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The four guys didn’t need a table to play cards. All they needed was a flat surface. They used the top of a wooden crate. The night shift was usually slow, but this particular night was flat out DEAD. They played BS, Poker, Black Jack, and Rummy until the sun came up.

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The four guys didn’t need a table to play cards. They used the top of a wooden crate. The night shift was usually slow, but this particular night was flat out DEAD. They played BS, Poker, Black Jack, and Rummy until the sun came up.

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My skills at work are growing. I’m getting better and better at what I do. Boy, does it feel good!

When I first started, I was terrible. I was sure that I could never figure it out. I’m more confident in my abilities than ever before, only because I stuck with it.

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I once spent a weekend trying to sell AT&T UVerse door-to-door. Talk about nightmare! 8 hour days outside, dressed in suit and tire, 6 days a week. The salesman gets no respect.

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All her claims are false. I can’t believe she would even think to say that I had said those things to her. All of my acquaintances, friends, and family think of me as a gentlemen. At least I’m confident that she’ll have a hard time getting anyone to believe her story.

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The man claimed that his wife had left him. The woman claimed that her husband had cheated on him. The lawyer claimed that he had no idea to believe, but he was being paid equally by both the wife and the husband, and must therefore act impartially. The judge decided to leave it to the bailiff.

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It’s hard to write without thinking. That’s the point of this website and even though it’s my homepage I don’t keep up like I want to because writing scares me. It’s so hard for me to sit down and get a thought onto paper. Once I do though, the rest comes naturally. The fear, however, never withers.

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Walls are to prevent things from being where they shouldn’t be. Sometimes they are a mutual divider, put up to keep both sides from joining the other. Other times they are meant only to keep out, or only to keep in. Walls hurt because we just want to understand everything, and what we can’t see or reach, we cannot know.

» Posted By Dan On 02.03.2013 @ 9:30 pm

wall in the way can’t stop the climb to teh top and topple down onto the fresh greens whats on teh othersiede wat needs to be what is the conciouness needed to build suitable ladders, tools of dismantling, chip by chip on the shoulder and tear it tear it down crumble the wall wall wall and hammer walkiung rain down upon us with brimstone dear infintie action aint nothin aint nothin ic an conquer i n i overcome

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Her features were delicate. Fragile. Beautiful. He caught himself thinking of them often and being unsure what his beauty meant to him. She was so callous, he shouldn’t be so attracted to her. But he couldn’t resist.

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I got nothing.

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need to have, being glad, it’s sad for dose who dont, sit upfront thinking ahead

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holy shit i’m turning into an angrier person by the day. negativity and depression wash over me as my youth slips through my fingers.

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being real is a state of mind. many people think they are being real but delusion is their way of life. to be real one has to understand what their capabilities and limitations are.

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This word kind of scares me, I generally shy away from making choices, especially important choices. So seeing the word “choose” in big black letters just causes adrenaline to shoot through my brain as the “flight” instinct comes to mind. Just get the fuck out of there. Goddamn choices. Maybe it’s just me.

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He felt like he had to lord my debt to him over me. I never again asked him for a favor but I couldn’t afford to pay him back right away. It put a serious strain on our friendship.

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It’s not enough. No matter what amount I’m given, eventually I’ll use it up and want more. My wants turn to needs and I quickly become desperate. What’s a desperate man to do?

Cliches become cliche because they can’t be escaped. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

» Posted By dan On 01.03.2013 @ 8:23 am


The squirrel lie motionless in the barrel full of water. He looked peaceful, like he was only sleeping. But he was dead.

It was cold and had been raining, he was attracted to the water that had collected in the open container. His usual agility had failed him when he peered too far over the rim and fell in and drowned.

Now he floated, lifeless and motionless as decay set in more slowly than usual, hampered by the chilly water.

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Five ducks in a row. The centerpiece of the mantle. Push them out of order at your own risk. Mrs. Foer took great pains to arrange them just so. She’s afraid they’ll never be so orderly ever again and that is a crime against interior decorating.

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Overdue feelings
Remembering how
We used to spend
Our happiness and sadness
On things
That wouldn’t exist in the near future

We knew they would disappear
Who were we fooling
Besides ourselves

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“She’s pregnant.”
Ray spit out his coffee, “How do you know?” he said.
“Three pregnancy tests. Determined beyond a reasonable doubt.
“Sucks to be you man. There goes your life.”
“C’mon Ray, I’m looking for a little support here.”

» Posted By dan On 12.13.2012 @ 10:37 am


Is your best friend available when you need her? That’s the key to a strong friendship: being there. People need other people for support, were hardwired for it – the independent ones all died out ages ago.

» Posted By dan On 12.12.2012 @ 7:21 am


The man in the grey suit presented. He bombarded his audience with facts and figures presented on Powerpoint slides, but all anyone could recall later was the way he handled the heckler.

» Posted By dan On 12.10.2012 @ 2:35 pm


Everyone has different methods to accomplish the same goals. Institutions aim to homogenize. This is both good and bad. It quashes innovation while it quashes mediocrity. If you’re determined to develop a better method you better work on it on your own time.

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The broadcast waves threw off the bats’ sonar. They were confused, bumped into the windows, in some parts breaking them.

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I love having a roof over my head. Some place to fall asleep at night. Running water and a toilet. I don’t care about ‘home’, I care about being indoors while I sleep. I don’t wanna be a hobo!

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When I write I try to keep it simple. Not too many adjectives because who really uses them anyway? When I say ‘a beautiful girl’ the reader will automatically imagine their ideal. I can say ‘tall, long blonde hair, green eyes’, but who cares?

» Posted By dan On 12.05.2012 @ 3:34 pm


Bringe me a higher lover. Two knows at the door and you know that the night has just gotten better. The peddler with the little white freedom has brought the dream to your veins.

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“I’ll take both,” she said.
The grocer nodded his head, “$2.16.”
She handed him two bills and the exact change.
“You have a nice day.”
She walked out of the store. Yes, today will be nice.

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A body is an object. We like to give it more credence because the intent of it’s owner but that’s all we are: objects in space. Living, breathing, moving, loving, fighting, eating, cursing, sleeping, running, fucking, hateful, friendly objects.

» Posted By dan On 12.03.2012 @ 8:22 am

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