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“Damn this …. UGH!” Yumichika screeched, kicking a hole straight through the paper shutter he’d been trying to fix for the last ten minutes.

“Holy shit, calm down,” Ikkaku called from where he was doing sit ups in his academy uniform.

“I can’t see that cute little boy with this stupid thing in the way,” Yumichika whined, still messing with the stupid thing, looking at the damage he’d caused. “Oh, what a shame.”

“Hisagi Shuuhei? Tch’, he’s not so little,” Ikkaku spat. “He’s everyone’s boy hero, here.”

“Yes, but I’m his senpai, aren’t I? You saw how starry-eyed he was getting?”

“Oh Pssh.”

“Aw, are you jealous? Nothing could ever come betwee-”

“Ugh, shut up,” Ikkaku laughed.

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Ikkaku laughed as the town burned around him. His heavy footsteps practically shook the ground as he and his clan pillaged the helpless human settlement. There was screaming and lots of little people running, trying to save their homes, but in vain.

All he wanted was gold, and maybe some sheep to eat.

It all went awry when he showed up… a rogue elven mage whose eyes showed a glint of what lay inside his soul: ice.

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Yumichika whined to himself as he tried to balance the stupid bar and its stupid little bubble. Blast it all. He couldn’t stand things like this, where he became obsessed with everythnig looking just so. He was trying to get the little bubble to stay inside the black lines, but he just couldn’t seem to do it. The table top must not be completely flat.

“Ugh!” he screeched, throwing it on the floor and throwing a little fit. Ikkaku looked up from where he was sitting on the couch. He was sipping a lemonade and taking a break from painting their apartment and rewiring a socket. He looked pretty good in his toolbelt, and Yumichika was thinking of maybe abandoning his sulking in favor of breaking in their new couch, but all he did when he got up was snatch a screwdriver from Ikkaku’s toolbox and use it to completely destroy that stupid level, not even caring if the yellowish liquid would stain the carpet. THey were replacing that anyway.

“Ya’ okay there, babe?” Ikkaku asked in bewilderment, just in time to swear when Yumichika screamed and stomped on the thing, breaking it after jumping on it anywhere from ten to twenty times.

“You fucking idiot,” Ikkaku mumbled as he bandaged up Yumichika’s bloody feet.

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Yumichika sighed, picking up stray socks off their tablelamp, shoving red plastic cups inside of a black garbage bag. Ikkaku was passed out on the couch, sleeping with his mouth open. Not surpised, Yumichika dodged the wet area of carpet under his boyfriend’s head, sticking his foot out and shoving Ikkaku’s face a little to move him back onto the couch so that he wasn’t in danger of falling. The house was already enough of a wreck without adding another bloodstain to the collection.

The bathroom was a nightmare, and as Yumichika searched for cleaning surprise under the sink, he was surprised to find Renji’s favorite headband tied around the sink drain pipe. It seemed that Ichigo had hid it on purpose again. Yumichika just sighed and pulled out his phone, which had a few frantic messages from a hungover Renji who was distraught without a forehead covering.

Ikkaku awoke long enough to eat some stale pizza out of the box and throw a couple of things away. He dragged the vaccum cleaner out and tried to kiss Yumichika, but Yumichika kept him at arm’s length, complaining about his breath.

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rivalry. Why does it exist? Is it healthy to be rivals with another? Can you be a rival against a cause or is it personal? Is it synonymous with hate or revenge or hurt? Let’s concentrate on healthy rivalry. One that propels each of us forward to do better, to do more. In my mind rivalry invokes a hateful concept, why is this? Rivalry should invoke the concept of healthy competition. Perhaps because this is the only truly healthy rivalry.

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One of the things they enjoyed doing together the most was watching Renji fuck things up with Kurosaki. The kid tried to be nice and keep his cool, but he just couldn’t help but argue and get into physical altercations with Ichigo, and after watching it for about a year, Ikkaku was starting to think that the two of them liked it that way.

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It wasn’t their style to be dirty in public. In fact, they hardly ever held hands in front of people, yet here they were in the library, Ikkaku with his pants around his knees. They were supposed to be working on a term paper, but had abandoned the work when Ikkaku got riled up by Yumichika’s ‘better-than-you’ talk.

Now they were playing a game where Yumichika would torture him slowly and only give him what he wanted every time he found a ten-letter word or a four-syllable one. Ikkaku seriously thought he was going to die, because he couldn’t shut up his own moans and on top of that, Yumichika was giving him that look that drove him absolutely nuts.

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Yumichika didn’t like bears. He’d much rather have a kitten or a fox pup, but the stupid bear baby wouldn’t stop following him. He actually felt some cruel urge to kick the thing to keep him away from their campsite, and he barely restrained himself from strangling Ikkaku when he fed it.

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All the men in Yumichika’s life were like fire. Zaraki was a volcano, Ikkaku was a hot-head, Ichigo was a spit-fire, and Renji’s head actually looked like it was aflame.

He, along with Rukia, ironically, were a few of the only people who could ever cool them down.

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The dragon swooped down above the trees, flying up to enter her dwelling. The hunters would be along soon and she must prepare them a surprise. They would be met with little gold and much fire.

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They were much too old to build a pillow fort, really they were, but Yachiru was with them, so they of course obeyed.

They built a fort out of bodies on the battlefield, blood making a moat, and it was truly sickening to see how much fun they’d had. When they went home, Yachiru wanted to play again, so they did.

Gathering all her love-toys, they made a castle that rose to the ceiling and let her play Queen. They huddled when it started to thunderstorm, and they lulled her to sleep between their bodies, embracing for what felt like forever.

And when Ikkaku stroked Yumichika’s hair back from his sleeping face and kissed his neck, he wished that they could build a castle and go away together.

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Ikkaku’s life had always been simple. All he’d needed was beer in his mouth, his sword in his hand, and blood under his nails. He was content in roaming, killing, and never laying in the same place for more than one night.

Still, his life seemed complete the moment he added the special ingredient. After that, his life had become insanely complicated, filled with emotional breakdowns and a tangled web of lies, but still, he’d been happy. He knew now that this was absolute, and everything else he’d ever needed was optional. The secret ever-fulfilling element to top his pyramid of success was an idiotic prissy narcissist.


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She found him in a faerie ring, surrounded by toadstools and mushrooms. He stood in a single ray of light that had found its way through the trees and other plants, and he looked beautiful. Utterly beautiful.

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Yumichika’s life was never based on being honest. He’d gone on being dirty and hungry for ages, earning money doing the most horrible things. He’d met a wonderful man and had been his friend for centuries, but secrets were Yumichika’s specialty still.

The one thing he absolutely could not do, even when he was about to die, was simply to tell the truth.

And when blood was bubbling from between his lips, and those dark eyes were running and dripping tears onto his face, when he saw Ikkaku crying and raging above him, still Yumichika could not speak.

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Whenever Ikkaku looked at Yumichika, his heart just fucked him up. The first day they’d met was the first time he’d felt it, that weirdo somersault and the desire to harm something to make up for how soft he felt. He’d said hello to Yumichika that day, and had then pushed him down in the mud. They’d gotten into a fight, and Ikkaku could honestly say they’d ‘hit’ it off.

It was moments like these, when his sword was against Yumichika’s, when blood was flying, when their faces were tensed up and angry, that Ikkaku would think back on that time and acknowledge that little tremor in his heart. It was times like these when they were cursing and grinning like wolves, that he could accept what he felt.

But now, watching Yumichika with that blade through his chest, Ikkaku didn’t feel ready to let this out. No. He couldn’t accept this. Things would be too damn complicated if he died now. Yumichika couldn’t leave when he still had words on his lips.

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I open my eyes and see a huge oak. What is this? Why did I end up here? I walked towards the oak when it started to talk. “I’ve been waiting for you for a while” it said.

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Today I am going to transform. I am going to transform to a beautiful and strong woman. I am going to transform to someone who is ready to rule the world. I am going to transform to being myself, the one and only creature I have ever wanted to be.

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Suddenly it transformed back to a tiny egg. What had just happened? Where did the wolf disappear? Was I going crazy? The tiny egg had just turned to a giant wolf and back to being an egg again.

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I went to visit my family this weekend so we could release my brothers ashes. we visited the mountains of yarnell and at sunset we released his ashes into the wind. It was a sad visit but a peaceful one. I know that is how Cory would have wanted it to be. I miss him so much, we all do, but his death brought our family together. I love you Cory. 9.28.14

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The forest grove was filled with trees the size of the very redwoods themselves. She could feel the wind rustling the leaves, and hear the bark whispering softly to her. “I…” She couldn’t help but break out in a wide grin when she turned around to face her grandfather. “Why did you take me here?”
“You deserved to be free.”

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Mother tried to kill herself that night. She called from the hospital “Sweetheart, you got in! You’ve been accepted!” Those words wrapped a chain around my heart and sent it down, down. How do you tell a severely depressed woman who’s just found a reason to live that her daughter doesn’t yearn for the prestige and recognition of an exclusive and “honorable” lifestyle. The girl is sorry, but no matter how many times you try to die, Mother, she can’t provide your reason to live. That’s on you now.

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Mother tried to kill herself that night. She called from the hospital “Sweetheart, you got in! You’ve been accepted!” Those words wrapped a chain around my heart and sent it down, down. How do you tell a severely depressed woman who’s just found a reason to live that her daughter doesn’t yearn for the prestige and recognition of an exclusive and “honorable” lifestyle. The girl is sorry, but no matter how many times you try to die, Mother, she can’t provide your reason to live.

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He glanced up and the dark doubt shrouded him. Impossible he thought. Yet still he went. He went right up to the man and socked him in the face. Stunned, the man staggered back, his burly form bouncing against the brick. “How does it feel, getting hit by a faggot, huh?” the boy shouted in desperation. The constant disapproving stares, the under-breath comments like that of the present man, had exhausted him far too long. Yes, I’m gay. he thought And Im tough as hell. The man’s cheeks went from white to boiling red as he realized who and what had just hit him. Fury swirled in this chest and he started toward the boy, but noticed a lone cop coming around the corner. “Do you know who I am? I have influence, I can finish you.” his eyes carrying more threat than his low, growling voice. “I’m ready.” the boy whispered. The man parted his lips to respond, but instead whirled around and stalked away. He longed to stamp the boy out, but knew any further physical or legal action would only draw bad publicity for a contestant in the upcoming gubernatorial race. The boy sighed and knew the only reason he hadn’t been beaten and left in an alley at 12:30am was the fateful policeman. He was grateful. His heart still throbbed in his throat as he trotted down the street.

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He glanced up and felt doubt shroud his heart. Impossible. Yet still he went.

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He sat in utter dismay in the hospital waiting room. She had done it again. He was failing. He grasped his head in his hands, shaking in agony. Why couldn’t he keep her from this horrible fate? Why couldn’t he stop her from wanting desperately to die?

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I stood, my feet cemented to the damp morning grass; not even the gray wind could sway me. I should have wept. I should have fallen to my knees and let my soul pour out my eyelids and escape. I should have grasped his mother in my arms, heads resting on corresponding shoulders. Instead I stood, staring, gazing at that slab of rock surrounded by an array of hideously bright and hopeful bouquets. Paralysis kept it’s firm, cold hand clasped around my heart, repelling pain, refusing consolation. Nothing but a dull, pitiful beating mound of muscle remained of who I once was. How can a whole live on when a half is ripped away? I stood, steady as that slab of cursed rock.

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I stood knee deep in the sea. The wind rustled and whisked away that ship. That ship has sailed. That chance is gone and I stand knee deep wishing it would come back. Come back.

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Ill never go anywhere. Ill never do anything. Ill become a mom of 3 kids in a house with a part time job and a dead soul. NO. I refuse to never do anything . I will do everything. I will laugh, cry, bleed, die and I will always do everything. You can’t contain me with never.

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to be honst,this is my first to see this word. i have to remember it.

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To live fiercely. To deny them your mind, to refuse the blinding screens the white noise of their idiotic voices and seek refuge in the currents of the wind.

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