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this pimple of mine
has been here for so long
that it has been a month
and i think it’s not a pimple anymore
i tried to pinch it and stuff
put creams and antipimple gels
but nothing
it’s a stubborn pimple
never wanting to let go of my skin

» Posted By emma On 03.07.2014 @ 2:53 pm


needless to say, it’s the greatest thing you’ll ever have
he’ll guide you through the way
he’ll be your shining light
your only hope in this world
and it would just hurt to see him go
and fly up to the heavens from this world
all i ever thought of
was how to live life without him

» Posted By emma On 03.07.2014 @ 6:39 am


we have eyes to see
to experience what is before us
we witness things
not just to go to court to baffle suspects
but to see the world in its greatness
to appreciate what we have left
it is how we witness such things
never to be seen by others

» Posted By emma On 03.05.2014 @ 2:02 pm


suddenly i froze
in the middle of the night i saw
one thing i thought could never possibly happen
something has gone out of its shell
and is now finding its way to the world
a piece of pizza lost in the snow
away from its pizza box all cozy and low

» Posted By emma On 03.05.2014 @ 7:08 am

just looked it up in the dictionary, and it’s just great
hopeless romantic, not so much
hopeless in the means of everything there’s to be hopeless for
i don’t even understand why it’s called that way
less of hap i guess

» Posted By emma On 03.05.2014 @ 7:05 am


She was seated in the coffee shop. The boy with the blue eyes continued to stare. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was beautiful. He walked up to her and saw the book she was reading. It was his favorite.

» Posted By Emma On 02.25.2014 @ 2:02 pm


the engine revved. everything was insane and moving very quickly. I thought my head would explode, but at the same time I was feeling the happiest I’ve ever felt. With that one rev of the engine we took off to a place that hadn’t even existed before. I felt alive.

» Posted By Emma On 02.25.2014 @ 8:02 am


welcome emperor. We love you. We worship you alone. Be careful though sir, you will be overthrown soon, or your son will. It is the way of emperors, don’t be too worried. You might want to hire a man to taste test your food though, in case your brother or son tries to poison you. Long live the king!

» Posted By Emma On 02.23.2014 @ 4:58 pm


happy birthday! I’m sorry the gift is late but you see, i was busy yesterday honey, and i got you the card and everything last friday, and I’m giving it to you this wednesday even though your birthday was on tuesday, but its not cause I forgot and god I’m sorry, look its a mini jar of nutella, I’m sorry.

» Posted By Emma On 02.22.2014 @ 9:19 pm


grandma lies in bed. The room is dark and smells like cotton. Her grandson stands in the door way, unsure of whether he should come in. She points a knotted, talon-like finger at him and says “come in.”

» Posted By Emma On 02.18.2014 @ 9:48 pm


the playground got torn down
which i guess is okay
since it was mostly concrete
and carter greene broke his leg on the monkey bars

» Posted By Emma On 02.15.2014 @ 3:03 pm


the slinky spirals across the class room. This is high school physics. Mr. Marx is talking about physics. Physics, physics, gravity, force, force of gravity. None of which are things that are given meaning besides spreading the endlessly spiraling slinky across a stark high school class room. Feelings of literal despair over a slinky spiral through the room.

» Posted By Emma On 02.11.2014 @ 7:44 pm


“I have to tell you something,” She muttered, shuffling her feet back and forth. The elder laughed a broken laugh and leaned down to better hear the kit.

“What’s that, Snowkit? Stop muttering, I can’t hear you when you speak like that.”

“I said I have to tell you something,” her voice was louder now. She leaned over to admit to the cranky elder her secret.

» Posted By Emma On 02.09.2014 @ 10:20 pm

they sat over the secret menu drinks from Starbucks. This is where they confided. So much was said that couldn’t be heard by anyone they knew. Each with a top secret mission.

» Posted By Emma On 02.09.2014 @ 3:44 pm


three third graders stand shallow end of the pool. Poly prep “summer experience” swim racing of the last week. Day camp. They shift their weight from foot to foot while waiting to start. It is August, a cool summer day with out the sun. It might rain. A third place ribbon lands in the water, discarded. They can be found all around camp. Pinned to trees, lunch boxes, in the grass. No one wants the third place ribbon. It is the participation trophy.

» Posted By Emma On 02.07.2014 @ 8:40 pm


I want to play little orphan annie. this is my big secret. I am an actress, i am far too old to play a ten year old. I am above middle school production shows like that. I am a sophisticated young women, I worship Sondheim and Chekov. But when I close my eyes, I want to be Annie.

» Posted By Emma On 02.06.2014 @ 2:05 pm


sunday nights are meant for getting things back to the starting line. To sharpen the dulled pencils, tweeze eyebrows and fool-proof the next seven days. Sweep up on the trails of the mess the tornado of last week is leaving. I’m turning circles around my bedroom with hawk eyes, that I must have borrowed them from someone else. Nothing can be unkempt, or the week ahead, staring me down, will be released wild, dragging me down with it.

» Posted By Emma On 02.03.2014 @ 8:26 pm


Progressive, like a flapper girl. Steal their hair and all. Like a liberal. That’s what you are, you’re progressive. Shame you’re so conservative. The way you judge, you act so progressive. That doesn’t make you a feminist. Okay, sure progressive. Progressive for politics of times a century ago. drink your drink, speak your mind. You still aren’t a flapper. Their gone. Find your own prohibition to fight.

» Posted By Emma On 02.02.2014 @ 9:50 pm


hello. live from my living room. It’s saturday night. I have nothing to report. I think the teleprompter in broken, so we are televising this live from new york, impromptu. Here’s to you New York. Happy Saturday Night.

» Posted By Emma On 01.31.2014 @ 9:22 pm

The marketplace was televised. Every day at noon, cameramen would show up and televise Mrs. Dowell shouting “Cookies are up!” The amount of people that rushed to the humble cookie stand was ghastly.

» Posted By Emma On 01.31.2014 @ 12:20 pm


My life is not my own. It has been shaped by the lives of so many others before me, like a marker coloring in a stencil. There are expectations surrounding me everyday, shaping me into the person I have become. It is not me, it is an idea, many ideas, formed into the shape of a human being.

» Posted By Emma On 01.24.2014 @ 9:33 am


She wasn’t native to the cold. Her warm eyes peeked out from under here knit hat, her face was buried in a bright blue scarf. Her nose, which wasn’t protected from the wind and blowing snow, was bright red and she kept wrinkling it against the cold. Her hair was light, turned even lighter by the sunlight and heat she was so used to, and braided, It poked out from under her hat and hung over her shoulder, waving feebly in the cold.

» Posted By Emma On 01.22.2014 @ 5:00 pm


disabled mobility trapped dead no life gone

» Posted By emma On 01.08.2014 @ 12:59 pm


the mass amounts
collect in pools
shiny poles
empty glasses
pungent alcoholic residue

» Posted By Emma On 01.05.2014 @ 2:14 pm

Do we have enough revenue
to go on the avenue?
Is there enough money for gas?

» Posted By emma On 01.05.2014 @ 12:06 pm


she slipped into me and I into her what shall we do I thought? What. Shall. We. Do. Words and sentences slipping into each other. eachother.

» Posted By emma On 01.04.2014 @ 1:24 pm


He really didn’t ask for this. Jesus Christ, who would? But, well, he had done it, hadn’t he? At the expense of other’s of course, but he had done it. He was proud. And he was victorious.

» Posted By Emma On 12.23.2013 @ 7:30 pm


If I had one more chance to change what I said, I wouldn’t. I stand by what I said, even though it may have been insensitive and stupid. All I wanted was for you to forgive me, but I think I just ended up making everything worse. I’m sorry I met you, and I’m sorry I lied. If you’re reading this, just know that I’m sorry.

» Posted By Emma On 12.21.2013 @ 4:24 am

If. If, only two letters and yet such a large word. If only my cousin hadn’t died last Wednesday. If only I didn’t have anxiety. If only I could eat anything I wanted and not get sick. If only I didn’t want to slit my wrists with every passing minute, every passing hour, every passing second. If only I had a bit more time. The answers to these if’s would change everything. They would change my life, my existence. This world is not one which responds kindly to if’s. It lives in black and white. In a world of what did, or did not happen, of what will or will not happen. My life, your life, the world could be altered completely if some of my ifs could just fall in line with some of my desires.

» Posted By Emma On 12.20.2013 @ 7:57 pm


There we were. Just standing together. I longed to speak to her, to know her name, to know her story. I didn’t know anything, but I wanted to know everything. You know when people have those eyes that you just get lost in. You want to know everything they have seen, everything they have felt.

» Posted By emma On 12.17.2013 @ 8:37 pm

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