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My luggage is packed.
The city is ransacked.
I danced on the embers of a fallen nation.
It was my idea of a fun vacation.

» Posted By dan On 05.12.2012 @ 9:53 am


The violins whine as the group of friends dance around them, smiling as they sing to its sweet melody. It’s a beautiful song that speaks for itself. The high notes represent the joy while the low notes represent the melancholy. In other words, it is the song of life and it is what we’re dancing to, even now.

And now I wonder, how is your song?

» Posted By Dan On 05.07.2012 @ 2:01 am


I sat upright in my chair, terrified about what the vicious monster they call my teacher was going to do to me. Im my palms, a shallow pool of sweat was starting to form.

» Posted By Dan On 05.04.2012 @ 12:59 pm


The Mediterranean coast is hallowed ground. The ideas that originated have been germinating for millenia and have given root to our own culture. The people have changed but the body of water is as eternal as the earth itself.

» Posted By dan On 04.30.2012 @ 12:08 pm


they are prickly little bastards… especially when you sit on them. i had an awful experience just the other day. i was at my mumma’s place, and she was feeding me a piece of cake and a cuppa tea…” sit down ” she bellowed… so I did, right on her sewing kit.

» Posted By Dan On 04.09.2012 @ 1:10 pm


i wondered with a little flitter
hoping she might come away from twitter
she looked around, gave a glance,
but in the end,
I was all but a meaningless dance.

» Posted By Dan On 04.08.2012 @ 1:30 pm

it was such adisastrous day… i couldne’t beleive what she was tellign em. she had finally come to a decision that i thought would never be possible. i mean, after all this time?? seriously? she latched the suitcase lid and looked at me with those sad, sad eyes… she was heading back to england and i was to be stranded in the middle of nowhere… again. this was my life with a movie star.

» Posted By Dan On 04.08.2012 @ 1:25 pm


Freak show pageant and a double agent
Murder mystery whodoneit?

» Posted By dan On 03.20.2012 @ 10:41 am


the length of time between one event and the next. what happens between such occurences that causes such a disheartening dilemma to develop or at least it would appear in my mind. to my heart. to this soul it dims the very essence of what i thought it meant to be. here i am. alone and naked. the way i will die. the duration of my life seems to me an eternity.

» Posted By dan On 03.15.2012 @ 12:44 am


belief is complicated. i dont know what i believe, i know what i used to but ive since met people who make me doubt my past beliefs. i dont really know if i believe in myself anymore, but i’m trying.

» Posted By Dan On 03.13.2012 @ 10:48 am


a play thing for children, can be heaps of fun, i played for hours on a swing with my nephew on the holidays, he would stand up on a chair and jump 30 cm whch is a long way when your only 60 cm high

» Posted By dan On 03.06.2012 @ 11:27 pm


I’m sitting amongst 4 of them. They’re all kinda yellow, but 2 of them are vanilla ice cream yellow, and the other 2 are like a light straw color. Kinda calming walls for an office.

I didn’t have walls in my last office. Well, that’s not entirely true. I had cubicle walls.

» Posted By Dan On 02.07.2012 @ 3:43 pm


parties life awesomeness i want to go to festivals allt he time and watch jesters

i wonder what jesters life is like
do you think id be good at it?
i hate juggling so no
i like guitar and lifting and psychology
it’d be awesome if i had a job that did all of those
waht do i want to do?
i ahve no freakin clue
but its all good
so yeah festivals
theyre fun and have pretty lights
i want more lights on my house for christmas
i want my house to be a freaking WONDERLAND YEAR ROUND

i will make new holidays to do it too

» Posted By Dan On 02.01.2012 @ 6:18 am


lots of bees, buZZing, stinging, honey, cartoons, trees Jerry Seinfeld, sunny grass, flowers, green, black and yellow.

» Posted By Dan On 01.26.2012 @ 6:00 am


A lot of the day-to-day decisions I make hinge on a single factor. For example, today I’m foregoing working out because I need to go to the police station to take care of a traffic ticket.

» Posted By dan On 01.24.2012 @ 10:03 am


The red fences dotted the suburban landscape. Nobody knew why the fences were painted in such an obnoxiously uniform color, but they never questioned it and carried about their daily business year after year.

» Posted By dan On 01.22.2012 @ 10:16 pm


Food was scarce. My sister and I were the first to get whatever food my parents got a hold of, but we had trouble deciding which of us got to eat. “No,” she would insist, “You need to have it.” And I would take it reluctantly, until her composure was too frail to stand anymore.

» Posted By dan On 01.22.2012 @ 10:36 am


People are afraid of losing their liberty to some all-powerful government. This possibility begs the question: what is liberty? Is it the freedom to do as you please – to think, live, desire whatever you choose? Or is it the feeling that you opinion matters in a group consensus?

» Posted By dan On 01.19.2012 @ 9:02 am


Down the runway and up into the sky in a matter of moments. When I look down on the clouds, I decide that I never want to touch ground again. There’s nothing but problems down there.

» Posted By dan On 01.21.2012 @ 11:04 am


The cookies looked more crisp than usual when Suzanne pulled them out of the oven. However, when she took a bite she realized that this was only true in appearance – that they were in fact as rich and soft as they were when her mother made them. She was, after all, following her recipe.

» Posted By dan On 01.14.2012 @ 9:40 am


Drunk on sparkling cider, I stumble through the dark residential street. Some men in their early 20s are chatting across the street. It’s a house party.

» Posted By dan On 01.11.2012 @ 12:41 pm


It was a very dull day,
while it rained on the plateau
the food is tasteless
and the news is boring

» Posted By Dan On 01.11.2012 @ 10:45 am

bland bland bland. I can’t think of anything to say about such a boring word. The sound it makes when I say it describes the definition of the word perfectly.

» Posted By dan On 01.10.2012 @ 12:19 pm


The savage gallops through the rocky crevice at inhuman speed. His bare feet are callous to the rocky floor, and the only thing on his mind is the blood he smells somewhere up ahead.

» Posted By dan On 01.09.2012 @ 11:29 am


A bed of lillies might be softer than a bed of roses. I don’t know because I’ve never tried. I’m not even much of a flower person; I couldn’t tell a lily from a lilac.

» Posted By dan On 01.09.2012 @ 11:02 am


The man had a dozen fingers. Most of his acquaintances didn’t notice, even when they shook his hand, unless he pointed it out. Still, he was self-conscious; he couldn’t help but think about it as a deformity. The kids in grade school had not been kind to him. By the time he was middle aged, he was pretty thick skinned about a lot of things.

» Posted By dan On 01.07.2012 @ 9:22 am

Fantastic Frying Frollicks! The baker carefully placed each fattening holey goodness in the fryer right before my very eyes. I’ll never forget the way they sizzled from the moment that the grease touched their outside.

» Posted By Dan On 01.06.2012 @ 1:36 pm

A dozen bluebirds flew past the barn window. My eyes raced to follow them to the nearest tree, where the twelve little friends commenced in landing in perfect unison, each finding the just right amount of space for them to land.

» Posted By Dan On 01.06.2012 @ 1:32 pm


The stained apron the waitress was wearing reminded me of childhood. The way the mustard, ketchup and avocado mixed and mingled on what was otherwise a blank white palate reminded me of the fingerpainting I used to do in homeroom.

» Posted By dan On 01.05.2012 @ 12:39 pm


The thorns in my foot slow my gait. The underbrush is another one of my enemies-I can feel her breathing underfoot and I know I can’t trust even the ground I walk on.

» Posted By dan On 01.05.2012 @ 9:43 am

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