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In the calamity that in sued, I tried to break free from the holds of my capture. When I finally did, I ran freely through the streets, laughing at the people crying and the buildings burning. This was my kind of world. Then suddenly I taken down and bitten, the flesh tearing off of my arm. And I looked up into the gnarled face of the first zombie.

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I sat down across from my mother. She dished out some pancakes and sausage to me. I smiled appreciatively, trying to decide when to tell her. “So, mom..” I started. I relayed the whole story to her, but then it occurred to me that she was never really listening.

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I huddled against the wall of the stall, desperately hoping that I wouldn’t be seen. I could hear the two girls screaming at each other, here in the privacy of the locker room. I tried to move my boots farther away from the space under the door and that’s when it got very quiet. “Did you hear that?”

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