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Mark looked up at the sky as thunder clapped around them.
“We won’t have enough time at this rate,” he said quietly. Will looked up from where he sat, observing the clouds himself.
“We have to save them,” he croaked. His blue eyes sparkled suddenly. “I think I know how.”
“Oh?” demanded Mark. Will picked up his stopwatch, fiddled with it, and suddenly Mark felt himself spinning backwards, backwards, backwards.
Mark looked up at the sky as thunder clapped around them.

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She looked in the mirror, staring at her porcelain features without thinking about herself. She thought instead of her mother, her blonde hair wild and ferocious for the first time as she lashed out at her with the knife. Slowly, Serafina reached down towards her sleeve and pulled up the robe, looking at the dark scars that sat there. One, the wedding rune she had taken with Tyler. Two, the mental block rune she had written to block her thoughts from invasion. And three, the scar of a knife as it raked across her arm.

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Golden tried to dry her tears, looking in the mirror at her face. Covered in blemishes, probably from her tears. Sighing, she sat back in her chair, burying her face in her hands and beginning to cry. Will and Isabella…it was so WRONG.
“Virginia?” Golden looked up in shock and spun around to see her mother – no, Cecilia – standing there. Cecilia smiled softly and crossed the room, brushing her hands over her daughter’s blemish-filled face.
“Talk to me about it,” she urged.

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Serafina looked down the glistening silver sleeves of her gown, stretching one down over the dark scars of the rune etched there. No one could know about this. Fear extended through every inch of her body, but Serafina didn’t move. Beside her, Samaria pulled down her sleeve as well. The cousins exchanged a glance. Only one of them would survive, thought Serafina, and if this worked, it would be Samaria.

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