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“It’s an imprint,” Tony stated, carefully studying the mark in the soil, “I think it’s carbon based.”

James snorted.

“You’ve been watching too much Star Trek!”

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“I found it.”
Claire stared at the gold chain in her friend’s hand with interest.
“Can I hold it?” she asked tentatively.
Beck handed over the ancient looking chain and both girl’s eyes widened with surprise as the chain began to glow a soft green the very moment Claire took it into her hands.

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Tony was running full out. He didn’t take any time to look behind him, he could hear the pound of several feet and knew that Mack and his bully buddies were hot on his trail. Tony climbed up the side of a dirt pile and slid down the other side, his shoes filling with the fresh soil the neighborhood flower shop was using to replant the gardens on the street.

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They parted the grasses in front of them and stared with mouths open. It couldn’t be. They were only in mythology books. But there it was standing only feet away from where they hid. A creature they thought didn’t exist. Half- man and half-horse, the creature was quietly standing at the waters edge with spear in hand and fishing for a morning meal.

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Only half of the day had passed and the canoe continued to glide silently through the river, the mangrove trees reaching out a welcome as they passed. The silence of the river was what bothered them the most and the two of them kept their eyes glued for trouble that might come from beneath them in the dark waters or out from under the foliage that lined the riverbanks.

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It only took one hand and Danielle felt the comfort of a hundred hands felt over the years by a mother and her child. She felt the tiny fingers wrap around her finger and felt in her heart a love like none she had ever experienced before…and didn’t know she could ever feel.

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The boys stood silently in line, watching the coach paced unhappily. It was an event that they hated to be included in, but they did have a hand in tying all the towels together and embarrassing the class nerd.

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The porter tossed our bags into the back car and we scrambled into the dining car to get our first hot meal in days and watch the passage of time back into a world we had known all our lives. This had been the trip of a lifetime and it was time to go back to our normal lives…or so we thought.

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There was no question. He would want the dark chocolate. The banana could peak out from under the strawberry ice cream and the dark chocolate would flow down over the top with the whipped cream and sprinkles floating over the tasty river.

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The banks of the river were coated with oil and several birds could be seen trying to clean their feather to no avail. Meg took a moment to look over the disaster and lifted her pail and started the desperate walk down to the beach.

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What a concept! We planned the prank down to the smallest detail and now the time had come to put it into effect. Mrs. J was at her desk and as Mike placed the jar to the floor behind the door the little white mouse slid out and looked around with confusion.

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I didn’t need his approval. He would only say no anyway and there it was, his baby. I laid an appreciative hand on the bright, red convertible and quickly hopped in. The key in the ignition and before I could change my mind due to even the slightest regret, I was snaking down the mountain trail towards the lights of the city.

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Of all the substances she could have given me, she chose olive oil. The greasy feel of the oil on my fingers made me cringe, but it was the only choice I had at the moment. I poured and rubbed the substance over the main spring unit and gingerly tried to open the lock.

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Cake flew through the air and landed on the front table. Even when the teachers entered the cafeteria, the assaults continued. Food flew everywhere to the delight of the students.

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The tire was as flat as flat. The air was slowly leaking around the rusty nail that I picked up when I backed into that dirt road to turn around. I was lost and now I was going no where fast. Just my luck. I hated that flat tire!

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