bread is my favorite thing in the world, i even eat the crust. I eat the crust so easily I enjoy its difference to the centre of the the slice.

» Posted By george On 06.29.2012 @ 1:18 am


so there are these huge robots, and they are like aliens or something. Sometimes they look like trucks, sometimes they transform into robots. one is called Megatron, and then there’s Optimus Prime, and some others. I dont really know more than that.
There was a movie, with Megan fox,a nd some dude with curly hair.

» Posted By George On 05.27.2012 @ 3:02 pm


makes me think of golden retrievers and the i before e rule.
Bout it. more time than needed I guess.

» Posted By george On 05.24.2012 @ 9:36 pm


I have often wondered what my calling is. I used to think I was to be a radio star but over the years have come to find out that my calling is to be Daddy. It is honorable, fun and is special for Daddy will always be Daddy to his little girls.

» Posted By George On 05.20.2012 @ 8:32 pm


The rain pours down and fills the soil, pulling nutrients, filling me up with the nourishment that pushes me closer to the sky closer to the ever giving sunlight that I so desperately crave, the one way of reaching that which makes it all worth it. That nourishment I need, that nourishment that means it all.

» Posted By George On 04.12.2012 @ 10:10 pm


The hood is where all them ghetto folk live. People get shot in the hood. You don’t wanna fuck with nobody in the hood. Watch out for them crack heads in the hood. They be tryin to take yo money and shit

» Posted By George On 04.04.2012 @ 11:32 pm


A pattern is a repeating design which can be printed onto a surface for aesthetic purposes. Patterns can be man made but are also found in nature. Examples of patterns include floral and linear.

» Posted By George On 03.16.2012 @ 7:39 am


Ни когда не поздно

» Posted By george On 03.13.2012 @ 10:31 am

Belief Is something that you feel is true. It can also have to do with religious feelings. I always believe in god! :) ❤

» Posted By George On 03.12.2012 @ 4:19 pm


I love delicious food. It’s amazing there’s something about not being able to go out to dinner somewhere that’s so expensive yet eat something so AWESOME. Like, In-N-Out. It’s probably something that’s way greater than any gourmet food out there. There’s nothing else like it and there will be nothing else like it.

» Posted By George On 03.10.2012 @ 7:33 pm



» Posted By George On 02.29.2012 @ 10:40 pm

your friends.your team. the homies.

» Posted By George On 02.29.2012 @ 10:39 pm


Settle it on the runway!

» Posted By George On 01.21.2012 @ 3:47 pm

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