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bars remind me of jail. but they also remind me of chocolate.
with this in mind, i conclude:
i have a love-hate relationship with bars.

» Posted By danaë On 08.23.2009 @ 8:55 pm


haha so i’m with my friend claire and she went to the gym today. i sort of partly feel like i should be working out or doing something healthy but then i think, screw it! i dont give a damn. im not fat, i dont have any friends who are seriously fat or even close to it. what the hell. i have more productive things to do.

» Posted By danaë On 08.22.2009 @ 9:15 pm


Entering: Park Street
The Destination of this train is: Government Center
Change here for the red and orange lines.

Entering: Woodland
The Destination of this train is: Riverside

I hear these words roughly 10 times a week. I spend roughly half my life on the T. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration.
Boston’s public transportation rocks.

» Posted By danaë On 08.21.2009 @ 1:02 pm


chrome faucets.
we redid the kitchen.
it was hell.

» Posted By danaë On 08.20.2009 @ 1:52 pm


in a movie i saw in spanish class there was this kid being smuggled across the border and he had to stay in a coffin… this kid was like 7 years old. crazy.

» Posted By danaë On 08.19.2009 @ 9:32 am


nothing in life is ever optional. that’s what my parents have taught me since 2nd grade, when we had optional challenge math problems. optional, they told me, did not really mean i had a choice.
likewise, when my mother was choosing chemo treatments, they gave her various ‘options’. No, she told me, these were really just different variations of the same doctor’s plan.
i’m off to college in a few years, and i’m starting to really wonder. do i have options? can i just pack up and leave?

» Posted By danaë On 08.18.2009 @ 4:16 pm


on you can find how compatible you are with your various friends as far as music tastes go. i’m a 16 year old girl from suburbia, usa. [that’s not an actual place, just a state of mind.] however, i really love listening to rap music.
must be why my top matches on are all australian guys with tattoos, aged 17-21. :/

» Posted By danaë On 08.14.2009 @ 8:06 pm


i recently heard from a friend that conditioner is to be applied to all your hair, not just to the tips in order to detangle. i never realized that there was a further purpose to conditioner, since my mother didn’t teach me the truth. for some reason this simple, unimportant point encompasses, for me, a feeling of intense hatred and disgust towards her.

» Posted By danaë On 08.12.2009 @ 12:58 pm


oh goddamn. my sister has been singing, ‘on the radio, uh-oh! oh the radio, uh-oh!’ over and aver again for the past week. i think it’s part of a regina spektor song or something but it’s been driving me crazy.
also, i listen to npr.
also, i just got a song from a friend by the name ‘radio’ by the jurassic 5. they’re awesome.

» Posted By danaë On 08.11.2009 @ 4:36 pm


yesterday i was watching a tv infomercial about that stuff that’s supposed to make your skin all clear. i sound stupid but i can’t remember what it’s called… haha and don’t worry, i don’t watch infomercials regularly. it just happened to be on, and i was too lazy to change the channel for a good three minutes.

» Posted By danaë On 08.10.2009 @ 9:57 am


my aunt told me a story today about how they had a leak in their dishwasher at their apartment, which is in athens. there wasn’t any damage though, because the floors were tiled. i miss greece. even the tiled floors.

» Posted By danaë On 07.30.2009 @ 6:15 pm


this year, my family was going to go back to greece for the summer. we go almost every year to visit our family, but havent been in 2 years because of work and whatnot. the water is beautiful, especially the shallow parts of the beach that go on for what seems like miles. you just walk and walk and it doesn’t seem to go past your knees. anyway, we’re not going. cancer is a vacation killer, i guess. well, believe me it could be worse.

» Posted By danaë On 07.29.2009 @ 1:41 pm


I’m almost 17 but I still can’t get my license. My parents [my dad really] thinks that if i can drive i’ll go crash or something. really though, who hasn’t? that sounds terrible to see, but it’s something that happens sooner or later. how the hell am i going to get around? they moved us to the suburbs, they ought to give me a way to get around this place. maybe that’s the real problem here.

» Posted By danaë On 07.28.2009 @ 7:45 pm


today at a panera bread where i was having lunch i saw a woman with her newborn. when i say newborn, i mean it. literally she must have popped it out the day before. tiniest thing ever! her stomach was still swollen. the little thing seemed perfectly ok in such a crowded public place though. maybe he’ll grow up and be a nice, easy going kid. i hope so.

» Posted By danaë On 07.27.2009 @ 8:22 pm


no one likes dirt. i feel bad for those people who toil the soil, who plant the trees that make oxygen and allow us to breathe.
such were the words of the suburbanite, looking out on his green grassy backyard, with flowers in full bloom. such were his words.

» Posted By danaë On 07.26.2009 @ 4:29 pm


so what exactly keeps me down? what really restrains me in life from doing what i want, from going where i please? is it gravity? no, no it’s not gravity. it’s something much more innate. men can defy gravity but they cannot defy themselves.

» Posted By danaë On 07.25.2009 @ 8:23 pm


unreal, i wondered how they knew about the things i’d secretly been telling myself? this was evidence of my connection with the underlying consciousness of the universe. the evidence was there, my belief, my faith was not…

» Posted By danae On 10.02.2008 @ 7:57 am


were those thought i had for you as original as i had intended them…
i am sick of this repetitive second guessing of my emotions, i don’t truly believe that this will ever happen, or that you really care, or that i am unique, or that anything i do in my life will ever really matter.

» Posted By danae On 08.16.2008 @ 11:39 pm


it makes bread and it makes yummy things for us. pretzals. white powderdy substance that is very very hard to eat by itself. yuck. comes usually in a paper bad thing bought from the supermarket. without it.. you couldn’t make the yummy bread that us humans make.. well simply we couldn’t bake with it. sucks for us if we didn’t huh?

» Posted By Danae On 10.09.2009 @ 3:44 pm

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