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She inhaled her laughter, trying not to draw attention to herself. Next to her, Emily was losing her cool, shaking silently, putting her fist in her mouth.

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“This is a stunt and I don’t appreciate it.”

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She took a deep breath before she put on the mask, even though she knew oxygen would soon be flowing into her lungs.

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She bent her head and puzzled over the words. “Inadequate?” “Needs more details?” She was baffled that his work wasn’t being recognized as brilliant. He was brilliant. Wasn’t he?
She looked towards the ceiling. Oh no.

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The presence was palpable. Even as the bar got fuller and the noise got louder, it was still obvious that they were silent, staring straight ahead, not doing anything but letting the whiskey burn their throats.

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She poked around in the sand, not really knowing what she was hoping to find. “She sells seashells by the seashore” ran through her head as she squinted into the rising sun and took in the day. She inhaled the salty brine of the sea in the morning.

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She watched the flocks dip and soar over her and let her arms float above her head, laying in the soft grass, spread eagle and breathing deeply. She could stay like this forever. A shadow interrupted her thoughts as Jeremy stepped towards her and leaned down over her.

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She held her stomach and pouted. He laughed and rolled his eyes at her, “Okay, okay, we’ll go get food.”
“I want it nowww.”
“You are such a child.”
“That makes you incredibly creepy.”
“Shut up, let’s go eat.”

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She felt joyful, starting in her toes. She felt put together for the first time in a long time. She could skip down the street if it was not horribly uncouth to do so. She rounded the corner and gained her composure as she passed the big windows in front of her office.

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She heard the waves lap closer and closer. She hugged her knees to her chest and stared out over the horizon. It was good to be back. It was familiar. But there was a deep lingering perpetual sadness about this place. It was always going to be true.

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As the song played and stadium began to rise, she scanned the crowd. Something was not right. Something had happened. She had seen something but had not gotten a good glimpse at it before she had moved behind the pillar. The high notes of the song soared over the crowd as her heart sank.

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She pulled out her block of knives and carefully selected a long bread knife. She held the bread gently as she cut slices out of it, listening to the crunch each time she hit the serration against the crust.

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She felt the room begin to spin as he walked in. Surely the presence of one person could not change the rules of physics so drastically that the ground became uneven in his presence. No one else seemed effected by the change, though.

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“You’re not funny.”
“You’ve laughed at me in the past.”
“Well, I’m not now.”
“That makes the joke not funny, not necessarily me.”
“I don’t think you get to be the one who decides that you are funny.”

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She inhaled and exhaled as best she could in unison with the group, but she could feel the anger building inside of her still. Focus, Kim, focus. Nope. Wasn’t working. She huffed out a breath and stood to take a break. No one seemed to notice, zen as they all were. Fucking posers.

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She hit her head against the table and let it rest there. She inhaled sharply and let the air vibrate out of her lips in a sound of exasperation. Cindy ignored her completely, not even granting her an eye-roll of acknowledgment.

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She crossed stage left and exited, exhaling deeply once she was in the wings. The scene onstage continued without a hitch. She watched, reciting along with it. She knew this whole show by heart, right, she had written it. But it was such a different experience being onstage during the show.

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She opened the doors of the fridge and felt the cool air blast her bare skin. It felt so good. She stood there for a moment until a lady politely asked to get around her with her cart. She selected her milk and moved. She walked down the freezer aisle, just to get that feeling back.

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She took a deep sip of her drink as a diversion.
“You haven’t answered the question.”
She gulped, “Haven’t I?”
The hubbub of the bar did nothing to abate his gaze from her face. She shifted uncomfortably. “No, you’re right, I haven’t.”

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The sheer size of it was hard to take in. She craned her neck upwards, getting dizzy as her eyes traveled over the branches to the patches of sky through the trees. She inhaled. The smell of the forest seemed to flood her soul, calming her almost instantly. She carefully lowered her gaze, coming back down to earth.

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She sat, still in shock, while the sirens rushed past her, down the block into the distance. They would never know it was her. They would never track her down. But in that instant, she knew she had to run. She stood, shaking the dirt from the back of her skirt, and started walking in the opposite direction.

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She peeked into the over, her eyes squinting against the heat. “Almost done… I think.”
He laughed from the other room. “Do you want me to take a look?”
“No, no, I’m doing this on my own. I’m figuring it out. Set the table and we’ll eat soon.”

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She felt the car hum beneath her and the power in her hand scared her. She gripped the wheel tighter. She glanced over at her mom in the passenger’s seat.
“Eyes on the road, Lily.”
Eyes on the road. Feet on the brakes. Hands on the wheel. Keep your head on straight and don’t freak out.

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She looked through the photos, her parents young and dewy skinned, laughing, looking at their children with so much love. She wished she could remember them this way, instead of having to transport herself there through the photos. They weren’t her memories, they were the shadows of a time before her memory started, a place she could only access in her imagination.

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She felt the cool leaves of the ivy brush against her arm as she reached out in the darkness for him. His warm hands found hers and pulled her in closely, his breath warm on her neck. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, are you?”
She couldn’t make out his face in the darkness but she could feel his lips brush against her cheek. “Wait, what is this? What are you doing?”

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She squinted, hard, against the light, trying to find an angle. Her sister moved slightly. “Stop fidgeting! The flare is perfect here.”

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She watched the fly circle lazily above her, her hands resting on her stomach. She knew she should get up and out of bed, face the day with the same brazen attitude she had or the other days that started just the same way. But today felt different.

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I could listen to you talk all day
capture your voice in a machine
it wouldn’t be the same has having you here
but it would help
it might be an appetite suppressant
but at some point
later in the day
I’m gonna want the full dinner I was promised

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She heard the bubbling sound of joy from the next room and she smiled into the soapy water of the sink. She shook her hands and wiped them on the towel on the counter, leaning against the island and listening to the sounds of life in the house. It was nice.

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She tore off a piece of tape and held it tenderly as she straightened the corners. She dropped it before she could get it up. “Drat!”

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