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flamboyant, fire, pizzaz, rymes with hair also rymes with dare, flare is about colors and accecories

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I have given 14 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the woman who lives in the bus shelter by my house. After 2, she looked out from her shroud of blankets. After 4, she spoke to me for the first time. After 14, she asked me to stop bringing her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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she crumbles into him, her spinal cord finally giving in, from the weight of the expectations of the world, on her shoulders. she leans into his shoulder, and finally, one tear slides from beneath her closed eyelids. above them, the stars continue to shine.

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she looked at the picture of her grandmother on top of the dresser. beachside, she wore a swimsuit and cap in the photograph, which was aged and stained. long, lean legs and strong shoulders. the same knobby knees as she herself had, and a strong expression.

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never ending summer. waves. surfing. basball on a cool sunny afternoon. memory of a lost love. what we think about most often.

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on a whim i am writing on this page, and what is a whim? it sounds like wind, something that may come or go, something that is stronger at sometimes and weaker at others, and yet something dependable enough that you might build boats that would sail with it, or windmills for energy. and windmills were like whims for don quixote, terrifying but real, needing to be confronted, evidence of what might be evil in another world that is analogous but not quite equal to this one.

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Warm and wonderful. Butterflies floating around…it’s so bright I can hardly see! The river is sparkling, and even the rocks appear to be shining. I can’t wait for my birthday! There’s nothing better than a backyard barbecue.

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Shit. My key wouldn’t fit in the door. Someone had changed the lock. There was a notice on the door that reminded me I had been evicted. How could I forget? Hmm… Candy does strange things to you.

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I have really fond memories of going to the library with my mother as a child. I got lice at the library once in a reading circle. There was a time when I had read almost every book in one room. The smell is so distinct.

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lucky is the same word as i got last time i did this exercise. being lucky is usually a good thing. some people don’t believe in luck, they believe it is all god’s will. however these people should believe in luck and being luck because it can bring them hope and faith.

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trapped in ice. covered in egg filled jam. these are a few ways to enjoy yourself. I never thought of myself as lucky until the day I tried to kill myself. For once, failure became a quality to treasure.

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“i just want you to know i’m not happy.”

she said it and walked away.

“fine,” i thought. “just fine. don’t let me fix it. and please judge me while you’re at it.”

i cranked out a smile and walked to the back room.

there was screaming. there were tears. there was gnashing of teeth and punching of walls.

would she ever know?

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“Oh, he has a temper,” they warned.
I gave him the doe eyes anyway, smiling coyly, and I felt him falling for me.
It wasn’t until months later when I learned what they meant. My heart doesn’t regret our love, even though the bruises I now wear tell another story.

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what is a believer? am i a believer? does everyone believe ? or does anyone believe? i don’t know but i believe

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When I hear the word stage I think of plays. I think of our school plays. Our school has done several different plays. All of them have been great. Plays are very interesting to me and when I hear stage, I hear plays.

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Stage left

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all of us get involved once in a while. some of us dont want to be involved but are forced to. the mob as its been called makes people want to involve us with them. even when we dont want to. its okay though to be involved is sometimes for the better. to be uninvolved is sometimes

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a couple days ago my boss told me that the moon and mars would appear next to each other in the sky tonight and that mars would look as big as the full moon. i googled it and found out it was an email hoax.

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I would remember him. No doubt I wouldn’t. He carved

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filthy smoke appeared and I wondered if It was because the director chainsmoked thoughout the entire shot. After a while we covered our mouths and went outside to take big gasps of fresh air. Shit, it was so cold outside!

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And so she crashed, like the shooting star she was. Not a burning out of energy, or even an explosion of light. She flew across the sky, and crashed with the speed, and the energy she on which she had ridden. She went out with a bang. Like she always intended.

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pillars are like tall and so um yeah so anyways what are you doing right now? i am supposed to be writing about the word pillar but for some reason this is all that I am able to do which implies my mind is not intelligent as much as i would like it to be. But what can I do really except nevermind time’s over

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I have been crossed many times but never showed it. I tend to hold in my anger because I am afraid of the reactions of others. Which is stupid, because in the end it’s unhealthy. emotionsally, for me

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Regardless of what you may think, this has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t even have anything to do with me. I try not to think about it, try not to muck it up with thoughts about whether or not I should actually feel the way I do, because the truth is, I do feel this way. No matter what I think, or want to think, and no matter how you feel. I love you because of what you are. Who you are. Where you’ve been. And what I can see you heading towards. You are an amazing man and thats all I really know. Other than the fact that I love you. More than I’ve ever loved anyone before, and if the hopes that I keep silent and locked up in heart come true than you will forever be the man I love most. For as long as you’ll have me, I’m yours. Regardless of the consequences.

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From the corner of his eye during his hike he saw leaves rustle; twigs snap; foliage disturbed. He looked then, but he did not catch much except a fleeting flash of doe-brown and white.

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wf is that

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leave here
please just leaf here
and there
follow towards the river

just leaf

the river

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The Boston tea party was a great event for America. We stuck it to the man. Refusing to pay taxes on goods when we shouldn’t. Losing the tea sucked but dumping it into the water was a great statement. I wish we as a society would be mmore resistant to unfair taxes and pratcces by the U.S. govenrment.

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