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The teacher tries to teach her many things. She teaches math, history, science, philosophy, and literature. And although she teaches her these things, the girl doesn’t ever remember any of it (or rather, doesn’t want to remember any of it). The teacher is annoyed that she won’t let her teach her. Little does she know the little girl doesn’t want to be taught be this teacher. She won’t let her teacher teach her!

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As she rounded the corner, she thought to herself “Am I really as arrogant and selfish as everyone claims I am?”. As the thoughts rattled through her head she heard the unfortunate sound of of a pedestrian. “SQUISH!”. “Oh NO! I’ve stepped in dog poop, how EVER will I be able to impress Jerry today?!”

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Forgetting his past life, he ascended the stairs of the airport in a determined mood. No longer would he deal with the drama and misconceptions of the world he had lived in for the past twenty years. He would begin his life anew.

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He painted the wall, he painted the floor, hell he even painted the dog. All of a sudden he realized that hard work wasn’t so fact, actually it was FUN! He couldn’t imagine not painting, but now the question came, what should he color up next? And which color should he pick? Oh, he was not going to be bored now.

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Plaid skirts, plaid pants, plaid shirt, plaid socks. How cool is it that a simple arrangement of lines becomes more than the individual. There’s some serious synergy when it comes to the existence of plaid as a style. It can make us look taller or fatter. That’s just how cool it is!

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The days of schooling. Chalkboards, despite their immediate association are disappearing as a result of the continuing rise of technology. Why use a chalkboard when you can use a projector and your computer? Personally, chalkboards have more personality and I would rather learn off of the intimate setting of marker and board than the cold and calculating world of the computers.

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The radio is a curious thing. While I can’t immediately think of the man who invented the radio, did they know how it would revolutionize our world? So many inventions have come off of the back of this invention. Now we can all listen our favorite songs (and in fact, HAVE more favorite songs than ever before) whenever and wherever, as long as we have a radio that is!

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Yeah, these are supposed to emphasize someone’s importance when coming to a social event because of their size and how expensive they are, but personally, they’ve never quite appealed to me. Why is it that we want such BIG things that we don’t need (and in this case, REALLY don’t need)?

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Oh the good ol’ days of school comeback to me with this word. How little we appreciate the time we spend carrying the backpacks for little do we know that these are the best times of our lives, but when we’re that age we just want to be adults, not truly knowing how good we have it. Of course it’s only human nature to want to be bigger and more powerful.

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together, pasted, glue, art, calm, beautiful, music, constructed, combined, collage, artists, magazine, disk, photo, drawing, peace.

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Montage. Quick. Flash. Makes excitement for everyone when the camera quickly skims over several images in order to show the passage of time (popular when a character is in the middle of doing boring tasks in a movie that the audience doesn’t really want to see but is very important in the movie).

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Remembering itself is truly fascinating, think of all of the processes going on in our head as we think back to nostalgic moments and situations. Neurons are firing like crazy to do something that we take for granted every day. But to many, remembering holds us back. Is the ability to recall past memories helpful or detrimental? Personally, I believe the ability to remember is glorious and in itself a sixth sense, one that is priceless and wonderful. When I am ripe in age, I will have a warm feeling to know that I can think back to the days of childhood and college.

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White, bleached bones. They surface the damp soil, poking out of the ground like the gnarled roots of an ancient tree. The graves that are dotted sporadically around the area are cracked, moss and grasses growing on their surfaces and pulling them further into the ground.

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how lovely to have a child; such a wonderful gift to cherish. And it’s not the child of humans, but also the birth of a “child” of animals, it is also a miracle, a moment of joy and pure happiness. The ultimate purity comes with birth…

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a greeter, saluter, a happy passer-by, one who waves his hand in the air at the passing of an acquaintance, friend or even stranger.

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My bandana is a symbol of fertility, strength, and gang status. At the same time, the boys don’t seem to understand the true meaning here behind the things I mean to do. Men are confusing. Bandanas are not. Therefore, I prefer bandanas to men. At least when men have managed to be too confusing, which is not unusual.

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a car. Red. stopped at the lights. About to turn left. It is raining. Night, or evening rather. There is still a purple tinge in the sky. Still a little light left. The dark has come early with the rain clouds.

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In one far far away a boy named Luke discovered that he was much more than a simple sheep herder. He had the force. The force to destoy an unjust empire, find a new sister and kill some narly beasts along the way.

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What is the purpose of Facebook and other social networking sites? People waste hours and hours on these time-consuming databases to post information about themselves as if people are sitting on the edge of their computer chairs waiting to see a picture of you at the beach or a status update about your broken phone. Social networking has truly ruined my high school experience, i feel too involved in other people’s lives and not enough in my own.

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people you love and will always want around should have this quality.. something you gain or lose.. takes time and its important to build relationships around it.. something that is the basis of love and friendship..

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you’re my whole world. you’re my everything. i don’t want it anymore. you can have it back. take my heart, take my mind, take the whole thing. i don’t want the tainted ideas of you in it. you can have it back.

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“What does it mean to be whole?” She asked him. His expression was downcast and he was barely responsive, but his arms shook almost unnoticeably against the armrests of his chair. “Tell me.”

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i wondered if this wandering was a wonder? I always wondered about wandering, as i have always wanted to know whats beyond the horizon, in fact i wondered about it. And in my wanderings i hope find new horizons to wonder about.

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Strangely enough, she didn’t feel any pain. She had winced in anticipation as she saw the bee curl its body slightly and pierce her skin.

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Wow almost was the word yesterday. I almost stopped using this website I was so outraged. But then I remembered I love this site. So now I am almost done writing this. Almost posting. Almost..Almost…Almost…

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what defines strength? weakness. but what defines weakness? fear, terror, cowardice. it’s a double standard, but it’s how it should be. strength is in your mind, weakness is in the moment.

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strength defines your life. life should be measured by how well you delt with issues. strength is in your heart, your mind, and your soul. being strong defines your characteristics

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am i stronger now? that’s a good question. i’ve definitely grown from this, but i don’t know if “strong” would be the right word yet. i’m still trying. it’s hard but i’m still trying. the fact that l. feels like she needs to be strong for me is baffling. i want to help so badly but i can’t figure out how. it feels weird but good, like she’s trying to be better for me. i’m helping in some way, at least. strength is something i need right now, but being able to give it is good too.

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