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I really don’t understand the focus girls — and women — have these days on being a princess. Why? It seems like they want no responsibility and a lot of perks like good clothes and expensive trips. What’s wrong with being a regular, wonderful, healthy, intelligent, working woman? Why all the exceptionalism without having earned it? Mind boggling.

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One day I’ll wear a midnight blue ballgown dripping with crystal sequins and pearls. It will have a portrait neckline, to show off my beautiful clavicles, a fitted waist, and flare into a wide circle skirt. The crystal and beads will be dense in the bodice, then dissipate like falling stars to the hemline.

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“Come here. Shhhhhhh!”
She beckoned me forward. Together, we peered around the corner of the building. There it was.
“What IS that?”
“That’s that crazy seagull I was telling you about. Check it out. It’s about to untie that man’s showlace!”

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The view from the window is rear. The view from the mountain is down. The view from the nostril is hairy. The view from the mattress is fuzzy and warm. The view from the eraser is smudged.

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My brother. I can’t figure it out. How does he get away with it? He’s so damn sneaky. He seems to always have more money than he’s earned. He used illicit drugs. He has wild parties with 100 of his closest friends where the cops show up! But he gets away with it. I don’t understand his sneaky ways. I surely don’t approve of them.

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I want a platinum ring! No measly silver or gold will do. I want that rarest of metals, cut to precision, dripping in diamonds. … OK. Not dripping in diamonds. And seriously, I like the color of gold better than that of silver or platinum. So … how about a simple gold band?

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“Return to sender” … heartwrenching words. Now my options of contacting him are drying up. What next? Private messenger? A plane in the sky with words hooked to the tail? He just dropped me from his life … and as a Facebook friend.

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I don’t deserve to feel so sore. Well, I mean, I EARNED it. The wood floors look great. Nice and clean. They shine. But, oh! My poor back. I should have to hurt so much just because I did some work around the house. My 54 years are showing.

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For once, I had a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. My mother-in-law gave me a beautiful pressed glass basket for my birthday. I filled it with silk autumn leaves, flowers and butterflies. Very pretty, even though it could have used a couple focus flowers. Definitely a step in the right direction.

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“I will not.” Stoney face vs glare.
“I’m your boss and I say you will.”
“I will not obey.”
“You’re willing to put your job on the line?”
“For this? This unethical thing you are strong-arming me to do? Yes. I’m willing to put my job on the line.” I continued my stoney face. “Are you willing to put your entire reputation on the line by having ANYone do this? I pity you.”

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“For once,” she exclaimed, “I am in a stable relationship. Keep your nose out of my business. Every time you get around me and a boyfriend, you butt your stinkin’ nose in and mess things up. Not this time. Not this time!”

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If I could be anywhere right now, it would be under the capable hands of Cathy the masseuse born on Christmas day. She gave me the most wonderful massage ever. She told me, “you are an excellent receiver.” Best compliment I ever got.

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I grew up in a town that had a street called Skyline Drive. It was a road on the top of a ridge that wound around from the center of town to the east side. There were great views from there, a place to look out on the “land stars” at night. Skyline Drive was a destination for “after date parking.” I was only taken there once (darn-it!) But I did love to drive that street when I got my first car, with a tape plugged into the 8-track player, and singing at the top of my lungs.

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He was as dim-witted as they come. A 15wt lightbulb dim. Just about a smart as a box of rocks. Yet they loved him. The little kids just ran to him, jumped in his lap, and waited to hear his next story. Each of us has a talent. Even those not blessed with brilliance.

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I’ve lost ’em! I started picking them up, but ended up kicking two under the bed and four clattered to the floor in the kitchen. Then my daughters arrived, tried to help me gather them together. We put the aggies and the cat’s eyes in one pile, the big spiral ones in another. And just when we thought things were going well, I got that damn phone call, and lost all my marbles again!

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The first museum I recall going to was with my dad. Now, most of the time I was fearful of my dad. He was big and often angry. But at the museum, I saw a different side of him. He loved going and gazing and getting excited about learning new things. Afterward, we went to a small zoo behind the museum. He took time with me that day. I’ve loved museums – and zoos – ever since. My dad? It took many more decades before I completely loved him.

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My favorite modern-day president? Bill Clinton. Smart. Articulate. Someone that works well with others. I even like that he plays hard … or at least he used to. He’s charismatic. And he does what he can to put the welfare of the many above the welfare of the few.

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Wild horses couldn’t keep me away …
I don’t know if that’s exactly the words I heard Susan Boyle sing, but it’s something like that. There have been times when I’ve felt that way about a man. I finally learned to curb my lusty ways — at least enough to be in a long-term committed married relationship. Now? Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from my Dale.

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Some women just are. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. And I don’t think it’s because of perfect make-up covering already flawless skin or the ultimate evening dress. The most beautiful, stunning women are the ones that are lit from within. They glow through their pores and twinkle in their eyes.

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Talking with my mother-in-law on the phone is a study in patience. She’s the nicest woman you’ll ever meet. But she lives alone. She connects with people by phone. All the time. All day long, it seems. When it’s my turn, I need to set aside 45 minutes. Oh, that woman likes to talk!

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Nothing better. Nothing better than the smile on my husband’s face when he’s laughing with his brother. Great big belly laughs. Nothing better than my daughter Julie’s giggle. It’s been my favorite sound for a quarter century. Nothing better than watching my three daughter share a secret and laugh, eyes squinting.

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The queen, she rules with benevolence. Her stature, stately. Her demeanor, gentle. Her decrees, just.

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A flash of fire! Is that an accident up ahead? Or an SOS? Look! Watch! Up ahead! There!

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In her youth, my mom was a dancer. I only knew her after she had seven kids … and four more to come. So to think of her as a lithe dancer was a stretch for me. But one day, she started to do a tap dance. She did the step: Shuffle Off To Buffalo. She really COULD dance!

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This is how my days are any more, now that the nest is empty. In some ways, I love the time alone. At other times, when the days are cloudy and the SAD of winter descends, this solitary life just about does me in.

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I have a ‘thing’ about collecting hearts … well, heart-shaped doo-dads. Mostly images of hearts. Hearts in crafts, made into garlands. Hearts in hands. Cards with hearts. Seems to me, I just can’t get enough love — or give enough love.

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Left is best! Being left-handed, that is. Some pretty impressive people are left handed … like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton. I had a whole list of lefties in my head, but they seem to have dribbled out my ears. I, of course, join the illustrious set by being left-handed, too! Not a small thing in a world where so many tools and everyday objects are designed for right-handers first, and lefties as an afterthought.

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My friend Becky plays the viola. She has for decades now. Before I knew Becky, I never even knew what a viola was! Heck. Before I knew Becky, I’d never seen a live orchestra. She took me to the public library when we were in high school where a special concert was being performed. From that moment, I began to fall in love with the sound of live orchestral music.

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Where I most appreciate the abstract is in fashion design. I love to see the oddities that some designers come up with and wonder how the models even know how to don the outfits. I love that sometimes these abstract pieces of clothing are seen more as moving piece of art than as any item of apparel that an everyday person would consider wearing.

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What WAS that?
You bumped against my foot under the table. Why? Why’d you yell like that?
I thought it was an icicle! Dang, girl. Put some sox on!

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