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There was no actual message on the card. It was just a picture, but Pat was certain there was a hidden meaning behind it.

Cory looked over his shoulder.
“What’s it say?”
“Nothing….just shows an old farmhouse and barn. What do you suppose it means?”
“Why does it have to mean anything? Who sent it?”
Pat looked the card over.
“It’s not signed.”
Pat’s eyes widened.
“Did you see that?”
“See what?”
“Someone was just in the window of the house…but…now they’re gone.”
Cory laughed.
“You’re looney.”

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“I thought you knew what you were doing?”
Kerry followed her best friend through the trees, carrying several bags that Jamie had insisted they would need.
“I do,” Jamie replied over her shoulder, “Don’t be so impatient.”
The forest was growing darker and Kerry was growing more nervous by the minute.
“I’ve changed my mind,” she said finally, “I want to go home.”
Jamie stopped and turned around with a frown. She could see Kerry was frightened, but they had no time for nervous-Nellies.
Jamie pointed back through the trees.
“Fine. Home is that way.”
Kerry looked back through the trees as Jamie started on into the forest.
“I’m coming!” she stated quickly and hurried after Jamie.

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James picked up the sock and looked over at Kim.
“Somebody was here and they left us a present.”
Kim snorted.
“Some present!” she laughed.
James looked at the small splotch of red on the floor. He frowned as he leaned forward and slid a finger through the sticky spot.
“Paint?” Kim asked.
“No,” James stated, wishing it was paint, “Blood.”
Kim’s smile faded. She looked at the red stain on James’ finger.
“Where did it come from?” she asked, her voice thin and shaky.
James looked at another drop he hadn’t noticed before.
“I think we’re about to find out…..”

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Johnny couldn’t hide his surprise. He hadn’t told anyone about the picture and yet, here he was watching another boy draw the exact same picture he had drawn only the day before. The same arcs and shades, the same colors and hues. He didn’t know this other boy who was replicating the exact picture he had drawn yesterday. How could the same picture be in both of their heads? How could they both draw the same place?

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Her face pressed against the window.
Golden light flowed out over the snow behind her and for that short period of time she didn’t feel the cold snow chilling her feet as she peeked with interest at the fire-warmed hearth beside the brightly decorated Christmas tree. She’d never seen anything so beautiful.

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If it wasn’t for Jack’s presence of mind, the boat might have capsized. The four boys balanced themselves perilously in the rocking float and steadied the craft on Jack’s direction. Their eyes met as the boat seemed to follow their movements and settle quietly in the waves as though being caressed instead of thrown.

“We did it,” Pete whispered.
“Jack did it,” Tony nodded with a slight smile.
And then, without warning, the boat lifted into the air and tossed the boys into the icy brink.

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“Come forth!”
Small and obviously frightened, the young boy stepped up before the throne. He raised timid eyes to the King and gave a quick, weak bow.
“You have come to ask something of me?”
“I have, my Lord.”

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I knew what I was being shown. It was my baby picture. But the people holding me as an infant? I didn’t know them. I couldn’t remember seeing them ever before, and yet, here stood an elderly man with piercing blue eyes telling me that I was the daughter of a Queen.

Really! I thought trying to hide my smile to be polite and tried to walk away.

“You are needed,” his gravelly voice stated quietly behind me, “The Witch has taken your kingdom. You are needed to take it back.”

I looked back at those eyes that make my skin get all goosey-bumps. He was serious. What? Was he crazy or did he want something? Money? What?

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“There it is!”
Parker and Steven inched through the swampy muck and moved toward the dark opening in the towering stone wall.
“Are you sure this is the entrance?” Steven questioned with an uneasiness that both boys felt.
“It has to be,” Parker stated.
He pulled out the yellowed paper they’d found in his Aunt’s attic and studied it again. He glanced up at the wall and noted the odd-shaped stone that stuck awkwardly out from the rock. He pointed as he gently elbowed Steven.
“There’s the marker.”
They both grew silent as their eyes lowered again to the dark opening. Steven swallowed.
“Still want to do this?”
Parker nodded.
“Don’t get chicken on me,” he whispered.

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The low growl sounded closer.
“Where do you think it is?” Jan whispered.
“Somewhere on the upper ridge,” Will replied, “Follow me. I think I know where we can go that it won’t follow.”
“Follow? You mean it’s following us?”
Will watched the shadows around them as he led the way along a seldom used trail.
“It’s hungry,” he replied.
Jan looked quickly behind them.
“You mean…we’re dinner?”
“Only if it catches us,” Will stated, “Come on. I think it’s just ahead in those

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“Since my Dad’s out of town,” Tony whispered as he swung one leg out the open window, “My Mom watches TV and falls asleep on the sofa. She’ll never hear us.”
“It isn’t your Mom that I’m worried about,” Jack frowned. He watched Tony balance himself on the branch just outside his bedroom window and disappear below the window ledge as he slid down the trunk of the old Elm.
“I should have stayed home tonight!” Jack grumbled as he began to climb out the window after Tony, “Who thought up this midnight break-out anyway?”

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Jesse and Max held hands as they ran. The forest left far behind them, they slid down the muddy slope, waded quickly across the icy stream, and jogged up the opposite ravine wall to stand at the edge of the meadow.
“Is he gone?” Jesse gasped, her free hand clutching her throat.
“I don’t see him anywhere behind us,” Max nodded, “I think it’s possible that we actually gave him the slip.
“Max!” Jesse suddenly screamed and Max was at once aware of the large shadow that rose over them.

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It didn’t matter where he turned. Vines and large plants that seemed to reach out to grab him were on all the walls. He was trapped within the darkened hallows of an unknown world and in every direction he was stopped. There had to be a way out. He refused to give up and join the numbers who had preceded him…never to be seen again….

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She stood at the window overlooking the expanse of forest between her small cabin and the town that she so hated. She slowly cooked the large pot of onions and herbs and quietly combined the unusual conglomerate of frog eggs and single raven feather and dropped it into the pot. A slow, dark, and swelling cloud lifted over the pot and with the slightest of smiles, she pointed in the direction of the town. The cloud moved as she indicated, darkening as it floated, sending sudden bursts of lightning along the path it traveled.

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Jeremy stood looking down the road. It stretched before him, empty, and vacant of anything that gave the impression that life existed anywhere near he. He looked at the signs. None of them told him what he wanted to know…should he turn back? Was it too late?

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“I vote for chocolate!”
Mindy gave her brother an exasperated look.
“You always vote for chocolate. Try something different once in a while.”
“I like chocolate,” Spencer frowned, “Maybe I’m happy with my choice.”
Mindy sighed.
“Fine…pick chocolate. Maybe someday you’ll turn into chocolate.”
Spencer grinned.
“Bet you’ll like me better if I’m chocolate.”
Mindy tried not to smile…but Spencer always managed to

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There was no accounting for the people milling around. One, two hundred, maybe? Josh watched the blank faces passing him in the street. They all looked the same and suddenly he decided if he was going to survive, he’d better look just like them….blank, lacking emotion, without a sense of self. He fell in with the nearest group and started walking toward the edge of town.

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“I’m not afraid!”
Trent looked at the rope bridge swaying lazily between the two cliffs. He looked down the hundreds of feet into the ravine and placed both hands onto the rope railings. He swallowed. This was the last thing he had intended to do today. If his father saw him now he’d be grounded for weeks…provided he survived.
“Come on, man,” Chip sneered, “You a sissy?!”
Trent studied the worn ropes and shabby, torn walkway. This was not a good idea.

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“Those aren’t people,” Jimmy whined as he and Jeff peered through the foliage at the strange looking creatures below in the ravine.
“They’re people for where we are,” Jeff whispered.
“Yeah?” Jimmy frowned, “Well, while we’re on the subject…where are we?! You said you knew what you were doing when you read that silly spell from the old book you found in your grandmother’s attic. I expect you to have me back in the attic before dinner!”
“You will be….”
Jimmy wasn’t convinced as Jeff started to move closer to the creatures below.
“Dinner is at 5!” Jimmy whispered loudly as he followed behind his best friend.

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Despite the biting cold, James was sweating. He’d run until his legs were numb both with the cold and with fatigue. He didn’t know where he was anymore, but he knew if he was to survive he would have to keep moving, keep pushing forward, until he was sure he was alone again in the forest.

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Together, the stallion and mare galloped across the red clay cliffs and down the sharp slope into the dry gully. They could hear the men chasing them and never slowed as they made their escape into the white sands of the desert, grains spraying out behind them in fans of white and gold. No one would take them. They were ghosts in a vast heaven of nature that held out its hands to envelope them and protect them from those who tried to bring them down.

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Jenny took a deep breath and looked calmly out over the mountain tops. She could feel the sun on her face and smell the rich combinations of the foliage around her. It was a fabulous day to be alive!

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The white sands of the desert spread before them. There was a sense of a never-ending walk that the heavy back-packs they were carrying added to the already draining anticipation for a journey they should never have taken.

“I’m drained,” Pete complained and swung his back-pack to the sands around his feet, using it as a cushion to rest his legs.

“I’m fried,” Timothy sighed, wiping a damp cloth across his forehead.

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Jeff ran to the boat and climbed in. He could hear them coming through the trees as he tore at the binding holding the small boat to the pier. His eyes moved restlessly between the ropes and the trees where the sounds of thumping feet could be heard disturbing the stillness of the late night.

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“I’ve looked everywhere!” Jake complained.
Ginny crossed her arms and leaned against the door jamb smiling.
“Did you look in Fid’s bed?”
“Are you out of your mind?” he rebuked.
Jake looked across the room at the small, Jack Russell Terrier as he lay watching them with interest. Jake sighed as he saw the cord to his headphones running out from under the dog as he lay contentedly in his bed. Fid!

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Not a sound penetrated the building. Johnny dropped the key back into his pocket and gave Jerry a quick nod. The stillness of the interior gave them confidence that they were alone and, with only thirty minutes to find what they were looking for, both boys wanted nothing more than to get it done and get out before the security guard moved to their location.

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The class ran through the forest. No one paused to look behind them. Gerald was leading the way back to where they thought they had left their camping gear. No one said anything to Gerald, even though, covered in blood, he appeared more frightened than anyone had ever seen him before. No one dared ask where Mr. Campbell was….

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Pete laid a hand on the smooth, shiny saddle. The texture was inviting, but when he looked up at the face of the stubborn horse he had been assigned, all the pleasant anticipation of going for a ride drained out of his heart and he wished that he had stayed at home with the stack of work he’d originally planned for the day.

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We found ourselves on a misty beach, the salty air stinging our eyes. Mitch found what he thought was the best location and we set aside our treasure to begin digging.

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“I refuse to do it!”
Carry could be so stubborn.
I gave her one of my best faces of disapproval and opened the jar myself, withdrawing one long, slimy night crawler. I opened my mouth and tipped my head back, the worm dangling above me, squirming in my fingers as if he knew neither of us would be happy with the outcome.

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