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I made a statement to my husband the morning after two days ago…oh wait, that was yesturday. It was a little comment about something she wore the night before at a dinner with some of my politician friends and for that I got put in the doghouse.

Be careful of what you say, you have no idea who is listening, or where what you say will lead.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.26.2012 @ 12:40 pm


The motley crew lost their balance on the decks, head over heels they went and into the leviathans mouth. In that same day, one awoke to find his crew-mates dead and a serious injury on his person of which he bandaged up. And so Odysseus continued towards his wife, through suitor and strife, for a woman’s embrace. Why didn’t he just find a brothel?

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.16.2012 @ 10:50 am


The auxiliary pressed forward, the march had been set and the cannons would need to be set in place upon the outer cliffs. The vanguard had done their job but pushed too much in their haste, costing this army a terrible blow. Should we get to the cliffs in time, we could upset this war and finally conquer the fertile mountain regions.

– General Fodder.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.14.2012 @ 2:04 pm


May you allow a suggestion or should I plant it in your mind? As the young seeks to mentor the old with wisdom gained from experience of modern progression or unearned misfortune, nevertheless wisdom works both ways.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.10.2012 @ 9:56 pm


The overalls hung limp from the pin at the door. It was a Tuesday, and a nice day out for some kids to play but Thomas could not bring himself to. His only clothes clean, unwashed from weeks of neglect was a shame he could not bear to wear, for the kids sporting their finely stitched brand name clothes tormented him and despite the overalls being clean, Thomas felt dirty in the children’s presence.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.07.2012 @ 7:33 pm


My minds detention in the ward was quite perplexing. Here I stood, could walk around if I wanted to but remained confined within the solidarity of apathy. I didn’t care if I slept, nor ate, nor escaped. They made sure to keep it this way…made sure with pills that built an imaginary prison upon my mind.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.07.2012 @ 12:06 am


Science is hard facts, we systematically gather evidence towards a rational or most apparent answer. Science is seen as a rival to religion but it hardly should. They should just ignore the confliction and focus on the unknowns to both. Or at least I think they should, I see them as two separate subjects when they could in fact be the same, or perhaps I am entirely wrong and both cannot and will not coexist.

Conflicts are hard to define. The simple solution would be a compromise because these arguments seem entirely silly to someone who observes that both parties sees no solution. This is at the foundation of the world however, and this conflict, is now one being exacerbated over the internet on many platforms.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.06.2012 @ 12:04 am


“Harness your potential.
Harness your power.
Harness your weakness.”
She repeated to herself while riding the horse that could take her all the way. He was her everything, pride of her family’s ranch, half as old as she was, he was the ticket to her fame. After the freak harness accident that had left her left leg lame, competitive riding was almost impossible for her yet her drive to continue was greater than her fears and she overcame them with three simple sentences. The race line was nearing, she was a hairs away from first, if she could just harness the strength in those three seconds. She kicked at the horse a second before the finish line gun went off. A smile held on her famished face.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 07.02.2012 @ 6:02 pm


The outer crust of the pie was warm and gooey it dripped onto the paper film in large globs that Claire found surprising drawing. Her mother was upstairs still wiping the crust from her eyes while her father cleaned up the kitchen illuminated by the morning light and her brother was doing some last-minute studying for his geological exams.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.29.2012 @ 1:41 am


The cans of soup lay on his faded tabletop, lined and stacked for each day of the week, he smiled at their preparation. At that moment, he felt so dull that he opened each can of soup and tossed them all in the trash. And that realization that sent him into such a radical action was that the highlight of his day was the organization of soups.

Independent life isn’t easy, nor is it conductive for social solidarity.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.25.2012 @ 10:28 pm


Do not dwell on the matter is the common expression at hand, yet I can’t shake the scene of a fox entering the den of man, a home, a respite, a place to sleep at night but a place to where he thinks and fuels his rage full of spite. Despite these images and this story I put you through, I think I must clear this clutter or else my thoughts will dwell on far too many and less and less of my focus will be put on few.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.23.2012 @ 1:34 pm


The cathedral hall was painted a myriad of divine colours from the sunlight streaming in through the glass portrayals of the apostles. Miranda stepped to the alter, the after-hours prayer service was going to help her through these troubled times. She was tempted to pray for her own success or even that of ever lasting life but a prayer has power and she was resolved to spend it on her son’s troubling discovery.

We put power in prayer, expecting it to help us as if it were magic wishes from a genies lamp, but of those who believe, agree that it only works if put to a good cause but that good cause could result in gain down the road.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.14.2012 @ 11:37 pm


His strawhat swayed in the billowing wind that hit him like a train out of hell. The air was hot and he felt himself melting like the red hot ship around him yet he knew he wasn’t and he knew he could take it. The volcano was nothing and this heat wasn’t going to be the straw that broke this camel’s back. So String the Camel jumped into the Volcano and ate all the built-up lava while wearing the ashes of his farmer’s market strawhat.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.14.2012 @ 12:43 am


I’ve been switching songs on youtube for a while. I’ve gone from covers of classics to the classics themselves. What I would give to be in that moment, singing my song to a crowd and able to express every moment that I felt at that moment.

Should we dream of switching lives? Or should we live our own lives, in the growing likelihood that we’ll be less remarkable as we age?

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.12.2012 @ 5:56 am


The racket mesh rattled and two strings two when it met the ball. Kids playing with stolen tennis rackets and baseballs filled the yard. Trash littered the field and an out of tune ice cream truck was parked, and vandalized just outside school grounds. The teacher tossed the baseball again, the racket broke and the kids stood confused as to why the teacher had broken down crying.

The sheer sorrow of one’s dismal situation and the innocence that can still be found is a powerful thing.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.11.2012 @ 1:16 am


Want to have a chat? I do but I can’t seem to be able to muster up an adequate dialogue that’ll satisfy any adult-esque reader. Everything I do seems childish, every conversation dull, one-sided, clear.

Should I made things darker, realer to compensate? Gore, won’t do anything but make things more depressing, more gruesome. Then how I can I make things more adult? Because to me, to be an adult is to imitate a character on television, adults I see on the street, the happy ones, aren’t that much different from the children. The rest of the adults…well they’re just way too socially awkward to write anything that seems “normal.”

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.08.2012 @ 6:37 pm


The nations set up treaties before the Second World War. There is now thousands of unseen treaties that form a collaborative global alliance. If any country were to threaten global stability – which isn’t that hard considering how connected the world is and how fragile stocks can be – that country would find itself with no alliances to which it could ask for aid.

Now a country like this: North Korea exists and through treaties made, North Korea is left to its own resources but do we not care about its citizens? Shall we let them starve and live in a society that preys upon its weakness? If so, then we legitimize whatever twisted civilization will emerge from there, for surely, and eventually, the whole country will be convinced that the whole world is out to get them.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.05.2012 @ 11:35 pm


My mind is emptying on this page in a ritual unlike that of my intestines over my toilet. It’s in me to write and this is why I’ve chosen writing as my path in life. Though it will be hard, amongst the thousands of authors, millions of established ideas and amongst the billions of consumers, I have made an internal promise that I will achieve something in my life. Something grand. I owe so many people that, and to me, to God, to the world, I owe them all that.

Were continuing on a downward spiral when so many things beautiful in life are being overlooked when more – equally beautiful – synthetic creations are being made. I have to make people aware to the things of that we owe our current existence to.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.04.2012 @ 11:37 pm


I wear a cap when I go to a baseball game. I wear a cap when I work. I wear a cap when I caddy. I despise caps oh so much. A touch of this strangely shaped fabric makes me feel like a slave, one of the masses, and afraid of what lies underneath: something natural, something neat. Hair, let it grow out and ignore the crys to see it cut. Let it flow and keep the cap off the bottle of shame.

Be free from it all; yell out your pride in CAPS; DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE WHO YOU ARE.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.03.2012 @ 12:44 pm


We tried him in court, that terrible man, to convict him of murder. It wasn’t terribly hard, you see, for he confessed on the stand. He had gotten his justice outside of the law and believed it time for him to be punished. Strange how justice seemed so far out of our hands.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 06.01.2012 @ 2:05 pm


This particular word brings me back to childhood memories of figurines and a civil war between two robotic alien races but in the interest of something unique, I’ll think beyond.

I’ll transform myself beginning with a generally penitent state into another of less lethargy, more proactive response. I will cook for myself three times a day. Write in my free time and abstain from repetitive video games. I will lay down at a reasonable hour and treat my girlfriend more frequently to fine meals. I will stay active and see my friends in pre-planned times. I wonder where this will lead me?

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.27.2012 @ 11:17 pm


How coincidental, watching The Fall.

But here is how it all started. One time locked out of my house, during winter, I had the need to get inside. I attempted to simulate a stunt that I had seen on television, break open an old window and get inside. A lie. In the fact that its only a half truth: my parents locked me out (my mother and horrid step-father) and my anger boiled. I wasn’t going to take this any-more. I broke open the door window. They weren’t going to stop me! I pulled my arm back, a few more seconds – I grimaced, my teeth clenched – and then I struck!

Shattered the window by having my elbow go through, the elbow stayed as the glass came down. A large piece instantly slicing the side of my arm. Little cuts all over my arm. I withdrew, my mother – concerned – came forward. Blood trickled downwards, I felt faint, I felt like an actor in a movie. I felt like I was a tragic character. My head bobbed in practice. I came inside and found it was much colder than window indoors, my parents let me bleed.

I sat and resolved that I was alone. One event out of hundreds that have formed this mind here, today.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.26.2012 @ 4:48 pm


I went to retrieve my graduation picture from the high school I technically graduated from. I say “technically” because I was one credit short but was rewarded the credit on the case that I paid a school official for one. The world today is corrupt but who am I to say I can change it, when I’ve had to rely on it?

What will a revolution accomplish, even if change can be found peacefully what will it accomplish? Ghandi is a symbol of peace and non-violent protesting while Hitler is synonymous with the Devil but in the end who are these people? Nothing but their actions, and their actions are nothing but in the past.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.24.2012 @ 3:34 pm


She went up to the lodge up near Hudson Bay with her hubby. They had been together for quite some time but never quite got the time – with their busy lives – to settle down and share a weekend together. The pines were sprinkled with white and the road was hardly one at all, yet all the same they took lodging in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of nowhere is where they truly experienced love.

Relationships are hardly ever simple, its quite hard to find the balance between life and your significant other but the one time you set aside to do so is the one time you should understand why you chose each other.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.23.2012 @ 2:05 pm


The hydra’s head was within his grasp, out here in this desolate dungeon of worms and decrepit walking corpses, his quest had been to rescue his princess but things weren’t quite what he had hoped. The age of bed-time stories in done, the girl had been beaten and molested. That is how one would end up nowadays, we don’t like to hide facts, our fantasy’s are not immune to the cruelty of human beings.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.21.2012 @ 9:30 pm


I found the base of their operations, coincidentally at the base of the mountain where the cold stone met the dry earth and the air heaved temperate fumes. My father was conducting his experiments down there, using acids and bases to find the root of my affliction.

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.18.2012 @ 4:30 pm


I wrote several things before I once again hit backspace. I was tempted to do the same for the previous line. The space of time within a minute is plenty for a multitudinous amount of deletions and revisions of which the backspace is conveniently used. Yet, after every use: after every compulsion to erase in the event of an awkward phrase, revert when I’ve gone too far in place, or chip back at a word I could better attribute.

Whose to say that I could be fine without deleting the previous? What are my mistakes? If I were channeling some deeper Truth wouldn’t I twist it by my treating it to a cheap sense of self?

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.17.2012 @ 7:18 pm


Oh wow, the scene here is incredible. As the writer, it racks my mind!

The engines hummed and roared above the street-lights floating in mid-air. The figures bobbed up and down as they cranked their engines but they had to wait – for a train that cut through the air like a spear of air, in fact, it was a vehicle powered by the very air it traversed. Each engine was fed by the atmosphere around it and fed through a biological conversion process located in central tubes at the top of the cars, and it was here that air exited again, in great speed and plumes of smoke of clean air.

Will our age ever make it here? To where my mind’s imagination has ventured?

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.15.2012 @ 2:34 pm


The boy walks across the forest floor, tandems of moss crushed by his narrow feet. His circular rims eye the small creature crawling away from his rampage. A bug, beetle-centipede, slithering away with its many feet. Where is it going? Where is it leading the boy?

He follows into a cave where a thousand centipedes attack!

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.14.2012 @ 12:22 pm


Clear disregard of duty can leave one scorned, by a boss who sees nothing but one’s faults alone,
with a coffee mug of which I contemplate,
of genuine silence whose air is filled with my somber and my attitude to:
this derelict, this fault, this flaw, this mistake,
so I wonder if I, working minimum wage, am a human or a slave?

» Posted By Eric Harrell On 05.13.2012 @ 2:00 pm

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